Serious Study Tips

Hello, World.

Finals are quickly approaching… YIKES. Finals are the most stressful part of the semester for most people, so I wanted to offer some tips and tricks for surviving and for have the most efficient study sessions. Sure you may have your methods, and if you get the grade you want, then you’re doing well! Some of us (myself included this semester), are struggling to stay motivated. However, regardless of your lack of motivation, finishing the semester with an amazing grade on the final is key! Hard work pays off, so keep working hard, and follow some of my tips to get those As.

serious study tipsWhen studying, track your time. Set goals for when you want something to be finished. Alternate between subjects on an hourly or bi-hourly basis. This will keep you engaged and interested. If you study the same material for too long you may think you have it down, but don’t, or you may start zoning out and not actually studying.

Use your semester worth of notes, and synthesize them according to study guides. Use a colored highlighter you’ve never used before, and read through ALL notes, highlighting information pertinent for aspects of your study guide. Once done, go through and rewrite all of the notes (or type them). Into a comprehensive study packet.

Take study breaks by either refilling your coffee, or going to a quick coffee with a friend. This should give you energy and keep your stress level lower.

Wear glasses instead of contacts when studying. My eyes get super tired if I wear contacts during long, tedious study questions.

Make flashcards of all important information for your finals. Flashcards are always my most effective study method for large, comprehensive exams. Quizzing yourself ensures you have a firm grasp on the material and concepts.

Highlighters should be used in moderation for really, really key concepts. Make sure you’re highlighting really important, pertinent information either in your study guide or your flashcards.

If you’ve fallen behind on the reading, try your best to catch up prior to the final. While textbooks can be dry and boring, the information in them will prove super useful and more fleshed out than just relying on notes.

Write yourself a motivational note and stick it on the inside of your laptop or on your desk. When you’re feeling discouraged, the little reminder will prove helpful.

Stay healthy, and eat protein. Making sure you’re sustaining your energy is one of the easiest ways to ensure better studying.

Stay hydrated by alternating two glasses of water to every one cup of coffee. Failure to drink water will only lessen the efficiency of your studying.

Use your laptop when necessary. Leaving your laptop open in front of you will only cause distractions if you don’t actually need the computer for studying purposes. Print a hard copy to all study guides and study supplements.

Create a soothing study playlist. I tend to create a classical music Pandora station or search study playlists on Spotify. The background noise can be helpful while reviewing material or writing papers!

How do you study best?

Callie leigh