Revisiting My Summer Bucket List

Hello, World.

As summer 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to revisit the bucket list I made for myself at the beginning of summer. Though summer still technically still has quite some time, I feel like summer ends once school begins, and I have Law Week, which is the beginning of the legal practice program beginning Monday. So, I’m excited to begin school, but I’m also reflecting on what I did with my two or so months of free time! I spent so much time relaxing at home, and enjoying myself.

Here is the original list that I posted. I did pretty well, but I will say I wish I read more. I got stuck on a dud of a novel, and even though I wasn’t enjoying it, I tried to finish it. While I did finish the novel, I wish I would have just quit it and moved on.

So I completed the following items:

Make S’Mores

Spend More Time Outside

Go to a Giants Game (2 actually!)

Watch Fireworks

Spend Time with Family

Go to Tahoe With Friends

Plan a Trip to Somewhere New (ish! My roommates and I want to explore a lot of new places in the next year)

I did not complete:

-Find a favorite white wine (or more specifically a sauvignon blanc). Maybe I will during the stressful months of law school ahead!

– Read 7 new books. I only read 3. I had a long list of summer reading I wanted to finish, but unfortunately I got so bogged down with the dud that I didn’t get as much reading in. I did read The Vacationers, The Nest, and Sweetbitter (my absolute fave).

What did you do this summer?

Callie leigh

Summer ’16 Bucket List

Hello, World.

This summer is potentially my last summer home for roughly three years. Since I’m going to law school, where I spent my summers is up in the air. I could potentially return to California, but will likely be in San Francisco or Los Angeles in the summers. With that being said, I want to make the most of this summer, and really soak up not having major responsibilities. So, I created a little summer bucket list that I wanted to share!Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.40.53 AM.png

I plan to move the first week of August, so I have about two months to complete the above list! I plan to do updates throughout the summer, and I hope that in doing so I will hold myself accountable!

Callie leigh

Swimwear: Summer 2016

Hello, World.

Summer is officially here! I finished up college last Tuesday, and graduated on Saturday (more to come about that soon), but I’m so so excited for this summer. I’m currently recovering from a nasty cold, but once I’m better I plan to work out everyday, eat healthy, and prepare for my cross-country move. I currently divide my time between sleeping this cold away and searching for furniture and decorations for my new townhouse! I wanted to stop in and share my top picks for swimwear this summer, though, because I’m loving some of the one piece / bikini options available right now! One of my summer goals is getting fit, and really spending time on myself, and shopping for swimwear is the perfect fitness motivation! Here are my top picks:

Venus Razor One Piece

Wala Swim One Piece V1042-BKK_V2066-BKK.032.s  .jpg

Venus Bikini 


Venus bikini

Where is your favorite place to shop for suits?

Callie leigh

A Day in the Life: Summer Edition

Hello, World.

I cannot believe summer is ending is soon. I have about three weeks left before I head back to SMC for Resident Advisor Training (or, bonding, since I’ve already gone through training). This summer’s gone by so so fast, and I’m really not very happy about it. I don’t want this summer to end! Anyway, since I decided not to try to do an internship this summer, and instead primarily study for the LSAT and prepare for my thesis this fall, I thought it’d be fun to share what a typical day is like for me. My days go by pretty quickly, which is both nice and scary because it means I’m getting closer to summer ending. Yikes!
a day in the life summer edition8:30 am wake up

I typically wake up around 8:30. I try really hard to be out of bed no later than 8:45, but sometimes I jump out of bed and head straight for the shower at 9:00. I’ve definitely become less of a morning person in the last year, which I’m trying to change, but it’s hard. Anyway, if I sleep any later than 9:00 I feel like the day gets away from me before I really get the chance to be productive.

9:00 am shower

I’ll shower and start my “getting ready routine” at 9:00 am. This wakes me up, gets me ready for the day, and gives me a little energy. I usually shower, pick out my outfit, and get dressed fairly quickly. If I’m staying close to home, I usually just wear shorts and a plain tee. If I’m going to be out and about, I put a little more effort into my outfit for the day.

9:30 am makeup / hair

After I get dressed, I do my hair and makeup. Usually my makeup first, and then I blow dry and either curl my hair or leave it straight. My makeup routine is a tad simpler in the summertime because I don’t wear as much eye makeup. My hair routine consists of applying a leave-in conditioner spray, brushing it out, putting a bit of mouse in if I’m curling my hair, then blowing it dry.

9:45 am Study for the LSAT

This is pretty self explanatory. I use the PowerScore Bibles, and operate on the two-month study plan the company makes for students. I will typically read three to four chapters a day. On Saturdays, if time allows, I will take a practice test. You can read about my entire prep plan here.

12:00 pm Lunch

Usually my mom and I will get lunch somewhere in town, or I make a quick acai bowl, smoothie, or salad at home. I’m not a huge lunch person, but I have to eat something in order to keep focused, and to ensure I’m staying on task.

1:00 pm Study, Study, Study

Same as previous study method: I use the PowerScore Bibles, and operate on the two-month study plan the company makes for students. I will typically read three to four chapters a day. On Saturdays, if time allows, I will take a practice test. You can read about my entire prep plan here.

3:00 pm Read for RA and Thesis

Since I’m an RA for first year students, I have to read the First Year Experience Reading in order to lead book discussions during Weekend of Welcome. This year’s book is Breakfast With Buddha, which I’m reading enjoying! The author of the novels chosen typically visit campus around January, which is always a great experience (especially for an English major like me!). As an upcoming senior in the honors program, I will be completing a thesis within the English major this fall. I have two huge novels to read for my project (which I plan to share in a future post), so I’m reading a lot this summer!

6:00 pm until bed Read, Relax, and Eat Dinner

My family usually eats dinner around 6:00-6:30 pm. I take a dinner break, then pick up reading again or I watch TV show before jumping into reading again. I will read until 11 pm or so, then I head to bed! I actually go to bed much much earlier when I’m home than when I’m in school, but I love sleep, so I’m okay with it.

What’s your summer daily routine?


Callie leigh

Summer Style Staples

Hello, World.

I’m sorry for the brief hiatus! It was unintentional,  I promise you. It’s currently the weekend before finals commence, and the chaos lately is difficult to manage. Tomorrow marks a week until move out for summer vacation, and I’m counting the hours! I’m so so ready to be home. In light of summer approaching soon, I wanted to share my summer staples as far as fashion is concerned. I plan to spend most of my time divided between LSAT prep and beach going (with gym visits in the morning). I’m so excited for this summer!

Summer Staples A Pop of Color in a Wallet | When I’m at the beach, I usually pack a wallet in my beach bag simply so I have cash in case I want to get a snow cone or something, but also so I have my license for when I drive to and from the beach. The new Kate Spade scallop wallet is currently on my mind, and I think it’s totally perfect for summer!

A One Piece Swim Suit | So, I am well aware that I am 20 years old, and the proper attire for a 20 year old, in theory, is a itsy bitsy bikini, but to be honest, I’m pretty old fashioned, and I”m pretty modest, so the bikini thing doesn’t work for me. I hate having to walk up and down a beach to and from the water half naked. Not to mention the hassle of trying to go jet skiing or something, and being fearful I’m going to lose part of my swimsuit if I fall. So, this year, I’m opting for a classic, chic one piece. Call me old, but I personally think one pieces can be really fashion forward, and unique!

Sunnies | I guess sunglasses are always a must during summer, but I LOVE this style in particular for summer 2015.

A Good Sun Hat | I’m am always promoting the importance of a good sun hat, maybe it’s because I’m pale, and have to protect myself or I am a lobster by the second day of sitting in the sun. Sun hats can be so stylish, and so fun to wear on the beach! I’m all for finding a good hat!

A Good Beach Read | Okay, maybe not fashion related, but a good beach read should ALWAYS be in your beach bag!

A Chambray Dress | There is nothing more summery than a chambray dress. This seems so light, and so appropriate for warm weather, and also great for strolling through a farmers market, or getting lunch with a friend.

Jack Rogers Sandals | Still on my summer wishlist. I really want to invest in a pair! These are the ultimate summer sandal.

A Great Leather Bag | I am a firm believer that the best summer bag is a leather one. This Madewell bag is perfect for running errands on a hot day, hanging out downtown, or going to the park.

Seersucker Short | I love the seersucker pattern, and I think this pair of light blue and white shorts are just divine. Perfect for the beach or grabbing an iced coffee with friends.

The Boyfriend Denim Short | I try to find a good boyfriend short every summer, and usually come close, but never quite get the pair I really want. This pair is so cute, and has just the right amount of rip. I would definitely suggest these as the staple pair of shorts in your summer wardrobe.

What are your summer must-haves?

Callie leigh


To Do List: Summer Edition, Check In

Hello, World.

A few months ago, I posted my Summer To-Do list. Now that’s we’re into July, I thought it would be a good time to check in with said list, and see how I’m doing as far as accomplishing things. I think it’s important to make sure you’re referring to lists you make as you go through life. It’s one thing to write it down on paper, and it’s another to actually do it, and be able to cross it off the list. I love crossing things off lists. Honestly, it’s like a natural high for me. I feel SO productive and accomplished when I make a to-do list, and can cross each item off by the end of the day.

IMG_3306 IMG_3244

1) Redesign blog, post consistently, and make friends in the blog community! Also, complete the Blog Life e-course by Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess.

2) Go to the beach as much as possible, which includes swimming, tanning (if I can?), and playing beach volleyball.


3) Get an internship, and learn as much as I can from it. (the photo is from my celebratory coffee date after I got the news)

4) Read 13 novels (originally 12, but I have to read one for my job in the fall). (xxx, I’m kind of behind on this. Hoping to speed up) 

5) Write the novel I’ve been talking about for a year. (STARTED) 

6) Go on a walk or run every day. Being fit makes almost everyone feel better.


7) Go on Barnes and Noble/ T. Bar dates with my mom. We’ve had many, but I hope to have more.



8) Hangout with friends more. I have the tendency to spend a lot of time with my family during the summer because I miss them so much during the school year, but I want to start hanging out with my friends from home more!  Again, I’m doing well with this, but I want to continue spending time with friends. 



9) Visit my friends from school! (Especially because my best friend, Holly, is studying abroad in the fall). I got to see Kate when I went to SF for a giants game. I have plans in the works to see Steven and Holly, but it the dates have yet to arrive. 

10) Complete on creative project a month. First up? My sophomore year scrapbook. (So, funny story… I accidentally sent my scrapbook stuff to Moraga. So we may be waiting until I get back to school or until I have time to call and have the stuff forwarded. 

11) Learn more about photography, and improve my skills. This was covered in the A Beautiful Mess e-course. I’m still trying to get better, though. 

12) Try something completely outside my comfort zone.

13) Help my sister finish her first house’s remodel project. Also, once finished go there once a week to hangout with her, her boyfriend, and their animals. Hoping to spend more time there soon! 

14) Write handwritten letters to my friends. I feel like this is a lost art that I would like to pick back up. I love receiving handwritten letters, but during the school year I am horrible at responding to them because I get so busy.

15) Have no regrets. This one is probably the biggest goal for summer 2014 since summer 2013 is riddled with them. (Yet to be determined, but probably won’t have any). 

So, out of 15, I’ve completed roughly 6. That’s not an outrageous amount, and it means that I’m going to make everyday count from today until the day I move back to the Bay.

Callie leigh

Four Ways to Enjoy Sundays in the Summer

Hello, World.

Sunday is probably one of my favorite days of the week, especially during summer. During the academic year, Sunday usually means getting brunch with friends then holing up in Starbucks or Peets to work on homework for a majority of the day. During summer, though, Sundays hold so much possibility. It’s your last day to enjoy the weekend before the business of a normal week sets in, and Sundays always feel like a balance between the work of the week and the play of the weekend. When it’s summer, Sundays are fun because the weather is usually is completely awesome. It’s warm, and dark later, and fun! I always have little ways of spending my Sunday, though it usually includes some variation of coffee and reading at some point during the day. Since I’m at my family cabin, I will probably be spending my Sunday at the beach reading One Day by David Nicholls, and attempting to tan.
I thought I would share some ideas of how to spend your Sunday, since sometimes it’s hard to change your usual routine or think of something fun to do. First, it’s always fun to read a good book outside. This adds a little vitamin D to your usual reading routine, and it will force you to tan a little more while enjoying good reading material. Second, iced coffee, in my opinion, just tastes better in the sunshine. Summer is usually when I switch to iced coffee because in the fall and winter seasons I only ever drink hot drinks. Brunch with friends is always a great way to spend your Sunday. It’s a great way to catch up, chat about the upcoming week, and enjoy good food. Hiking is a great way to exercise, get in your daily dose of sunshine, and spend time exploring. Hiking is most friends with friends, so I usually ask one or two friends along if I plan to go on Sunday.

How do you spend your Sunday?

Callie leigh

Lusting Over…

Hello, World.

Summer is here, and I’m soaking it up as much as possible. I love the easy, carefree feeling of summer, and I love being able to create my own schedule, and I love being able to just relax and not be in school for a little while. Anyway, I thought I would share what I’m currently craving.


I really like simple swimsuits. Sometimes I feel like swimsuits get too busy or fluffy or whatever. I like a simple, base color swimsuit to lie in the sun in and read a book while getting some rays. I have the tendency to burn, but I’m hoping I can at least get a base tan this summer. I also really like baseball caps right now. I desperately want one from Vineyard Vines, either in navy or pink. Or maybe both. I also love a good beach tote to take a towel, book, and tan lotion to the beach in. Something about having a cute tote makes going to the beach a little easier because you have a cute place to put all your stuff. Lilly Pulitzer shorts are the most adorable things. Seriously, her patterns are amazing and so cheery and I love the scallop detailing on the edge. I also am trying to build a cute stack of bracelets, and I love Kate Spade’s ‘smile’ bracelet. I also want to invest in a monogram necklace because I feel like they are just so cute, classic, and easy to wear with everything. A cute, easy to throw on cover up is also a must for summer. I love dresses in summer because they’re so easy to throw on, and they are cooler than shorts.

What are you craving?

Callie leigh

Beach Bum

Hello, World.

As I begin making the final edits on my 6-page essay due tomorrow, outlining my week, and writing out notecards for my final exams, I thought I would take a few moments to visualize my life in say, a week and a half. In this life, I am sitting on the beach beginning my summer reading list, laughing with my mom, and sipping ice tea while attempting to tan. This may sound boring for someone turning 20 this summer, but let me just say that besides the fact I have always been an “old soul,” I need some serious relaxation this summer. I am hoping to get an internship because I want to learn more about journalism, and I get SUPER anxious come July 1st when I haven’t been working in some form for a month. But, you know, I still want some true beach bum days! Hopefully that made sense. I’ve spent the last two days writing a 5-page Declaration of Leadership and a 6-page paper discussing the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. To say I’m a bit jumbled at the moment would be an understatement!

Anyway, what are my beach necessities? I’ll show you:


A cute bikini, usually print and usually a color that doesn’t reveal how utterly pale I am, a comfortable and cute pair of brown sandals, a great book (!!!!), sunscreen (SPF 100, please), a fun sunhat to protect my skin and offer shade while I read, an adorable fully-functional tote, a pair of denim shorts, a pair of sunglasses, and of course, a cute, comfy, lightweight coverup for days I’m not in the mood for shorts.

Hope you’re having a good Monday! If you’re currently in finals week, may the curve be ever in your favor! If you’re already on summer vacation, go to the beach!


Callie Coker

These Days.

Hello, World.

What have I been doing lately? Here’s an idea:

Drinking: Black peppermint tea, and enjoying some chocolate. Something about tea and chocolate really gets me in the writing mood. Kind of odd, yes, but productive nonetheless. Besides, I hardly eat sugar anymore so the few pieces of chocolate are rather delicious.

Weather: warm, sunny, with a hint of mountain breeze. I’m at my family’s cabin this weekend, and it smells like pine trees, summer, and lake water. I’m feeling rather serene, and although I usually prefer wintertime to summertime, the warmth is welcomed.

Writing: a new novel idea in my notebook, creating characters I wouldn’t mind learning more about. I’ve been considering a few ideas for a few months now, and I think I’ve figured out just the story I would like to tell. A lot of people think writers choose what to write about, but I disagree. I think that you can attempt to choose, but usually the story chooses you, and demands that you tell it to others.

Thinking About: all the things I have yet to complete this summer that I want to. This includes my scrapbook, a novel (although I’m making progress), twelve novels, and hiking. Summer is so hard because it seems endless, but then there are days where I can feel time passing around me, things slowly changing, and days going by with each feeling the same. But, summer isn’t endless, and I have to remind myself that if I want to complete all these things, I need to take control of time, and use it productively.

Excited About: a few things. First, I’m excited about my story idea. Second, I’m excited to hangout with my best friend, Lindy, who just got back into town from UC Santa Cruz!

Missing: School. All the people who are associated with school. Trips to Peets to do homework, procrastinate, and talk with my friends about life, academics, and the most random things.

Addicted to: instagram. Seriously, I love instagram. It’s so fun to see little snapshots of people’s lives, especially the people I don’t see very often anymore. Also, I’ve become a little more ridiculous about it since I decided to advertise my blog on instagram. But hey, I have to get readers somehow. I also have a slight (read: large) chai latte addiction whether they are hot, iced, blended, whatever. I have to have one a day, which is more latte than I’ve ever drank. College does things to people when it comes to caffeinated beverages!


Callie Leigh