3 Movies I’ve Seen Recently

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With awards season in full swing, my roommate and I are trying to see the nominated films. Each weekend we go to see a movie. It’s a great break from school and forces us to enjoy the movie. When we watch at home we end up on our phones or computers or generally distracted. Our town has a Movie Tavern, which is essentially a restaurant inside the movie theatre, so the food is delivered right to your seat! Anyway, I wanted to share three movies I saw that I highly recommend. In the coming weeks we plan to see Lady Bird, Fifty Shades Freed (obviously NOT a nominated film) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.


We just saw Darkest Hour and it was so well done. Gary Oldman did an incredible job and I would be surprised if he doesn’t win the Academy Award. The film is long but worth it. I feel like I need to brush up on my European history. Still, it’s so well done. I love a good historical film and I felt like I was actually watching Churchill at work! I’d give this film 4/5 stars because I felt the length a bit, but other than that it was a great film!


I LOVE this movie. Ugh. On so many levels I just loved this film. It focuses on the intersection of free speech, free press, and national security. Meryl Streep, of course, did a phenomenal job. Tom Hanks was equally great, and their chemistry was strong. I took my roommate that was the first movie I’d seen where two people had great purely platonic chemistry. I highly, highly recommend this movie. I also want to read Kathryn Graham’s Personal History.


This is such a good movie. The soundtrack is amazing and I listen to it a lot while studying. I was hesitant about the circus theme because I like the idea in the abstract, but sometimes it feels like a con. I also felt, at times, like P. T. Barnum was a bit of a jerk… his treatment of the performers at times was troublesome, but by the end, I was happy with the storyline and enjoyed all the performances! I highly recommend if you want a great musical.

What movies have you seen recently?

Callie leigh

5 ways to recharge in 15 minutes

Hello, World.

With summertime in full swing, I feel like my days are so much more empty than when I’m in school. It’s a comfortable empty, meaning I can plan my day as I go. However, when I’m not in constant academic mode, I tend to get really tired around 3 pm. Now, I feel like most people get tired at some point during the day, whether in summer or during the academic year. I feel like if you’re working, you likely have a little lull in your day year around. So, I wanted to share my 5 methods for recharging in 15 minutes. The following breaks are my go-to break activities. They only take about 15 minutes, and then I can get back to work!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.04.10 PM.pngPaint your nails while listening to your favorite songs: When I need to decompress, and just relax for a bit, I always paint my nails while blasting whatever songs I’m loving at the moment. Listening to good music, and having a fresh mani makes me feel more prepared for my day and getting work done.

Have a mini dance party: So, I took Hilary Rushford’s free instagram course, and she started it with a mini dance party. I’m not a huge dancer, but I decided to go ahead and take part. Then I realized how great it feels to just dance around by yourself and literally dance while no one is watching. If you’re having trouble getting work done, or just having a rough day, put on some dance music, and go for it!

Take a power nap: a 12-15 minute power nap always leaves me rejuvenated. I time the nap, and I make sure I only sleep 12-15 minutes, otherwise I wake up groggy and worse off.

Timed Social Media Browsing: I’ll time myself, and browse social media for 15 minutes. I usually limit myself to 1 or 2 social media channels, Instagram and Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, etc. to make sure I don’t spend too long on social media and it really is just a break.

Go for a quick walk: If you live on a college campus, or work where you can take a quick break out of the building, I’d recommend taking a quick walk. I used to “run errands” when I needed I break. I’d walk to the post office or to grab a coffee at the cafe. Getting some fresh air really helps refresh and gets me refocused

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