Dream Dressing Room with Arhaus

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As much as I love makeup and fashion, sometimes in the midst of studying law and trying to have a life, it’s hard to feel inspired when getting ready in the morning. Sometimes I think about what I want my future home to be like (it includes an in-home library complete with one of those rotating ladders). Recently, I’ve been thinking it’d be great to have a really nice space for organizing my clothes and accessories. I want a room that’s the perfect blend of comfort and glam that makes me excited about getting ready for work each morning or for evening functions. I mean, who can really resist a little glam room?

Even now, having roommates, whenever we get ready for a function (law prom, fall formal or a night out), my friends and I hangout in each other’s rooms, asking if our dresses look okay, whether the lipstick we want to want to wear is too much, or laughing over champagne about how complicated getting ready can be! Therefore, when I think of the perfect dressing room, I think of a space where my friends can hangout with me while I get ready, laughing and listening to a great playlist.

I recently discovered Arhaus, a company that offers amazing pieces for your home that are the perfect blend of trendy, classic, and comfortable. A major plus? They work hard to be sustainable, using recycled natural resources. One of the things I love about Arhaus is the mixture of unexpected elements. Recycled wooden tables blend perfectly with velvety tufted chairs that look like something from a Jane Austen novel.

Today I’m sharing my mood board of what I would include in my perfect, dream dressing room! This post features Arhaus pieces that I think would make a dressing room comfortable and practical. Now, I definitely have a fairly large dressing room in mind in planning my perfect room. I’m picturing this room as a full room closet. I mean, if you’re going to dream up the perfect room why not dream extra big? Arhaus Paint in Wind (4).png

1 – Arhaus Paint in Wind | 2 – Leyland 22 Light Chandelier | 3 – Acadia Tray | 4 – Small 2 Drawer Bombay Chest | 5 – Fiona Cushion 40″ Upholstered Tufted Chair | 6 – Malou Basket | 7 – Evelyn Mirror | 8 – Petrified Accent Table | 9 – Lena 40″ Upholstered Chair | 10 – Coastal Blue Paisley Square Pillow | 11 – Nori Rug | 12 – Fulton 26″ Upholstered Ottoman 

I love gray hues and bright spaces, so I would begin my dream dressing room with a light gray paint. Gray is a little softer than white and I think it grounds a space a bit without feeling heavy. If you’re going to be spending time in a space with the purpose of trying on clothes and getting all glammed up, I think a great light fixture is a must have! This Arhaus chandelier has an old-world feel and I love the gold finish. I personally believe gold makes most thinks look even more luxurious. Check out even more lighting options here.

I have a lot of jewelry and accessories, but sometimes its hard to keep track of it all. How do you display jewelry without it feeling like clutter? Well, on my favorite display methods if by having a tray on top of your dresser for your favorite small pieces. I would have a gold tray in my dressing room that has some fresh blooms (I adore fresh flowers in the house), and my favorite perfume and lipstick. I’m also obsessed with turning vintage teacup saucers into displays. So, I would get a cute saucer, and use it as a catch-all for my favorite pieces (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watch).

No dressing room is complete without clothing, so of course I’d have a chest! I love the French country vibes that this Arhaus chest gives me. White furniture is my favorite, but I love the small scallop detailing of this chest. While traditional dressers and chests are great, I like slightly more creative storage methods. Therefore, I’d add the Arhaus basket to house hats or blankets or even scarves (if they’re folded and stacked).

A full length mirror is essential when getting ready. You never know how an outfit looks all together until you see it in a mirror. The Arhaus mirror has a great stand that makes it the perfect finish for the corner of my room.

As I discussed, I enjoy having friends hangout while we’re getting ready for events, so I wanted to incorporate a seating area in the room. While couches are great, I think chairs are better. When I saw the pink velvet chair, I squealed. This piece is exactly the kind of chair I would love to have in my house someday. When I saw the pattern of the Lena chair, I knew it would complement the pink chair perfectly. I like the feel of having statement chairs and then toning them down with rich, neutral accents. A neutral accent that drew my attention is the petrified wood table, which is small enough to sit between the chairs, but big enough for morning coffee or evening wine glasses. I also knew I wanted a foot stool in the room, in case my guests or I wanted to lounge a little more. The Fulton ottoman is perfect because it mixes clean whites with deep wood tones.

To bring in some blue from the Lena chair, I think the paisley accent pillow is perfect to sit on the Fiona chair. I also imagine my space to have hardwood floors, so the Nori Rug would add texture and pattern to the room! I adore that the rug has an already worn feel, which would go so great with the other pieces in the room. I prefer my spaces to felt lived in!

I think all of the pieces discussed above would create a beautiful dream dressing room! It’d be the glam rooms of glam rooms! I feel inspired just looking at this virtual mood board! While I was picking my items, my dad leaned over and asked what I was doing. I explained, and he asked if there is a store nearby. There is a room in my parent’s house we’ve been unhappy with for a little while, and I’m confident they can find some great pieces at Arhaus!

What are your dream dressing room must haves?

Callie leigh

Apartment Tour

Hello, World.

Today I am so so excited to share my apartment! For the record, it’s a townhouse so it will probably seem bigger than a regular apartment! We are living in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. It’s massive compared to what I’m used to! A lot of what you see below is inspired by Pinterest and my own personal style. I love love love how the place looks, and it feels great to come home to. IMG_3332IMG_3337IMG_3343IMG_3333IMG_3334IMG_3335IMG_3336IMG_3341IMG_3342IMG_3344IMG_3345IMG_3346IMG_3348IMG_3349IMG_3350IMG_3351IMG_3352

BedroomDuvet Cover : PB Teen \ Quilt at End of Bed : PB Teen, Bed : Overstock \ Pink Shams: PB Teen \ Pearl Pillow : LC Lauren Conrad \ Coral Design Pillow : Homegoods\ Gold Pillow : Homegoods \ Faux Fur Pillow : Cost Plus World Market \ White Sheets : Homegoods \ Gold Spoke 3-Piece set : Target, similar \ Flower Ceramic Wall Piece : Target \ Gold Clock : Target \ Antler Wall Hanging : Target \ Bloggers Gonna Blog Print : Etsy \ Reading is Cool Print : Etsy \ New Yorker Library Card Print : Minted \ Glasses Print : Minted \ Flower Watercolor Print : Minted \ Gilmore Girls Quotes Print : Etsy \ Flamingo Print: Etsy \ Always be Humble and Kind Print : Etsy \ Dress like Jackie, Act like Audrey, Party like Gatsby Print: Etsy \ Girl with Peonies Print : Etsy \ Always Sisters, Forever Friends custom print : Gifted, Etsy \ I like big cups and I cannot lie stitching : gift from friend \ Nightstand : Joss and Main \ Candle : Homegoods \ Lamp and Shade : Target \ Dresser : Wayfair \ Gold Tray on Dresser : World Market \ Necklace Holder : Target \ Plate for Rings : Homegoods \ Mirror : Target \ Perfume : Juicy Couture, Victoria’s Secret \ Candle on Tray : World Market \ Make up Table & Stool : Homegoods


Desk AreaDesk : IKEA \ Chair : Homegoods \ Lamp : Target \ Pinboard : PB Teen \ File Organizer : Target \ 3-set Pins, Clips, Paper Clips : Target \ Stapler : Target \ Tape Dispenser : Target \ “Let’s do this” notepad : Rifle Paper Company \ Simplified Planner : Emily Ley Simplified Planner


I’m sure that we will add or alter things as we go, but for now this is home and it definitely feels amazing to have a “home” that isn’t a residence hall. Having the separation between school and home is so great. *The link function is not working right now, but if you need help finding something I have featured, let me know and I’ll send you the link!

I am so pleased this is home and I love it here! I’m getting used to Williamsburg, but so far it’s been fun, eventful, and feels very much like home!

Callie leigh

Apartment Decorating on a Budget

Hello, World.

I’m having so much fun piecing together the design plan for my first place that’s all mine (plus my roommates!). I’m so excited to decorate a room with my own furniture, and my own vibe, and have it be a sanctuary that I can escape to after a long day of law school. As I got quite a bit of money from various people following graduation, and I decided the adult thing to do is to put all the money toward purchasing stuff for my place, as well as my textbooks and other important things. This is adulting at its finest. *wink wink* Anyway, as I’ve been looking, I realized that finding great deals can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know where to start, but I’m here to round up my favorite places for high quality decor that don’t break the bank.

Apartment Decorating on a Budget.png

Joss & Main: I heard about this store from a few people, and after browsing around Pinterest, it seemed to come up frequently as popular pick. So, I looked through the website, and while large items were still a bit out of my price range, I did appreciate the other decor, especially their throw pillows. I plan to purchase their pillows for my bed, and a lot of their knickknack items will likely find their way onto my nightstand. I think if you’re on a budget, but can afford to spend a bit more, this is a great home decor option!

Wayfair: I sister store to Joss & Main, Wayfair is a hugely popular brand for getting great style for less. I first heard about Wayfair when I fell in love with the looks on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and found out that Joanna Gaines often uses Wayfair for her home decor. I plan to get a lot of my furniture from Wayfair, and I also love their pillows, wall decor. If you want great looking pieces, AND free shipping, Wayfair is a great option.

Overstock: I don’t typically go to Overstock, but they carry so much stuff, and I actually found an awesome bed from here that I’m getting for my room. I think Overstock is the place to check if you get inspired by something, but it’s pretty steep in price. The bed I found was actually cheaper than any beds I liked on Joss & Main and Wayfair (that were in my price range). Therefore, I think Overstock is a great plac to check if you’re having trouble finding a piece you like for a reasonable price. I usually find a piece I’m inspired by, and try to find a similar piece for less.

PB Teen: Though advertised as a teen store, I think PB Teen has some really awesome items, especially when it comes to bulletin boards and other wall hangings. I also think if you like Pottery Barn furniture, but it’s too much money, you can often find similar items on the Teen store’s website for less, and they tend to have some pretty good back to school sales!

World Market: Cost Plus World Market is one of my favorite home decorating stores. They have such great stuff, and the vibe often ranges from tailored and coastal to bohemian. I love World Market for all kitchen ware, and I also think their furniture is amazing. Their velvet couches are to die for. I also love their dining chairs, but I usually use them as desk chairs. I’d highly recommend scouting World Market or sales, and would definitely recommend getting dishes and mugs from there!

So those are my go to stores for stylish living on a budget! Are there any you’ve found that I didn’t list? I’d love to hear from you, as trying to furnish a place is quite a feat!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 4.37.37 PM.png


Apartment Desk/ Office Inspiration

Hello, World!

In my senior year room, my desk space was… limited. The set up of my room left my desk shoved in a corner, and my desk chair wedged between my desk and couch. Not comfortable, and not ideal for productivity. So, with my new desk set up, I plan to keep it as airy, open, and uncluttered as possible. I want it light, with not too much visible, and a lot of effected storage. Below are spaces I love as office spaces:


Photo Via


Photo Via


Photo Via


Photo Via

So, what I like about all of the above spaces is that they are concentrated in a single area, with inspirational and feminine touches. Since my work space is a loft style room, I want to concentrate my study space on a single wall, with a bookcase to the side. So, given the above inspiration, my mock up of my study space is:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.09.41 PM.png

The desk is IKEA, and a lot of the touches are either Target, Kate Spade, or World Market. I love the blush touches, and I want to carry the color scheme of my bedroom into my study space. I love the white desk, but I want to replace the knobs with gold knobs to give the desk a higher end feel. I want a study space that is clean, uncluttered, and inspiring. The scalloped pinboard is my favorite, but it’s definitely a splurge piece, so I may have to save for it.

How do you create an effective work space?

Callie leigh

Apartment Inspiration

Hello, World.

I am SO excited to announce that I recently signed a lease for a townhouse in Williamsburg, VA! Signing the lease made it feel much more real that I’m moving east, and that change is occurring, but I’m so excited! I’m living with two roommates, one from Alabama and one from New York. I met them at admitted students weekend, and they are both super super nice, and we were always be on the same page while we were looking a various places. Anyway, I could not be more excited about living OUT of the residence halls, and I am SO excited to begin decorating my little sanctuary of a room in the new place. After four years of dorm furniture and clutter, I’m going minimalist on the room layout. I want everything white and bright and airy and comfortable! In other words, I want hardly any clunky furniture, a lot of clean lines, and soft textures. So, today I wanted to share a little inspiration board, which is what I’m going for as of now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.20.15 PM.png

As you’ve probably realized, I have a thing for gold, navy and blush together. I love the airy shade of blush, with the pop of glitz that is gold, and navy is classic and a color I never get sick of. I want white furniture, with a cute gallery wall, and candles. The way our townhouse is set up, I have the smallest room, so rather than have my desk in my bedroom, I’m going to commandeer the little loft space we have (my roommates approved) as an office space. In order to keep our place presentable and cute, I am going to do a clean white desk, with hopefully the gold scalloped bulletin board above it, a gold desk lamp, and some fun desk supplies! I also LOVE the idea of doing a padded, patterned chair with it. If I’m going to be a slave to my desk while in law school, I at least want to be comfortable!

In my bedroom, I plan to do the scalloped bed or something similar, with white bedding, colorful throw pillows, and a blanket at the foot of my bed, then I will keep all my books in a white bookcase, along with some nick knack items. I will also need to get a set of drawers because I have so many clothes… and I need to take my whole wardrobe with me since I can’t just run home and swap seasons. So, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to items or rooms styles I want to emulate (it’s called ‘adulting’ because even though I’m an adult, moving into an actual townhouse makes it feel more real).

Shop this inspiration:

Bed: Pb Teen
Pillows: 1, 2, 3
Bookcase: IKEA
Library Card Print: Minted
Scalloped Bulletin: PB Teen
White Desk: Pb Teen
Desk Lamp: Target
Stapler: Kate Spade
Candle: Saks Fifth Avenue
Desk Chair: World Market

A lot of the items I am inspired by are a little expensive, so I’m going to look for cheaper versions, or may DIY some stuff! Regardless, I am so so excited to start looking for decorations and to work with my roommates on the rest of the house! One of my roommates already has some amazing stuff that she’ll be bringing so I think it’s going to be a great place!

Callie leigh

Home Inspiration

Hello, World!

After living in the residence halls for three and a half years, I’m feeling a little antsy. I’m loving my job, but I am also really looking forward to feeling slightly more adult and independent by having an apartment of some kind. Depending on what I end up doing for law school, I will likely either live on campus or live off campus. Regardless, I will have some sort of apartment style housing (with separate rooms for my kitchen, bedroom, and living area…that is insane!) I was recently scrolling through Pinterest, and couldn’t help but totally obsess about how cute some people’s apartments are! Seriously, some people really have a great sense of style that translates super well into their homes! So, without further ado, I wanted to share with you my favorite rooms/greatest inspiration I came across on Pinterest.1b4ebabf13328ba7bcc440ea22a1894c813e2f9e9326c3d88c653c0b2f718946a0709d4c9ed697b3586c209206cd5f85b755e15740d5eaad5e04b47eb1aa09ceb1e4b3a30e381e587adb9ffeb813246fe954341b55816c345c5e912ad7fcc181

all photos via Pinterest

There is something about a gallery wall that I just love, especially in a living room above a beautiful couch! I love the look of layering textures and colors with phrases and other things to create an amazing gallery! I think gallery walls are also a really great way to show your personality in your apartment or home without being totally overpowering.

Something I think is super important in a home is comfort. I love lush fabrics and rooms that just look totally comfortable while also being really pretty. I love super puffy duvet covers and throw pillows and comfortable blankets! The room with a huge black and white print of JFK is perfect. I want to get my favorite print of Audrey Hepburn blown up and framed to put over my bed! I also love a good headboard. The shape of the headboard in the last photo is perfect. I love it! I’m also partial to fabric based headboards rather than wood headboards.

What decor do you think makes a home?

Callie leigh

October Recap

Hello, World.

Today is November 1st. How its already November I’m still trying to understand, but alas, the months are passing and its now the eleventh month of the year. November is one of my favorite months because it has Thanksgiving (food, movies, cider, etc.), my sister’s birthday, and a break from school. But before we start getting into November, I thought I would recap October. October was a big month for me in the sense that it contained midterms, a break, outings with friends, pumpkins, and Halloween. I had a truly fabulous October, and honestly, this October was one of my favorites I’ve had in a few years. So, I’ve compiled a list of my BIG moments from the tenth month of the year, and wanted to share them with all of you lovely people.

1: My family visited, and took me out to a lovely brunch. We also made a trip to the Redwood Grove, which is this beautiful part of campus that is tucked away, but is basically a big patch of grass surrounded by Redwood trees. The weather was beautiful while they visited, and I was really happy to see them after a long time apart.
2: Sushi date with a new friend. I went to sushi with my friend, Andee, who I became good friends with this year. She’s awesome, and its always a good time with her. Also, sushi makes me happy, so there’s that.
3: Midterm week. I kind of despise midterms, but luckily, as an English major, I don’t usually have a lot of midterms. I usually have papers due or take-home tests, or brief in class exams. However, studying for my Biblical Literature class’s midterm was awful. There was so much material, a three-page (single-spaced) study guide, and well, (almost) the whole Bible. But alas, I did well on the exam so the hours of studying paid off. I also got an A on my English paper, so WOO. I’m definitely going to be celebrating tonight.
4: Visiting home. Since I did a post about this, I’m sure most of you know that my trip home was wonderful and relaxing. I love my family so much, and visiting home always grounds me. I visited the rice fields with my dad, hungout with my dog, went to a Halloween party, saw my best friend, and just enjoyed life (and not doing homework). I also changed my hair color and got pedicures with my mamma. Talk about a relaxing, beautification day. Seriously, my mom is the best. And my sister is one of the best hair dressers I know. I always love what she does, and I always know I can trust her with my hair. Sleeping in my queen sized bed was also a highlight of my trip!
5: Coffee dates to relieve some stress. I went to coffee with friends to talk, and just not do work for an hour or so. Sometimes it’s important to take breaks, and not drown myself in schoolwork, which is why coffee dates are a beautiful thing. Besides, I love talking to people about life, literature, struggles, or whatever; so coffee dates ensure that good conversation will occur.
6: Pumpkin patch visit. I did a post about this as well, but I thought I would include it because it was definitely a highlight of my month. I love pumpkins and I love going to a pumpkin patch! Maybe this will become a tradition (although my roommate is studying abroad in London next Fall, so we’ll have to figure out how to accomplish this).
Anyway, I’m going to dinner with friends tonight, and making a pumpkin pie! Enjoy your Friday!
Callie Leigh

Home for (early) Halloween

Hello, World.

This weekend I went home for four days because my school is amazing and gives us a nice little break after midterms. Its a really great chance to recuperate, gather yourself together, and just de-stress for a bit. I was really excited to be going home because I hadn’t seen my dad in over a month and a half, and I hadn’t seen my mom or sister in a while either. Also, there is my best friend, Rossy, who I always miss when I’m gone. She and I have been friends for five years and counting, and we’re those friends that may not be talking every single day, but the minute we hangout again, we’re right there for each other. She’s what I like to call my 2am friend, that friend that I can call at 2am and know, without a doubt, that she will be there in a heartbeat no matter what (2am friend created by Sarah Dessen, like most brilliant things).

Anyway, being home is fabulous because I absolutely love spending time with my family, and it was the first time I was able to hangout with my dad, and just talk to him, in a while. He’s truly one of the best people I know. He always knows what to say, even if he usually ends his statements with, “I don’t know if that helps.” Just so he knows, he usually helps! On another note, my mom gets SUPER into Halloween. Personally, I think Halloween is slowly dying from modern culture. Other than watching scary movies, most people decorate for “harvest,” and most of the costumes are because Halloween “is the one night a girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it.” But hey, that’s just my opinion, whatever floats your boat I suppose.

So, here are some photos of my break at home:


IMG_0294IMG_0292 IMG_0295
I wasn’t lying! My mom gets super into Halloween, and she is a phenomenal decorator. She makes all of her decorations (well, kind of), and I always feel like its definitely fall when I visit home in October. On Saturday night, we went to a Halloween party at my cousin’s house, which was great fun, and I dressed as a raccoon! I will probably post more photos of this outfit on Halloween, considering I loved this costume more than anything I’ve worn in previous years. As I mentioned, I got to see my best friend, Rossy, and visited her while she was working (I also snagged a beautiful pair of boots from the shoe store she works at!!). I ate at T. Bar, the best food place in Chico, in my opinion. If you’re ever in the area, GO THERE. :) My sister, my beautiful lovely talented sister, did my hair while I was home. I wanted to go darker for fall, and she was happy to make that change, and as usual, it turned out great and I love it!
The funny thing that did happen, is my mom put out some of my grandmother’s books as decoration, and I happened to pick up one (probably the bibliophile in me), and it was entitled, “Best English Poems.” I used to play with this book all the time when I was little, and would pretend to be a schoolteacher for imaginary students (yes, I was that kid). BUT, revisiting it the other day, I realized now I actually know, have read, and have researched the poets in this little leather book. I felt, for a moment, that maybe all this stress is actually useful to me, but who knows. Anyway, being home with my family was great. I feel like I spent most of my summer hating Chico, hating being away from school, and hating being away from friends, but having a few days to remember why I love Chico was really nice. I also had a chance to catch up on Vampire Diaries, go on a coffee date with my mom, drive around the rice fields with my dad, and just be me. Not to toot my own horn, but I finally remembered that being me is the best I can be, and its a pretty good thing to be. Anyway, I’m exhausted, and I’ve gone on for more than enough time about how wonderful my loving family is. Enjoy your night, morning, or afternoon (depending on when you read this). And remember, fall is the best time of the year. Everything begins to prepare for a new year, and a new beginning.
Callie Leigh

Feeling Right at Home… Away from Home

Hello, World.

I’ve lived on campus for roughly two and a half weeks now, but since WOW was go, go, go, I’ve only just started feeling really at home again, even though I’m not actually “at home.” Since I did a “Dorm Decor” wish list a few weeks back, I thought it would be fun to share my new home with you all. I’ve recently spent a lot of time reorganizing things, making sure all my belongings have a nice, convenient spot in my room.



ImageThe above photos are a basic overview of the layout of my room, and give you a general idea of how I’ve organize everything! My room this year feels like a hotel in comparison to the closet I lived in last year. I absolutely love my new room, and the layout is so much more open and functional.


Next is my desk. I have quite a few of my most important belongings on my desk this year. I don’t have a bookshelf actually on my desk this time, which I found gives me much more actual desk space for photos, my iHome, and other little nick knacks. I also have things that my close friends from home gave to me, which keeps them close even when I don’t see them.



My best is a beautiful thing for a few reasons. First, I love sleep, especially after days of endless reading, conversing, and testing. Second, under my bed is my “hideaway” zone. This means that under my bed is storage. Here I store all of my laundry stuff, food, DVDs, winter clothing, first-aid kit, etc. I also put my drawers under my bed so I have more room to move around!


The wall next to the built-in vanity is my favorite wall. It holds my SMC pennant, my calendar (without which I would be a lost, blubbering mess), and one of my favorite photos of all time. On this wall you will also find my tea, which is also known as my life’s blood. My [dorm] neighbor, Sasha, gifted me the gorgeous green tea pot, and tea cup for my birthday, so for loose leaf tea I will be utilizing this little gem throughout the year!



My closet is home to my clothing, mug collection, microwave, and scrapbook. A closet’s use is pretty self-explainatory, but in case you were unsure, my clothing can be found here.

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