Lilly For Target Haul & Review

Hello, World.

As anyone who loves a spring-y pattern, preppy vibes, and weekends at a Southern resort may know, today was launch of Lilly for Target. The line launched at 3am Eastern Time, and was sold out almost an hour after. I had my top four items in my basket when the site crashed, leaving me frantic and annoyed. I had three awesome shift dresses waiting for me to enjoy, but the site crashing meant I couldn’t get them because they were already gone by the time I checked back on the site. The pants I wanted and a cute blouse weren’t sold out when I checked the site at 4:30 am (after going to sleep at 2:30), so I bought them as quickly as possible. In a frantic attempt to still get the shift dresses, I drove to the Target closest to my school at 8am…and it was totally wiped out. Gone. Done. I was super disappointed, and then I had a thought. My parents live in Northern California, where there is a Target, and a rather low demand for Lilly Pulitzer. So, I called my mom and kindly asked her to check the Chico store for my top three items. When she got there, there were actually items left!! She ended up getting me flip flops, one of my top choices in shift dresses, a second dress, and a floral top. Honestly, I was shocked that that much was even left. SCORE. I thanked my mom a billion times over the phone as she checked out of Target with my merchandise in hand. I guess there really is an upside to going to school away from home: you have access to two different Targets in two totally different locations (and that appeal to different demographics). Thank goodness for the low demand of Lilly in Chico! Anyway, I wanted to share what I got!
Lilly for Target HaulI absolutely love everything I got, and feel so happy to have gotten anything! Everything from the line was adorable, so you couldn’t really go wrong. While I am bummed that I didn’t get two of the dresses I wanted (they were way too popular), I was happy that I got what I did. However, I do feel it’s a little crazy how quickly the line sold out. What I found utterly annoying was not the limited amount of product, or the leaks that happened within Target, but the people buying items!! The people who bought items solely to sell them on Ebay for a 400% markup really frustrated me. The entire point of the Lilly for Target line was to meld classic, amazing fashion with affordable prices. To buy items JUST to put them on Ebay is greedy, selfish, and really against the spirit of Lilly and Target! Honestly, if you see the line on Ebay, don’t be tempted to buy it! For the prices that the people are charging, you could honestly just buy a full-priced Lilly Pulitzer item. Don’t let the greedy people win!

That being said, the Lilly for Target line was great, and I’m so happy for the people who were able to get something. For those who didn’t get your top items, I know it’s a bummer, but hopefully we’ll have another opportunity to get cheaper Lilly in the future! For those who bought the entire store (for their personal use), job well done. The collection was awesome, so thank you to Target and Lilly Pulitzer for this collaboration!

Did you get anything from the Lilly for Target line? What was your experience?

Callie leigh

The Best Decade of Your Life

Hello, World.

Next Friday is my birthday. My 20th birthday. This means I’m leaving those pesky teen years behind, and moving in to what I imagine will be the best decade of my life. It’s a weird transition really, because every young woman entering her twenties says something similar to what I just wrote: “the best decade of my life.” It seems like a lot of pressure to put on a few unpredictable years. If you know me at all, you know I absolutely hate being disappointed or disappointing those I care about. So, instead of demanding my twenties to be the best, I’m going to hope they are, and enjoy whatever comes my way: the good and the bad. It should be an interesting experiment (trying to enjoy all aspects of the decade) since I usually plan and plan and plan. I guess I can still have a plan, but if life throws me a few challenges, I want to make the best of the situation.

So, you know what typically happens on peoples birthday? They receive gifts. Not to sound like some spoiled girl, but I love gifts. I like giving gifts way more than receiving gifts, but alas, I also make a little wish list for my birthday because I can. Note: this wish list took me forever. I’m what I would typically call an investment shopper, and a bit of an investment gift receiver. I really only ask for one or two big items that I can cherish for years. Here’s what I’m asking for this year:

Kate Spade bow earrings | SO cute. I have the bow ring, and I wear it everyday. I love bows, and I adore the bow earrings. So dainty, and so gold!

Jack Rogers sandals | I recently discovered Jack Rogers. Four months ago, I had no idea what they were. But, after following The College Prepster, The Blonde Prep, and BelloftheBall45, I started noticing their popularity. They are so classic, and I like how they seem to go with everything. They’re also the perfect blend of dressy and casual.

Kate Spade Cross Body Bag | With fall coming up, I’m loving anything this beautiful color. Honestly, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale has me so pumped for fall. I adore the rich colors of fall, and I love the bundled looks that accompany the chilly season!

L.L. Bean Boots | So, I feel like these boots get a lot of mixed reviews. Some people think they’re awesome, others think they are completely hideous duck-like things. I’m on team “love it.” I think they’re so cute, especially with a pair of skinny jeans tucked in and a J.Crew camp sock. Perfection.

Burberry Classic Scarf | My friend recently gifted me the black version of this scarf, and it is literally one of the softest things I’ve ever owned. I love the classic color palette of this scarf, and I hope to add it to my wardrobe one day. When I was a freshman in high school my family went to New York, and in lieu of presents, my parents gave us a sum of money to buy gifts for ourselves in NYC. I planned to buy this scarf, but once I got to the city and saw the price tag, I just giggled and moved on. Needless to say, I’d accept this as a gift, but don’t really see myself heading to the next Burberry store I see and purchasing it for myself.

Barnes and Noble & Starbucks Giftcard | Always.

Kate Spade Phone Cover | Kate Spade phone cases are my favorite. They are light weight, always bright, and just all around cheerful!

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda | I love organization, and I love the cute little doodles that fill this agenda. Lilly makes an amazing agenda that’s a great size, has plenty of room, and has a great layout.

Anchor rope bracelet | The KJP line of anchor bracelets is basically perfection as far as preppy, classic jewelry goes. I absolutely love his work! He even made a Blair Waldorf bow bracelet that I’m coveting. This rope bracelet, however, is such a staple!

A 50mm lens for my Canon | I’m really trying to work on my photography skills. I learned during the A Beautiful Mess e-course I took that the trick to great photography isn’t necessarily the camera, it’s more about the lens. Sarah Rhodes, the photographer for ABM recommended this lens for the type of photography I typically do.

Vineyard Vines long sleeved tee | Vineyard Vines is another company I recently discovered, and I’ve loved this tee ever since. It’s absolutely adorable. I need more simple tees in my wardrobe. I don’t have many tees that are not just random t-shirts I’ve acquired over the years. 

These are just items I’d like to obtain one day, but also items I probably wouldn’t just go buy for myself. When’s your birthday?

Callie leigh

Spring Fashion Favorites

Hello, World. 

Spring is officially here, and you know what that means! Spring colors, freshly cut flowers, and reading a great novel poolside. I have some spring items I’m currently coveting so I wanted to share them with you! Something I love about spring is the bright colors and the florals that begin to consume every department store and boutique. I’m typically a navy and black tone girl myself, but sometimes spring makes me like more pink, yellow, and orange tones. Today was super relaxing, and I finally got to enjoy the lovely weather! My roommate and I went for a walk to Starbucks, then hiked up to our school’s cross (we’re a Catholic college), and then went and got some movies and ice cream. It was the first day in a while where I felt spring coming, and enjoyed myself without feeling some level of stress. 


Kate Spade bow ring // Essie Nail Polish: Fiesta // J Crew Shorts // Lilly Pulitzer Phone Case // Jack Rogers sandals // Vineyard Vines Fleece (for chilly nights by the water) // Lilly Pulitzer Dress // KJP anchor bag // Kate Spade sunnies

Now, obviously this is my dream list of spring items, because you know, I’m a college student. Maybe I’ll invest in the nail polish? Anyway, what are you currently craving for spring?  


Callie leigh