Summer Beauty Favorites

Hello, World.

When summer comes, I prefer to go lighter on my makeup, but I still like full coverage. I think a big part of summer is taking care of your skin, and making sure you’re protected while still being able to enjoy the warmer weather!

My mom bought this Korres Body Wash in the White Grape [grown in Santorini, Greece] scent, and it. is. delicious. Honestly, it smells SO fresh and clean. As soon as I smelled it, I ordered a bottle for myself. The Korres brand of shower gel is so hydrating. I’ve also never had any problems with the product irritating my skin!


I don’t change my makeup very frequently. Usually, once I find a product I like, I stick with it until I don’t like it anymore or want a change. Recently, I felt like I needed a new moisturizer. I like my skin to feel hydrated, but NOT greasy. I really dislike moisturizers that leave a filmy feel to your skin. So, I recently switched to Clinique moisture surge. It’s AMAZING. I also went through a bit of a “I don’t like any of the mascaras I’m trying. What is wrong?” phase recently. Then I was watching Carly of the College Prepster go through her summer make up routine, and she mentioned Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. My mom had recently ordered it, and didn’t like it, so offered me the tube to try. I love it! My eyelashes look fuller and more prominent, which I like. IMG_2625.JPG

Urban Decay’s Naked concealer is probably my favorite. I used it a while ago, then decided to change. But I went back to it because it’s so weightless and easy. It also covers my dark circles really well, but I don’t [think] it makes me look cake-y.

In terms of concealer, I am obsessed with IT Cosmetics CC cream with SPF 50. It’s light, provides full coverage, but isn’t too much! I highly recommend this product if you’re in search of a great foundation.

I also love Urban Decay’s sin eye primer. It’s provides a bit of shimmer, so sometimes it’s all I wear on my eyes. Other times I just put a little color in my crease. Too Faced’s chocolate sample from Sephora is a great palette. I use it sometimes for my eyes if I want to wear a bit more color. I also love the bronzer. I usually don’t wear much bronzer, but I like this one because it’s not too dark on my skin, but will add dimension.

Finally, I love the smell of Lavender. I have some spray I put on my pillows, and I usually buy candles that have lavender in them. It’s one of my favorite smells. So, this Bath & Body lotion that is Lavender and Sandalwood is perfect for summer. It smells fresh, but has woody, more earthy undertones that are perfect for summer!

What beauty products are you loving?


Callie leigh

Beach Makeup Essentials

Hello, World.

As we get further into spring and closer to summer, makeup becomes a little more scarce. Personally, I tend to wear a lot less makeup during the warmer months because for one, I’m warmer than normal, I spend more time outside and in natural light, and I spend more time at the beach. I know a lot of people feel similarly, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my favorite products for spending a day on the beach or just in the sun.
Summer Makeup Essentials
A light foundation. The Naked products by Urban Decay are my absolute favorite! This foundation is light, easy to apply, and feels like you’re wearing no makeup. It’s not weird or sticky, but just right. It doesn’t have any SPF, though, so be sure to apply a moisturizer with SPF in it before applying, or get a tinted moisturizer to cut down on time.

Sun Beam by Benefit. This bronzer highlights and adds shimmer to your face! I typically apply to my cheekbones and highlight my hair line and nose (very lightly). This adds the right amount of color to your face and gives you a nice glow!

A Voluminous (and waterproof) Mascara. If you plan to get into the water at the beach, you must go waterproof. There is nothing worse than having to spend a day with raccoon eyes and clumpy lashes. I personally use the YES! They’re Real by Benefit, but I also use this mascara when I run out of the Benefit and need a quick fix.

A Calm Lip Color. Adding a little color to your lip can add a lot to an otherwise blank face. Having a little pop of color on your lips will make you appear polished, while also looking natural. My personal favorite for this look is by MAC.

Though this look seems rather calm, it can look great, and will give you a nice look without going overboard on the makeup. If you’re not used to going natural, I would say add a little natural eye shadow to the lid, but steer away from eyeliner!

What’s your go-to makeup routine for summer months?

Callie leigh

Summer Makeup

Hello, World.

Something that I notice every summer is when it gets really hot, I kind of hate doing my “full” makeup everyday. My eye makeup usually gets way lighter, and I’ll go with less foundation. I love using good products that are light and good for your skin. I used to use Mac foundation, but it was pretty heavy for my skin. Over the years, I’ve switched around quite a bit between brands, but I absolutely love Smashbox powder. It’s light, matches my skin well, and it easy to apply. I also recently bought the Naked Urban Decay liquid foundation, and it is utterly amazing. It is light, goes on well, silky, and just…great. I love the Naked products (I have two of the palettes).  My go-to, fast and easy makeup look for summer includes the following products:
For the lightest coverage, I only wear powder foundation. For medium coverage, I wear the Naked liquid foundation, and if I really need heavy coverage, I wear the Naked foundation and go over it with the power a little. My skin feels so soft when I wear the Naked foundation that I’ve worn it almost day since I bought it. I finish the look with a bright lip, usually a shade from Bite, Sephora, or Josie Marin. It is an easy look, but I always feel fresh and awake when I wear these products.

What are your favorite summer products?

Callie Leigh