My Top Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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So, I know social media is going crazy about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Usually, I do a good amount of shopping during the sale, but this year I’m going purchase-free! I don’t need anything and I didn’t find anything I had to have. What is the sale, you may ask? With this sale, the items are all pre-season and hit the sale before they are marked up to join other fall merchandise. Therefore, you can snag upcoming trends at a reduced price! This sale works great if you’re looking for great fall essentials or pieces that will last a long time. I will say some people go WAY overboard and buy things that they may not ordinarily buy purely because of the allure of the price. So, here are my top tips:

  1. Buy Items You’ve Been Looking For for a While | Have you hunted for a great blazer and haven’t found one? Are you in need of a great vest, but haven’t found the perfect one? Now is the time to pull the trigger if you fall in love with one the items in the sale.
  2. Buy an Investment Piece | If you’re looking for a great new boot, coat, or handbag, now is the time. Invest in that one big-ticket item before the price goes up.
  3. Consider If You’d Pay Full Price | If you’d pay full price for an item, it’s a good item to get. If you’re only considering it because of the price point or considering it more than you would if it was full price, it should go back to the rack. We are more likely to impulse buy when we think we’re getting a deal, even if it’s actually better to just put it back and not buy it at all!
  4. Limit the “there’s a sale!!!!” purchases | Mindless browsing of the sale can result in thinking you need something that you don’t. Therefore, go into the sale with a list of types of items you will consider and only browse those items. This tip builds on the previous three.

Now, I will tell you what I use the sale to buy: coats, shoes (usually boots, but also flats, heels, etc. if there’s a good deal), vests, and tops. This may seem like everything, but usually, I get one nice coat, a pair of boots, and a pair of sneakers. I get 3-4 tops if there’s some I really like. I also will use this sale to buy some nice work clothes, typically pants, dresses, and work sweaters. Disclaimer: I buy any of the previously listed items but not all of them. My purchases change depending on what I need in my wardrobe. Below are my favorite picks with the prices of during the sale (DS) and after the sale (AS).

Untitled design (46).png

Pendleton Port Townsend Raincoat (DS: $216.90; AS: $325.00); Barbour Saddleworth Quilted Vest (DS: $98.90; AS: $149.00);  1901 Original Blazer (DS: $109.90; AS: $159.00); Pendleton Timberline Field Coat (DS: $249.90; AS: $375.00); BLANKNYC No Limit Suede Moto Jacket (DS: $125.90; AS: $188.00); kensie Ruffle Twill Coat (DS: $129.90; AS: $198.00) Lauren Ralph Lauren Quilted Faux Leather Trim Jacket (DS: $104.90; AS: $160.00); Lafayette 148 New York Lyndon Tweed Blazer (DS: $398.90; AS: $598.00) The North Face Aconcagua Down Vest (DS: $68.90; AS: $99.00)

Untitled design (47).png

Varsity Stripe Ribbed Sweater (DS: $29.90; AS: $45.00); Nordstrom Signature Cashmere Sweater (DS: $219.90; AS: $329.00); Leith Stitched Shaped V-Neck Sweater (DS: $43.90; AS: $65.00); Madewell Province Cross Back Sweater (DS: $45.90; AS: $69.50); Treasure & Bond Sporty Striped Sweater (DS: $45.90; AS: $69.00); Joie Leopard Print Sweater (DS: $218.90; AS: $328.00); Calson Dolman Sleeve Sweater (DS: $39.90; AS: $59.00); BP Twist Fron Sweater (sold out already! BUT keep checking because sometimes it comes back in stock after returns) Helmut Lang Cashmere Wrap Sweater (DS: $263.90; AS: $395.00)

Untitled design (48).png

Spanx Camo Faux Leather Legging (DS: $72.90; AS: $110.00); Adidas Active Icon leggings (DS: $29.90; AS: $40.00); Zella Live In high waist leggings (DS: $35.90; AS: $54.00); adidas Active Icons Cropped Pullover (DS: $47.90; AS: $65.00); Nike Indy Sports Bra (DS: $25.90; AS: $35.00); BP. Front Zip Hoodie (DS: $31.90; AS: 49.00); Nike Logo Sports Bra (DS: $25.90; AS: $35.00); Nike Sportswear Rally Sweatshirt (DS: $51.90; AS: $70.00); adidas Orginals Tank (DS: $23.90; AS: $32.00)

Untitled design (49).png

Rails Short PJs (DS: $98.90; AS: $148.00) | J.Crew Tipped Short PJs (DS: $56.90; AS: $85.00)

Untitled design (50).png

Tory Burch Flat (DS: $164.90 ; AS: $248.00); Steve Madden Slide (DS: $49.90 ; AS: $79.95); NIKE Free TR8 (DS: $74.90; AS: $100.00); Tory Burch Marsden Over the Knee Boot (DS: $349.90; AS: $578.00); Cole Haan Harrington Grand Bootie (DS: $144.90; AS: $220.00); Tory Burch Pump (DS: $169.90; $258.00) 1.SLATE Sisteen Half d’Orsay Pump (DS: $59.90; AS: $89.95); Converse Shoreline Sneak (appears to be sold out now, but here is a similar option)

Untitled design (51).png

Monogram Passport Holder & Luggage Tag (DS: $47.90; AS: $73.00); Rebecca Minkoff Satchel (DS: $196.90; AS: $295.00); Tory Burch Marsden Pebbled Tote (larger size) (DS: $352.90; AS: $528.00); Madewell Bucket Bag (DS: $129.90; AS: $198.00); Monogram Oversized Tote (great carry-on or overnight bag) (DS: $42.90; AS: $65.00); Chevron 20-inch spinner carry-on (DS: $103.90; AS: $139.00)

So, there you have my top picks! Keep in mind that a lot of the items are pricier because it’s best to buy investment pieces during the sale. Furter, I usually only buy one or two big-ticket items and they last me years! I buy basics more than anything (the Lush tops I bought two years ago are tops I still regularly wear). This round up is not meant to imply you should buy a bunch of super expensive stuff!


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My Finds and Top Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ’16

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.11.34 AM.png

Hello, World.

I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! Today is a very good day because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale [Early Access] began yesterday! I was so excited to be able to go to the sale (the closest Nordstrom is about 1.5 hours from me), and check out a lot of the deals in person! The awesome thing about this sale in particular is that the merchandise is NEW fall attire, and hasn’t even hit stores yet at full price! After the sale, most items go up about $100. A lot of people use this sale to purchase either fall statement pieces for way less or fall staples! In the past, I used this sale to invest in business attire, Tory Burch boots, and other falls staples. This year, I used the sale to buy a lot of basics, and one statement piece that I’m in love with.

Today I want to round up my finds (what I purchased), as well as other pieces I think are great deals. With a huge move coming up, I don’t have a gigantic budget for clothing and fun stuff, as most my money is going toward making my townhouse a home, and purchasing necessities for law school. If I had no budget, though, there are definitely some pieces I would snag in a hurry!

So, here are my finds:

downloadNike ‘Free RN Distance’ Running Shoe |I absolutely love this shoe! I was looking for a new running shoe/ work out shoe, and I originally wanted a neon color, but I saw this, and tried it on and fell in love. It’s really clean looking, and the splatter print gray is chic, but not over the top. The shoe itself is super lightweight and comfy!

Lush Stripe T-Shirt Dress available at #Nordstrom:

Lush Striped T-Shirt Dress | A year ago, I bought to colors of the Lush t-shirt dress, and I wear them nonstop, weather permitting. T-Shirt dresses are so comfortable, and so easy to throw on and accessorize. I ended up getting this dress in wine and olive because I know I’ll wear them a TON, especially while adjusting to the humidity of the east coast. This style also comes in a cream with black stripes and black with white stripes!

Lush Deep-V Neck Tee available at #Nordstrom:

Lush Deep-V Neck Tee | I bought this top in every color except orange (insert see no evil emoji). I know it’s not great to buy the same thing in every color, but I feel like this tee is so comfy, and practical, and easy to layer with. Also, I feel like it’d be extreme to buy every color of Tory boots or every color of a Kate Spade handbag, I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to buy multiples of basics!

Lush Strappy Long Sleeve Woven Blouse available at #Nordstrom:

Lush Strappy Long Sleeve Woven Blouse | This blouse is so comfortable, flowy, and looks put together without trying too hard. I bought it in the Cabernet color, rather than black, ad trust me, it’s much cuter in person (the pictures don’t really do it justice). I imagine the Cabernet color will be great for fall!

STS Blue Double Button Skinny Jeans available at #Nordstrom:

STS Blue Double Button Black Skinny Jeans | I love a good pair of black skinny jeans. I think black jeans are kind of a must. I bought a pair of 7 for all mankind black jeans on sale when I started college, and by senior year, they were basically gray I’d worn them so much. This pair is under $60, fit like a glove, and are super soft. I was sold!

Product Image, click to zoom

Love on a Hanger Thermal | I bought this in blue, gray, and black because it is so so soft, and will be great for layering. It also looks super cute with a bralette under it! This top is under $30!! and is the perfect knockoff version of this Free People thermal.

Barbour 'Millfire' Hooded Quilted Jacket available at #Nordstrom:

Barbour ‘Millfire’ Hooded Quilted Jacket | This jacket was styled by Julia of Gal Meets Glam last year, and I fell in love with it! I thought it was so chic, and comfortable, and of great quality. I also am a sucker for anything blush. However, the blush sold out yesterday in almost every size, and then completely by this morning. It’s an investment, so I slept on it, to make sure I really wanted it. However, I was bummed to see the blush was gone. It was still available in navy, though, and I think for me, navy is a bit more practical. The blush is beautiful, but I think I’d struggle to continue styling it. With my first east coast winter coming, having a nice coat I can just throw on that’ll go with a lot is preferred, so I snagged it in navy!

Okay, so that sums up what I got from the sale! I also purchased some other items, not part of the sale and some stuff from Nordstrom Rack, but I will probably share that stuff in a separate post!

Here are the items I think are lovely, but will likely wait on!

Tory Burch 'Ashlynn' Riding Boot (Women) (Nordstrom Exclusive) available at #Nordstrom:

Tory Burch  ‘Ashlynn’ Riding Boot | Like I said, I snagged my Tory boots in the sale two years ago, and still love them. If you don’t have Tory boots, or need a new pair, this is the time to buy!

Louise et Cie 'Jayde' Mary Jane Block Heel Pump (Women) (Nordstrom Exclusive) available at #Nordstrom:

Louise et Cie ‘Jayde’ Mary Jane Block Heel Pump | I love a chunky heel, and this is such a cute heel! I think these would be great with a little black dress, skinny jeans and a pretty blouse, or with a nice dress that has Cabernet touches.

Vince Camuto 'Katleen' Peep Toe Bootie (Women) (Nordstrom Exclusive) available at #Nordstrom:

Vince Camuto ‘Katleen’ Peep Toe Bootie | I love the cut out booties that are taking over fall fashion, and I saw someone trying this pair on yesterday, and they are so cute! Chic, comfortable, and classic. I think these would be the perfect fall bootie. I also think they’re a great way to dress up a somewhat plain outfit.

Product Image, click to zoom

PJ Salvage Print Jersey PJs | I think something that can immediately make a woman feel more grown up is a good pj set. I am a sucker for cute pjs. This set is so cute, and part of the sale. They are SO soft, and would likely be great for a good night’s sleep.

Product Image, click to zoom

Tory Burch Pebbled Leather Tote | This tote comes in black and a sand color. I’m a firm believer in a good tote bag, and I think this is a great, sturdy option for a classic tote that will last years! Definitely a great bang for your buck!

The Sale has SO many great deals, these are just my personal favorite finds. I would reccomend checking out the sale as soon as possible, as a lot of merchandise goes quickly. The sale is in its early access stage, which is exclusively for Nordstrom cardholders. To sign up for a card and to gain early access click here, you can either choose debit or credit, and then get to shopping.  Otherwise, you can wait until July 22nd for the public sale! All prices go back up on August 8th, so don’t miss a chance to snag some really great fall items!

What items do you like or have already gotten?

Callie leigh

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014

Hello, World.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 2014 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which means that tons of amazing brands are currently on sale! Yesterday I went shopping at Nordstrom to get some new ballet flats for work, and I was blown away by all the amazing prices on big ticket items. You should definitely check out the sale! If you are going to do some shopping, make sure you move fast. Items go super quickly, like the Tory Burch riding ‘Eloise’ boots that sold out on the very first day. Despite that great deal being gone, there are plenty of other items that are equally amazing being offered until August 3rd! Here are a few of my favorites:
Rag & Bone boyfriend jeans
Halogen Suiting Pants (many colors)
North Face Quarter Zip Pullover
Tory Burch Fragrance Set
Lush V-Neck Dress
Michael Kors Watch  
MARC by MARC JACOBS handbag 
Kate Spade iPhone Case
Clarisonic Oasis Collection
Frye Riding Bootie
Kate Spade Initial Necklace 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is great for buying some back to school clothes, work attire for a new job, staple fall clothing at a better price, or investment shoes and handbags. I’m a huge fan of this sale because you can get really quality items for prices that only come around once or twice a year. There are so many great brands that will last you a long time. So, head over to your Nordstrom store or hit the website to see all the great offers! Sale ends August 3rd.

Callie Leigh