Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Hello, World.

With Mother’s Day next weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I don’t know about your mom, but my mom is one of the most difficult people to shop for, but also one of my favorite. She hardly ever buys things for herself, so I love being able to buy her something I know she wants, but she’s also hard because if you try to get ideas about what to get, she says, “well, I don’t know. You’re not getting me a gift, are you? You don’t need to do that.” I love shopping for her, though, because we have pretty similar taste, and I know what she likes, so I usually get super ridiculously excited about what I get her. My sister and I are both terrible at keeping secrets, especially from our mother. We almost always end up giving our mom her gifts early, or as soon as we sit down for mother’s day brunch. Last year was my first year away from home, but I drove home to see my mom for the weekend of Mother’s Day because I really missed her, and I wanted to surprise her. This year will be the first year I don’t get to see my mom on Mother’s Day. I’m super bummed about it, but I plan on sending my love in various ways (a phone call or text can go a long way). Anyway, I love my mom so much. She’s helped shape who I am today, and she is always there for me. Growing up, my mom always made sure that I had everything I needed, and inspired me to accomplish everything I wanted to in life. I’m so thankful everyday for the relationship I have with her, and I hope to show my appreciation this year with something awesome!
1. Kate Spade bow bangle |Β This bracelet is super simple, but utterly adorable. My mom is a jewelry fan, and she usually loves gold anything, especially if it is dainty and feminine with a touch of hippie.

2. Kate Spade Earrings |Β A classic pair of earrings is a great option for mothers. Earrings are dainty, but polished, and show you care!

3. A bright, fun baseball cap like this one from Vineyard Vines | With summer coming up, you may want to get your mama a baseball cap or a sun hat of some kind. Spending time in the sun is great, but you also want to make sure you are protecting your mom’s skin from cancer! My mom has beautiful skin, and looks amazing for her age, but that doesn’t mean she ignores skincare. My mom always highlights the importance of taking care of your skin, so I guess she kind of made an impression about it on me!

4. A great hand cream | Speaking of skin, moisturizing skin is also super important, and in the summer it’s great to have a good hand cream so you can make sure your hands stay soft, and don’t crack from the heat. Where I am from, 110 degrees is a common figure in the summer, so I am constantly applying lotions to make sure my skin stays healthy.

5. A portable iPhone charger | Never want a low battery on your phone, especially if you’re away at school and want to make sure you can get ahold of your mom no matter what. By investing in a portable iPhone charger, you’ll ensure that her phone stays charged always!

6. A nice pair of pajamas | My mom is always complaining that she doesn’t have a great pair of pajamas that fit well, breathe, and also have maximum comfort. This pair of pajamas is nice and light, comfortable, and is a great pair for her to take to our cabin, where it gets a little chilly at night even in the summertime.

7. Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume | Smelling summery can make summer more enjoyable. Perfume is something easy to give moms, but that they will also love. This scent is so delicious, so you know your mom will love it.

8. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette | My mom is a makeup queen. I’m so lucky that she taught me how to do my makeup well when I was younger, and that she didn’t let me do anything too ridiculous. She’s more of a neutral eyeshadow person, so this palette would be perfect.

9. Picture collage of you [and your sibling] | My mom adores homemade gifts, and I know other moms do too. One year, my sister and I make a picture book of each of us through the years. My mom cried when she opened it, and thanked us for doing something so personal and time-consuming. If time allows, this is a great way to show how much you care, while also compiling memories.

10. A calm, but springy lip color | Like I said, my mom loves her makeup. I’ve spent many many hours in Sephora as my mom searches for the perfect makeup. Something she always struggles to find, though, is a lip color she likes. She usually likes what I pick, so finding a fun new color for summer is a great gift!

11. Initial necklaces | This necklace is such a great gift. I’m so tempted to buy one for my mom [shhhh, I don’t want her to know that]. These necklaces have the initials of all siblings with a little birthstone for them on top. I know my mom would love this.

12. A simple phone case | I love phone cases. They are such an easy way to give your phone a new look, and yourself a new vibe. I recently invested in a Kate Spade, bright yellow case, and I love it. My mom never really changes cases, but this navy and while polka dot case is so cute!

What do you plan to get your mom?

Callie Leigh