Intoducing the Warby Parker Archive Collection


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While some people may say that a new hair color, colored contacts, or a great new outfit can make someone feel like a new person, I’m of the opinion that a great pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can add just the right touch to your look. Although I don’t wear my glasses every day, I always enjoy picking out new frames. One of my favorite places to get new frames? Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a great company that designs chic, affordable frames if you’re in need of a new pair of eyeglass. Many eyeglass frames offered at your optometrist or other sellers are so expensive, and often the design selection is limited. Warby Parker, however, produces young, unique designs for under $100 (!!!). Warby Parker not only has a great selection of eyeglasses but also carries various sunglasses styles as well.

A few weeks ago in my business associations class, we were talking about social responsibility for companies, and Warby Parker immediately popped into my head. Not only do they offer amazing prices for designer eyewear, they also give a pair of glasses every time you buy a pair. The mission of Warby Parker is one I stand behind 100%, which is why I’m so thrilled to share the new Archive Collection with you today!


The Archive Collection is a group of mixed-material frames that are hand-assembled and hand-finished by a master craftsman in Japan. The Collection includes five new styles in seven color combinations that are so distinctive you’re unlikely to find such unique frames elsewhere. Just in time for fall, the collection features Rosewood Tortoise and Burnt Amber Tortoise with Navy, Auburn, and Merlot hues. One thing that always irritates me about my glasses is when they start to slip over time, but the new Collection from Warby Parker has adjustable silicone nose pads for an easy, anti-slip fit. To celebrate the launch of the new Collection, I put together some outfits that I would wear with the various frames! I think the subtle, but distinct details of the styles allow them to pair nicely with casual outfits or more polished outfits.

First up in my outfit pairings is the Webster frame that features chic tortoise and a navy rim. I adore this frame because I think it has a vintage look with a modern twist. Wireframes seem to be a thing of the past, but they’re definitely making a come back, and I’m loving the trend. I think tortoise makes any frame more versatile, and I adore pairing tortoise with navy, along with the clear bridge! Fun fact? I don’t always wear my glasses because I think they make my nose look bigger. If you suffer from the same issue, a clear bridge will likely alleviate that problem! I would wear this frame with the outfit below, which features rich textures, such as suede, leather, and chunky knits. I think this outfit would be great for studying all day and heading to a cozy dinner in the evening!


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 11.12.01 AM.png

Next up is the Dewey frame, which honestly… what’s not to love? I have a wider face, and this frame’s arched corners would likely compliment my face shape! I love the merlot hues paired with gold finishes and a darker tortoise. I think this frame would be perfect for fall days studying or working followed by pumpkin patch visits and cozying up with apple cider donuts! My outfit inspiration for this frame comes from spending an afternoon wandering the cobblestone streets of a European inspired town. Burgundy over-the-knee boots compliment the merlot rim, gold details in the bag and watch bring out the golden tones in the frame. I also love pairing tailored pieces with chunky knits! The two textures can be unconventional and distinctive, which I think is the perfect outfit to pair with the new Dewey frame.

WP-Dewey-4237-Eyeglasse-Front-A2-sRGB.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-07 at 11.26.06 AM.png

The Carraway sunglasses are so classic, especially in black with a small golden detail on the bridge. The sunglasses are a pair I could see being a staple for years to come that never fade from style. I paired them with a casual look to show they can be dressed down or worn with a classic black dress and pearls. Either look would compliment the frame. However, I like them with a lightweight sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, two-tone tote, and leopard slide loafers. Mixing patterns and textures in the outfit makes classic sunglasses a must!


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 11.29.41 AM.png

The thing I like most about the Archive Collection is the how versatile each frame is. I think regardless of which frame your purchase, it can be worn daily with anything in your closet. Glasses are an accessory many people forget about. If you’re a young professional like me, wearing outfits that are “business casual” or slightly more formal than your typical everyday look, I think the Archive Collection offers amazing options for frames. I love the Webster frame with a tortoise rim and black on top. Sleek but bold, the frame can easily be paired with a funky blazer, crisp blouse, jeans, loafers, and your briefcase. I describe this look as the “What she tackles, she conquers” look, which would be worn while prepping for a job interview, while getting coffee with a networking contact, or meeting with other young professionals!


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 11.41.55 AM.png

I would highly recommend checking out the new Archive Collection because Warby Parker offers great eyeglasses and sunglasses for the new season. The mission behind the company is what initially attracted me to their glasses, but the beautiful designs and unique color combinations are what keep me coming back.

What do you think of the new collection?

Callie leigh

Warby Parker Summer Collection 2014

Hello, World. 

Despite it being the end of July, I’d like to reiterate that summer is still very much alive. If you beg to differ, just know that I’m currently trying to avoid melting in 99 degree weather! So, even though the back-to-school commercials are starting to pick up momentum, I guess nature would like to remind us that summer weather is here to stay for a while longer. Something that I have the hardest time with in summer is the whole accessorizing thing. I’m usually so worried about being hot that I just throw on a t-shirt, some shorts, and my favorite pair of sunnies. All accessorizing goes out the window as temperatures rise. However, I feel like a great pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses even can be the easiest, best summertime accessory. 

As you’ve probably learned from reading my blog, I’m a huge fan of Warby Parker. They have such a great thing going, and their frames have an awesome old-time meets modern feel to them. If you’re currently hunting for a great pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, you should definitely check out their Summer 2014 collection. They have five awesome pairs of sunglasses, and seven beachy, yet bookish eyeglass frames. Honestly, their collection is perfect for lounging on the beach somewhere, and delving into your favorite summertime read. Accessorizing with sunnies or eyeglasses is my go-to in the summer, and even my go-to in the fall when it’s chilly but a little sunny. I’ve put together five summertime and summertime-to-fall transition outfits in honor of the Summer 2014 Warby Parker Collection, and I really wanted to share with all of you! I’m super obsessed with this collection, and I would buy the whole collection if I could. 


This is the Cliff frame in striped olive. I love this frame so much! I like the square body, and I love the olive tones in the frame, as green is one of my favorite tones to wear. I also feel like this particular color frame goes well with a ton of different looks. I like how dark the glass is, and that they actually feel like I’m wearing sunglasses. They also look great with a bright red lip, which I feel like is great for summer, but is still something you can wear well into fall and winter seasons. Since I go to school in the bay area, I end up pulling my sunnies out at least once a week year-around because even when it’s chilly the sun still shines occasionally. This would be a great pair for college students, as it would last a super long time and is super unique. 


This outfit features the Dale frames in whiskey tortoise, though they are also available in striped olive if you loved the olive color, but need eyeglasses and like this frame. I really love the style of this frame. They are big, but not super oversized, and they are a nice compromise between square and round frames. If you’re like me, too circular of glasses can make your face look huge, so I like how these are rounded, but they don’t cut in on my face. These frames are great for cruising to your local park with a good book and lounging until dusk. They are also great for a mid-morning coffee date downtown! Never can have too many coffee, or should I say iced-coffee, dates in the summer. Catching up with old friends is one of the best things about being home in the summertime. 
For walking your dog on a Sunday morning, I’d suggest the adorable Ormsby frames. I feel like the frames kind of go with my sister’s dog, Molly. She is the cutest thing. I think she definitely liked these frames on me. Though she is a bit blurry in the last photo, I feel like this photo describes her…kind of a blur and little bundle of energy but always cute. Anyway, back to the sunglasses… This pair was probably my favorite as far as staple pairs go. I feel like this is a pair I could buy and wear whenever I just need to grab sunnies and go. They’re also neutral enough to match almost any outfit. I feel like they have a bit of an aviator feel. Aviator glasses look terrible on me, or at least I think they do, so I loved that these felt a little classic, but still look good with my face shape. If you like lighter tones, I would suggest this frame in the English Oak color. They’re simple, but classic and cute! 
So I have a confession about this pair… I was totally unsure about the shape on me. I loved them online, and they looked great on the models, but the frame was a little outside my comfort zone. But then I put them with this outfit, and I fell in love with them! They are so much fun, and add so much personality to any outfit. This frame is called Banks, and this color is Sea Smoke Tortoise. Honestly, they ended up being my favorite pair out of the pairs I tried, even though I really liked all the frames. I think I liked them because they are flirty and cute, but I still felt a little like Audrey Hepburn. If you want a different tone, they also come in Striped Sassafras, which has more brown and yellow tones. These sunnies are great, and would be perfect for reading outdoors, strolling downtown and popping into boutiques, or lounging with friends on the beach. They’d also be great for working in the summer because they have a professional feel, but are still playful. 
If you’re in the mood for sundresses, messy braids, and a little walk around town or a mid-afternoon get together with friends, the Raglan frames are probably best for you! They are thin and sleek, and perfect for throwing with a sundress to head out into the sunshine. I’m wearing Pearled Tortoise, which are such a cute little mix of white and black. Also, who doesn’t love a good tortoise frame? If you answered ‘me,’ to that question, maybe go for a classic Revolver Black version, which would really be channeling Audrey if you throw in a long black dress and a string of pearls. 
I love Warby Parker, and their Summer 2014 Collection has so much to offer. Their nine new shapes and four new colors feel so beachy, but aren’t limited to trips to the ocean or family lake. In addition to the five frames I shared with you, they have the Upton, Haskell (available in sunnies or eyeglasses), Duval, Lyle, Crane, and Mitchell frames. Summertime is a great time to invest in a truly great pair of glasses or sunnies because many people wear sunglasses more frequently in the summer, and if you’re a college student like me, you typically purchase new eyeglasses in the summer because you are home to actually go to your optometrist! 
One aspect of Warby Parker that I always try to highlight when talking to people who have never heard of or tried the brand is their Home Try-On program. So many people who don’t live close to a Warby Parker showroom (myself included) are hesitant to try the brand because they feel it’s too hard to know whether or not they’re going to love the glasses they choose. Well, with the Home Try-On, you can choose five frames to try in the colors you think you’ll like, and WP will send them to you for free to try them out for five days, then return (and you don’t have to pay return shipping!!). I did a post detailing the Home Try-On program, which you can read HERE. I also tried the Duval frames during that Home Try-On, so if you’re interested, you can see me in those frames. 
The Summer Collection is described as “bookish silhouettes in surf-inspired hues,” which is pretty perfect as far as descriptions go. So, despite it being the end of July, I would say keep the bookish vibes and surfer mentality going into the fall semester! As you probably guessed by my skin tone, I don’t get an overwhelming amount of sun, but I still find the need for sunglasses, and I definitely need eyeglasses (I’m basically blind without them). Everyone could use a great pair of sunglasses, and the eyeglasses are so unique! So, head over to Warby Parker and check out the Summer Collection
Callie leigh