Gilmore Girls Revival Preparation

Hello, World.

I’m SO excited for the Gilmore Girls revival. I can hardly express how truly ecstatic I am. I’m trying to have too many expectations, but I have a feeling it’ll be amazing. In light of the premiere, I wanted to share some essentials for getting the full Gilmore experience while watching the episodes!

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 6.18.53 PM.png

Lorelai and Rory ALWAYS order Chinese take out, so for dinner, get some Chinese food from your local spot.

Redvines are the junk food of choice (Amy Sherman Palladino shared this is her junk food go-to). I love Redvines, even though they are so bad for me.

Pop-tarts are a Gilmore essential. They almost always have pop-tarts on Friday nights.

I also recommend getting pizza for good measure. If you’re having a viewing party, Chinese AND pizza are musts!

The coffees should be self-explanatory if you’re a fan of the show. If you’re not, Gilmore Girls drink more coffee than water. Coffee is a must for a complete viewing experience.

Popcorn is an essential for any viewing of any show! Add some M&Ms or caramel or butter, and you can spice up your popcorn bowl.

Finally, for the super fans out there, tissues will be necessary. Whether we cry happy tears or sad tears, I have a feeling the revival will be an emotional experience.

I will likely do a review of the revival epsiodes (but not for a while because I don’t want to give spoilers). Also, spoilers will be clearly marked!

Callie leigh

New TV Show I’m Loving

Hello, World.

I wanted to share a TV show I’m currently loving. Every Tuesday, at 9pm EST, my roommate and I park ourselves in front of our TV to tune into This Is Us. It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years. Sure there are good shows, but this show qualifies as one of my top shows. It’s beautifully written, and so powerful. It touches on a lot of really important issues, but does so with integrity and care.


One of the issues I find particularly important is the attention to how mothers talk about weight and self image in front of their children, especially their daughters. I think women begin to feel insecure and inadequate through media perceptions of beauty, but in a lot of ways, mothers are at the forefront of how young women should see themselves. You’ll have to watch the show to see how this issue is addressed, but the fact that the show is addressing it makes it a win for me!

I also love that each episode has a mini-twist that is reasonable, unexpected, and speaks to something more than just plot development in the show!

So, if you’re looking for a new show, I recommend catching up on this show, and then tuning in on Tuesdays!

Callie leigh

New Obsession: Friday Night Lights

Hello, World.

I wanted to share with you all my newest obsession. While on duty as an RA I was having a pretty quiet night the weekend before spring break, so I decided to watch something on netflix. I wanted to watch something new, and one of my favorite authors used to rave about Friday Night Lights (the TV show), and so I decided to watch an episode…which turned into five which turned into binge watching during spring break. By the end of the pilot, I was TOTALLY hooked. I was a huge football fan when I was in high school, and I didn’t realize how much I miss the energy that surrounds Friday night football games. I really miss having a football team, so I’m glad that the law school I chose has a football team I can watch when I need to de-stress! Anyway, it’s basically the greatest. I have a few all time favorite shows (Gilmore Girls being at the top), but Friday Night Lights is definitely part of that list now. The writing is great, and the depictions of small town football hype feel so accurate (since I come from that environment, not as extreme, but still!)Friday-Night-Lights1
Also, the team motto on the show is shown above, and I seriously believe this motto could be applied to all aspects of life, not just sporting events! It’s a really good sentiment, and I think it’s important to remember to keep our heads up and have a lot of heart in everything we do!
39f2dda679235f3f817af37d31ddd103 Also, if you watch this show and DON’T fall for Tim Riggins by the end, you’re watching it wrong! Not really, but Tim Riggins is a phenomenal character and his character development is awesome to watch throughout the five seasons!

Okay, now go binge watch the show!

Callie leigh