Sunday Six

Hello, World!

Here with some Sunday inspiration. Here are 6 things I’m currently loving!


  1. A Beautiful Mess’s annual Friends-giving is serious inspiration. We’re planning to do a friends-giving next weekend, and this was just the inspiration I needed to get pumped!
  2. J. Crew holiday PJs are giving me feels. Also, I would generally like to get more PJ sets.
  3. Once November comes, you can never have too much fair isle. This fair isle scarf is SO lovely, and looks so cozy.
  4. Also, love this holiday sweater.
  5. Found a new pair of jeans that I love. Levis are SO soft and comfortable, makes hours of sitting and studying as easy as if I was in leggings.
  6. I’m currently obsessing over Hilary Rushford’s Instagram. So perfect and beautiful. A little daily inspiration for sure!

What are you loving this week??

Callie leigh

Weekend Fun

Hello, World.

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! I have an interview this afternoon for a position for next year, but until then I’m planning to do homework and relax. This weekend has been a major success so far! On Friday, I was on duty as a Resident Advisor, so my friend, Erica, and I got food and coffee and then I headed back to school to work. We tried a new local coffee shop, and then got Mexican food at this great little place downtown.
Rifle Paper Co phone case
I’m totally obsessed with my new, Spring-inspired phone case! It offers better protection to my phone than my previous case, and it is clear where there aren’t flowers, so you can see the gold color of my iPhone. It’s so perfect!
Mexican food
After coffee, Erica and I went to grab food. It was SO good. We eat far too much Chipotle, and it was nice to get good, authentic food for once. It was also lovely to sit down after a long week, and just talk and eat.
Saturday morning, my mom came from Chico to spend the night, and spend time with me. She’s seriously the best, and I was so happy to see her. I’m currently going through some changes, and I’m under a lot of pressure and stress, and I appreciated that she came down to help me enjoy the weekend and relax a bit.
Lettuce, Walnut Creek
When she arrived, I met her at her hotel, and then we drove into Walnut Creek to grab lunch at Lettuce. I always get the Napa salad because it is simply amazing.
J. Crew
Following lunch, we did a little spring shopping. After taking inventory of my closet, I realized almost all of my tops are either long-sleeved or sweaters. Not exactly ideal for Spring, especially in California. So, we went to Anthropologie, J. Crew, and then grabbed some new products at Sephora.
After a long day of shopping, we grabbed dinner at my mom’s hotel, and then we just lounged around and watched Sleepy Hallow and Criminal Minds. I don’t always stay with her, but I decided to this time because I wanted to get a lot of sleep and I couldn’t pass up having an entire Queen bed to myself.
Sunday Brunch
This morning we got brunch at the hotel, which was great. I really like the food at the hotel my parents stay at when they visit, it’s always so good. Brunch is by far my favorite meal.
Coffee Dates
To finish her visit, we went to grab Starbucks, so she would have a caffeinated beverage while on the road, and I wanted a latte to give me a little study boost. I was sad to leave my mom, but I will be heading home in roughly two weeks for Spring Break, so it was slightly easier to go. I always have the best time when I hangout with my mom, and I look forward to spending time with her this summer.

How is your Sunday going?

Callie leigh

Four Ways to Enjoy Sundays in the Summer

Hello, World.

Sunday is probably one of my favorite days of the week, especially during summer. During the academic year, Sunday usually means getting brunch with friends then holing up in Starbucks or Peets to work on homework for a majority of the day. During summer, though, Sundays hold so much possibility. It’s your last day to enjoy the weekend before the business of a normal week sets in, and Sundays always feel like a balance between the work of the week and the play of the weekend. When it’s summer, Sundays are fun because the weather is usually is completely awesome. It’s warm, and dark later, and fun! I always have little ways of spending my Sunday, though it usually includes some variation of coffee and reading at some point during the day. Since I’m at my family cabin, I will probably be spending my Sunday at the beach reading One Day by David Nicholls, and attempting to tan.
I thought I would share some ideas of how to spend your Sunday, since sometimes it’s hard to change your usual routine or think of something fun to do. First, it’s always fun to read a good book outside. This adds a little vitamin D to your usual reading routine, and it will force you to tan a little more while enjoying good reading material. Second, iced coffee, in my opinion, just tastes better in the sunshine. Summer is usually when I switch to iced coffee because in the fall and winter seasons I only ever drink hot drinks. Brunch with friends is always a great way to spend your Sunday. It’s a great way to catch up, chat about the upcoming week, and enjoy good food. Hiking is a great way to exercise, get in your daily dose of sunshine, and spend time exploring. Hiking is most friends with friends, so I usually ask one or two friends along if I plan to go on Sunday.

How do you spend your Sunday?

Callie leigh