Finding Study Inspiration

Hello, World.

As we get further into the semester, it feels like we’re already in the trenches, even though it also feels like we just got drafted. So, I wanted to share my top five tips for getting study inspiration on the days that you aren’t necessarily feeling studying, but have to anyway.

Some days, I am extremely focused from the minute I get up, and other days I just can’t quite dedicate myself as effortlessly (even though I will get the work done). I’m sure I’m not the only person who has “off” days in terms of focus because we aren’t robots. If you do have the constant drive and focus though, props to you!


I was talking about this post with my roommates and used the term “studyspo” and they were both confused. Apparently that’s not used outside of a hashtag, but whatever I’m going to pull a Gretchen Wieners and try to make it happen. So, when you need some study inspiration studyspo, look to the five places I’m going to share with you.

  1. TUMBLR. I follow SO many student tumblrs and they share so many study photos, which immediately makes me want to be productive. Some of my favorite blogs are Lawyering in Lilly, Law School in Lilly, and Study Spaces.
  2. #studyspo. In Instagram, when I need a little inspiration or motivation, I search the hashtag studyspo, and this will usually inspire me after a few minutes of scrolling.
  3. Make a To-Do List. Sometimes my lack of motivation is coming from being unsure where to start because I have a lot on my plate. Making a to do list puts everything visually in front of me, and I can prioritize what I need to get done when.
  4. Get Outside. Feeling restless can sometimes be fixed by listening to yourself, and getting away from your desk for a bit. Whether it’s a walk around the block, a trip to the gym, a fifteen minute meditation, listening to your restlessness, rather than fighting it, can often restore focus.
  5. Make some tea, eat a chocolate, inhale deeply. Some days I have trouble getting focused, and the first four attempts to get focused have failed me already. At this point, I make a cup of my favorite tea, eat a piece of chocolate, and inhale. Then I put my nose to the ground, and pump out an hour of work putting my phone on do not disturb, and forcing everything distracting out.

While the above tips may not seem immediately helpful, I suggest you try them one at a time. Finding focus can be hard, but I promise it’s doable. And if you’re a serious student or Type-A worker, you know that focus isn’t exactly optional. Sometimes we just have to get the work done, whether we want to or not.

What’s your go to method for finding inspiration?


Callie leigh

Sunday Six


Hello, World.

Today is Sunday, which means it’s time to share 6 inspiring things! This week is a busy one for me, but I think finding little pieces of inspiration each day makes stressful times go quicker!

So, let’s get to the inspiration.

First up, Katy Bellotte, of HelloKaty, is keeping a journal while she studies abroad and the whole thing is absolutely stunning! Seriously, if she started selling it, I’d buy it. I wish I had her journal skills! She’s been sharing tidbits on snapchat, but she promises a full YouTube video showing each page soon, and I’m definitely watching!


Second, I adore vintage style. I don’t personally feel I can really pull off the vintage flare, but I recently discovered Madisons McQuary’s blog, which is all about that vintage touch. It’s so cute and totally inspiring!

Third, Farmgirl flowers are seriously incredibly beautiful! I would SO order myself a bouquet of these beauties. In need of a little pick me up and inspiration in your day?

Fourth, wrote an article about American Girl Dolls ranked by betchiness, and it is basically the best thing ever. I had a few dolls when I was little, and I loved them so much. But I think being older and more detached makes me just crack up at this article.

Fifth, I’m loving fall scented candles. About two weeks ago I stopped into Bath & Body Works and picked up a few candles and wallflowers. The scent I’m loving most is Caramel Woods!

Sixth, the Tuckernuck Tartan treatment Thanksgiving outfit idea gallery is giving me some serious style goals and pumpkin pie cravings! Seriously, so many plaid and fall vibes!

Callie leigh


Hello, World!

Fall is, technically, officially here! I’m so excited for the leaves to change, the temperatures to drop, and the warm lattes. Although it’s still pretty warm (mid 70s-low 80s), I’m trying to convince myself it’s going to get colder because I love the cold. I also cannot stress enough how excited I am to actually have distinct seasons. I’m ready for an East Coast fall and some snow come winter! I wanted to share a quick fall outfit, in case it’s actually pretty cold where some of you are! And if it’s not, well, here’s some inspiration and hope that fall comes faster.
Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 10.31.10 AM.png
Vest: J.Crew | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Bag: Kate Spade | Shoes: DSW (only $30!)

Callie Leigh

Apartment Inspiration

Hello, World.

I am SO excited to announce that I recently signed a lease for a townhouse in Williamsburg, VA! Signing the lease made it feel much more real that I’m moving east, and that change is occurring, but I’m so excited! I’m living with two roommates, one from Alabama and one from New York. I met them at admitted students weekend, and they are both super super nice, and we were always be on the same page while we were looking a various places. Anyway, I could not be more excited about living OUT of the residence halls, and I am SO excited to begin decorating my little sanctuary of a room in the new place. After four years of dorm furniture and clutter, I’m going minimalist on the room layout. I want everything white and bright and airy and comfortable! In other words, I want hardly any clunky furniture, a lot of clean lines, and soft textures. So, today I wanted to share a little inspiration board, which is what I’m going for as of now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.20.15 PM.png

As you’ve probably realized, I have a thing for gold, navy and blush together. I love the airy shade of blush, with the pop of glitz that is gold, and navy is classic and a color I never get sick of. I want white furniture, with a cute gallery wall, and candles. The way our townhouse is set up, I have the smallest room, so rather than have my desk in my bedroom, I’m going to commandeer the little loft space we have (my roommates approved) as an office space. In order to keep our place presentable and cute, I am going to do a clean white desk, with hopefully the gold scalloped bulletin board above it, a gold desk lamp, and some fun desk supplies! I also LOVE the idea of doing a padded, patterned chair with it. If I’m going to be a slave to my desk while in law school, I at least want to be comfortable!

In my bedroom, I plan to do the scalloped bed or something similar, with white bedding, colorful throw pillows, and a blanket at the foot of my bed, then I will keep all my books in a white bookcase, along with some nick knack items. I will also need to get a set of drawers because I have so many clothes… and I need to take my whole wardrobe with me since I can’t just run home and swap seasons. So, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to items or rooms styles I want to emulate (it’s called ‘adulting’ because even though I’m an adult, moving into an actual townhouse makes it feel more real).

Shop this inspiration:

Bed: Pb Teen
Pillows: 1, 2, 3
Bookcase: IKEA
Library Card Print: Minted
Scalloped Bulletin: PB Teen
White Desk: Pb Teen
Desk Lamp: Target
Stapler: Kate Spade
Candle: Saks Fifth Avenue
Desk Chair: World Market

A lot of the items I am inspired by are a little expensive, so I’m going to look for cheaper versions, or may DIY some stuff! Regardless, I am so so excited to start looking for decorations and to work with my roommates on the rest of the house! One of my roommates already has some amazing stuff that she’ll be bringing so I think it’s going to be a great place!

Callie leigh

Inspiration Station

Hello, World.

Lately I feel like I need to be inspired on daily basis. Well, I always want to be inspired, but for the past few weeks being inspired to accomplish a lot feels like work. I don’t wake up ready to set the world on fire. Enter Pinterest, otherwise known as the site that inspires and fuels creativity for all users. I love Pinterest, and I continually exit the site feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to tackle a major project. With studying for LSAT, planning my hall decor for my RA position, and reading for school already, I’m feeling like my summer is entering mundane territory. It’s hard to spend all day cooped up in my office working on LSAT prep. While I enjoy the material, the natural world is so much more appealing, especially when I’m often staring at my family’s beautiful backyard (complete with a pool!).

So, I don’t know how your inspiration tank is lately, but feels almost empty, so I thought I’d share some quick little images that are bright, airy, and fun. Just looking at them make me feel happier and lighter. I hope they help you feel a little more inspired today and every day!

8b26e4553580584fee0465e42ebeaedf6c421ef8b167c552451c5faea958723434eb2427a23f4dd9ea5e6637390cc8515daf250f822d01bfd6a0c415f8d374f1d62b30d454da47c7d1b69c7cc2648353a2e6631bce6c2fa83c49abf8be8345d1All images above are from my Pinterest! Right now I’m really into flirty, feminine, clean vibes. Oh, and as always, positive vibes only! The final photo is currently inspiration for how I hope to style my (LAST) dorm room.

Callie leigh

3 Things That Are Inspiring Me

Hello, World.

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut where I’m going through the motions of school, and my social life, and everything else, but I’m totally burnt out and can’t really get inspired. That’s why God created Pinterest, I suppose. Whenever I’m feeling a little down or unhappy or just generally uninspired why what’s going on in my life, I go on Pinterest for about an hour. I look at articles, I look at fitness routines, I look at travel ideas, and I look at recipes and outfits. After a while, I start feeling excited about things again, and I feel like I can accomplish more. I wanted to take a minute to share three of the things inspiring me today!
813e2f9e9326c3d88c653c0b2f718946This room! Something about white bedding, comfy throws, and black and white images feels so cozy! I love the look of this room, and would love to create something similar when I finally move into an apartment one day. I think there is something classy and fresh about all white bedding. It seems scary because its, you know, white, but it just looks so beautiful!
stay focused and extra sparkleyThis saying is seriously so inspiring! It seems so simple, and yet indicates so much about how I want to live my life. I want to attain my goals, and I want to be successful, and I feel like the sentiment that you should stay focused on those goals, but still be glamorous and happy and upbeat is really important!
1a6ce2279ce8e10e6bb681e126109147This outfit is so inspiring to me right now. There is such an effortless quality to this look, but it also has to classy and feminine touches I like. I also appreciate the green chord pants. They’re so perfect with their classic, preppy vibe. I also love the hair style. I told my sister last time I was home that she needs to teach me how to do my hair in more styles. I’m kind of incompetent when it comes to doing my hair. I have roughly three styles, but past that I’m totally incapable. Also, that is my dream handbag!

What’s currently inspiring you?

Callie leigh