Apartment Desk/ Office Inspiration

Hello, World!

In my senior year room, my desk space was… limited. The set up of my room left my desk shoved in a corner, and my desk chair wedged between my desk and couch. Not comfortable, and not ideal for productivity. So, with my new desk set up, I plan to keep it as airy, open, and uncluttered as possible. I want it light, with not too much visible, and a lot of effected storage. Below are spaces I love as office spaces:


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So, what I like about all of the above spaces is that they are concentrated in a single area, with inspirational and feminine touches. Since my work space is a loft style room, I want to concentrate my study space on a single wall, with a bookcase to the side. So, given the above inspiration, my mock up of my study space is:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.09.41 PM.png

The desk is IKEA, and a lot of the touches are either Target, Kate Spade, or World Market. I love the blush touches, and I want to carry the color scheme of my bedroom into my study space. I love the white desk, but I want to replace the knobs with gold knobs to give the desk a higher end feel. I want a study space that is clean, uncluttered, and inspiring. The scalloped pinboard is my favorite, but it’s definitely a splurge piece, so I may have to save for it.

How do you create an effective work space?

Callie leigh