Get Ready for the Leaves to Change

Hello, World.

I’m starting the process of packing for school, and while it’s rather stressful, I’m finding comfort in the fact that I’m heading back to Fall semester. What does fall semester mean to me? Fall semester is always my absolute favorite. I love everything that is fall. Sure, I might feel differently if I lived where it snows 24/7 or where it is constantly¬†icy and freezing, but going to school in the Bay Area is one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s always a really great temperature for layering, and it never gets ridiculously cold, but it still feels so much like fall, what with the changing leaves and brisk mornings. So, in light of the fact that fall is coming soon, I wanted to share some fall outfits I’m totally in love with.

I LOVE dressing for fall. People actually don’t really like shopping with me in the summertime because I always look for fall pieces. For example, in the past three months I bought a vest, a pair of black skinnies, and a few sweaters. Not exactly the best summertime clothing, but hey, you like what you like. If you want some really great fall style inspiration, I would suggest studying the fashion of Gossip Girl. Blair and Serena do fall like no one else!
I love this red coat. I”m really into coats lately. I think a good coat is the key the a good fall wardrobe. Also, Hunter rain boots are my favorite. I really want to get a pair of the packable Hunters because the seem a little more lightweight than the originals.
Leather jacket with the camel Burberry scarf? Exceptional combination. I love the contrast of the more edgy feel with the classic touch.
I get really weird about mixing a ton of colors. I always feel like I’m overdoing it, but this outfit is so cute and fun! I love the bright but still subdued colors. I also like stacked bangles, I’m hoping to get some bangles soon, but my wrists are kind of small, which makes it hard because I don’t like when bangles fall really really low on my wrist.
Bright accessories can be so powerful. I love the knit sweater with the suede pumps…and that coat? OBSESSED. I also really want to invest in a good chunky crystal necklace in the future.
I’m a huge fan of olive for this fall. I also love it paired with a mostly black outfit. I don’t care what anyone says, black is the most classic color. It’ll never go out of style, and it’s flattering on everyone.
Boot socks are SO great. I love them paired with a simple pair of boots, and I love a good dark wash denim. Also, I’m all about layering a gingham, bright sweater, and puffy vest. There is something so cozy about this outfit, and I feel like it’s effortlessly preppy. Also, a monogrammed scarf? So cute.

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What fall trends are you currently loving?

Callie leigh