Why Getting to Know Professors in College Matters

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Today I wanted to share my thoughts about an aspect of college life that is often treated as… well, not a priority: Professors. A lot of students seem to forget that the person standing at the front of the room is not only a professor, but also a mentor, reference, advisor, and, most importantly, a person. Professors love when you take time to get to know them, and getting to know them is highly important while you’re in college. I go to a college where the faculty to student ratio is 13:1, so I have an easier time getting to know my professors than students at colleges or universities where the ratio is 25:1. (Admissions tip: while looking at colleges, make sure you look at this ratio and consider if you want to be a person or a number).


I know it can be difficult to get to know professors when in school because you have extracurricular activities to go to, friends to hangout with, family members calling to talk, and sleep to catch up on, but know that college is ultimately about education. All of the things in your life are important, but a major part of succeeding in a class is the professor. If you know the professor well, you’re more likely to admit when you don’t understand something or when you need help studying for an exam or while writing a paper. In light of this, I wanted to offer some tips about how to get to know professors!

First, make a point to participate in class. By speaking up, your professor will know you care, that you are paying attention, and they will remember your name more easily.

Second, ask questions. While constantly spewing information is great, asking thoughtful or challenging questions will show your professor you are engaged, and have a desire to learn more about the subject material.

Third, go to office hours! I can seriously not stress this enough. In my experience, professors are much more laid back in office hours, and are willing to really talk with your about the class or just about life if necessary. Also, by going to see your professor on your own time, instead of going on a coffee run with friends, they will see that you really want to learn from them. This is another way of getting them to remember not only your name, but also who you are as a person and a student.

Fourth, ask them about themselves. Find out where they went to school, what their experience in college was, or how they feel about the subject matter you are studying. Asking about them opens them up a little, and allows for a greater bond to grow than just “I’m your professor, and I will teach you about the literature produced during the Renaissance.”

Lastly, read some of their work. Almost all professors, unless they are new, have published something about what they teach. If you’re interested in the material they are teaching, and want to know what they think about it, read up on them. Reading their work will also show you how successful they are outside of the classroom. Also, a lot of professors write about things that may not be in the curriculum of the class, but is still super interesting!

So, get to know your professors! If you plan to go to graduate school or get a job after college, professors are great recommenders. You do not want to get to the final stage of college, and realize you aren’t close enough to any professor to ask him or her for a letter of recommendation. Also, the experience of college is simply superior if you have good relationships with professors because you will get way more out of your classes. Professors are seasoned veterans in whatever field of study you pursue, and they are at your disposal, so take full advantage!

How do you get to know your professors?

Callie leigh


Hello, World.

            Through the years I have continually gotten questions about how I do my makeup, whether or not I wear fake eyelashes, and told that my makeup always looks nice. So, in honor of all the questions I’ve received about how I do my makeup, I’ve decided to give an explanation, and share what products I use! So, I use eleven products every single day, no matter how I end up doing my eye makeup. It may seem like a lot, but amount is key, and once you invest in the ten products, they should last a long time if you don’t overuse them.


1)   Urban Decay Naked Palate: I use this palate daily. It has so many great colors, and since I have green eyes, the brown tones look great with my eye color. I’m also on the fair side as far as skin tone, so the shades aren’t too dark for my skin, and they’re not too colorful. I’ve had this palate for almost a year, and the colors I use the most frequently are Virgin, Sin, Half Baked, Smog, Dark Horse, and Toasted. I use Dark Horse or Toasted in my crease, then use a mix of a darker shadow in the corner to blend the bottom part of my eye with my crease, then apply Smog or Toasted all over, then add a bit of Half Baked to the first half of my eye to add a little highlight to the inner part of my eye. Once this portion of my eye is complete, I use my all over base to highlight the area between the crease of my eye and my eyebrow. Tip: clean eye brush regularly so that when you change eye shadow color the new color not tainted by the previous color. Also, cleaning brushes kills bacteria.

2)   Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder (fair): This is face powder I use. I have tried numerous cover-ups over the years, including Mac, Mary Kay, Sheercover, Mally, liquids, powder, liquids that dry as powder etc. My mom is a makeup nut, and she goes through makeup like crazy, insisting you have to try everything before you really know which is the best fit for your skin. I love the Smashbox power because it is light, stays on all day, and is the perfect tone for my skin, not too dark, not too light.

3)   Mac Pinch Me Blush: This product is fantastic as blush. It’s not too pinky, but if I accidently apply a little too much, and it looks pinker than I want, then I usually swipe a little of the Smashbox powder over it to tone down the pinkness. I don’t believe this particular color is available anymore, but I would say any of the Mac blushes that have a lot of pink would be similar. When I apply my blush, I smile a little bit, and apply the blush directly to my cheekbone, and up near the edge of my eye so that it looks more natural than just a line of blush from nose to earlobe.

4)   Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube: So, for this product there are two choices depending on what look I am going for. If I want a little more shimmer, I use the Sin version of the primer (gold tube), but if I want a really light, natural look I use the original (purple tube). This stuff is seriously magic. It keeps my shadow in place all day, without smudging. Using a primer also allows for the shadows to show up a little darker while using less, so you won’t have to keep buying shadows because they will not be running out as quickly.

5)   Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black: This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used. My eyelashes are fairly long naturally, but this mascara makes it so that I can use less mascara and get my eyelashes really long, and they do not clump. If you want your eyelashes to look really long, or maybe a little longer, I would recommend in picking this mascara up on your next visit to Sephora.

6)   Benefit Fake Up Concealer: I am cursed with extremely dark circles under my eyes, and it’s very hard for me to find a concealer that covers them without it being super thick. This new concealer by Benefit is light, and has a bit of collagen so that your eyes look awake. I just bought it recently on a trip to San Francisco, and I’ve used it everyday since. I’ve found it works best if you use a foundation brush or concealer brush to apply versus just using your finger.

7)   Mac Shroom Eyeshadow: I use this after I put on my primer, as an all over eye shadow. As I said in the primer section, primers really make your shadow stick and make them a little darker. So, I use this color (or the Virgin or Sin in the Urban Decay Palate if you want to just buy the palate) as a way of putting a light layer between the primer and my darker shadows so the darker shadows aren’t too dark, but it also keeps the primer there so the darker shadows still show up in the shade I want.

8)   Tarte Black EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay eyeliner: This is a liquid liner that is applied with a brush, and then dries to look more like pencil eyeliner. It is magic. I’ve tried many eyeliners, and I’ve found this is the system that works best for me. I like the easy application of liquid liners, but like the look of pencil liners, which is why this is the best option for me. I like a smaller line of eyeliner so I use the thinner end of the brush that comes with this liner, and I take a finger and pull my lid tight so it’s a bit elongated so that I have a straight line to apply liner to (a trick I learned from my sister when I first started wearing makeup, and this works for any kind of liner).

So, those are the products I use, and how I use them everyday. I also use three other products to maintain my skin, and those are the following:


1)   Philosophy Release Me Makeup Remover: I used to use Mally makeup remover only, but then when I was going to college, I didn’t want to have to order my remover every time I needed it, so instead I switched to the Philosophy remover that is available at Sephora and Nordstrom (and anywhere that sells Philosophy products). It’s great because it isn’t too oily, and it always gets ALL my makeup off. However, I’m a little crazy when it comes to oil, and so usually I take my makeup off after washing my face, then take a fresh cotton ball and wet it with water, then go over my eyes with the wet cotton ball.  

2)   L’Occitane en Provence Angelica Cleansing Gel: I love this cleanser! I used to only use cleansers that were creamy, but this gel is light, has a nice scent, and keeps my skin soft and blemish-less. I used to use the moisturizer also, and do occasionally, but I’ve switched over to my next item.

3)   Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: I’ve never had overly dry skin, but sometimes I just want an extra shine, and a little extra moisture. This sorbet is a great moisturizer, and it keeps my skin super moist. It also has a great scent, and is an all natural product so it is great for your skin!

Skincare is different for everyone, but those are the products I use to maintain my skin. I hope this answers the questions about how I do my makeup or just gives a little advice on which products work great for natural looks!


Callie Leigh