A Father’s Day Style Upgrade with Bonobos


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Happy Father’s Day! I don’t know about you, but my dad is one of the hardest people to shop for, so finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is getting more difficult with every passing year. This year, my dad mentioned wanting some new clothes (finally) because he’s worn the same pieces for years. One of his favorite tees looks like a dog chewed the neckline because its so worn! My dad used to live in the Bay Area of California, and he always talks about how he took his style much more seriously when he lived there. A common line when reminiscing about those years is “I dressed much better then.” A common outfit? A polo, 501 jeans, or Sperry topsiders. Then he switched over to khakis, an oxford, and those ever faithful Sperry topsiders.

His style over the years really hasn’t changed much! He still wears the same basics, but he jokes that he has multiple wardrobes for various needs. He farms rice, so he has his more farm-appropriate outfits. However, my dad is also a CPA (certified public accountant), so he also wears more sophisticated outfits during certain times of the year. So, in light of my dad wanting some new clothes, I thought it would be fun to put together some outfits for any time of the year. All the pieces shown here (with the exception of the Sperry topsiders are from Bonobos.com, an awesome menswear site that offers clothing for every man that actually fits correctly. The secret to their fit is the curved waistband that conforms to a man’s natural waistline. So, you can easily say goodbye to poor fitting clothing that is either too tight or too boxy! They also offer free shipping both ways so shopping for the men in your life has never been easier. You can get the experience of shopping in a store from the comfort of your home (or college housing or office is your a busy student or working gal)!

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.18.43 AM

Above are my two “summer” or warm weather looks for my dad. I personally think he has a strong sense of style, even if he is a bit picky about what he’ll wear. The outfit on the left is a slightly upgraded version of what he wears now to slightly nicer functions in the summertime. However, I would add a bit more color to his wardrobe. My dad tends to wear a LOT of blues, but I am a fan of green, so I think this green button down is subtle but would add dimension to his wardrobe. I also wanted to honor the clothes of his favorite person fashion period, so I added khakis shorts that have a younger fit. I finished this look with two-tone leather and suede Sperrys, which add a nice touch to this otherwise basic outfit.

The second outfit is what I would call my dad’s “uniform,” but it’s upgraded because the the fit of the shorts is fresh and a bit shorter than his normal short, but not too short. I also think the grey polo is such a classic polo it can be dressed up or down. My dad wears the same belt today that he wore 20 years ago. I think the dark Bonobos belt has a subtle detailing that gives it a little something extra. So, even when my dad is at his most casual, there’s still a pop of style. I also finished this outfit with traditional brown leather Sperrys, which is true to my dad. Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.35.10 AM

As I mentioned, the thing I would do to tweak my dad’s style is add more color. So, knowing he may give me an “are you crazy?” look when I recommend the above button downs, I still think they would look good on him. To the left is a dressed up casual look. A darker wash jean, cuffed with a pink checked button down is something I could see my dad wearing around our town to dinner or happy hour. I would also use the same belt from his uniform look.

To the right is the outfit my dad would wear to slightly more formal events. Nothing we do is ever really formal, and if it is he’d wear a suit. I think this look, however, is perfect for the events he attends regularly. The orange gingham shirt is a pattern he’d wear, but the color adds a pop that is currently missing from his wardrobe. I think a lighter belt would compliment this outfit and add a nice detail. I also wanted to honor my dad’s love of khaki once again, and think he can pull off khaki well, so went with the Jetsetter pant.

I really like the mission of Bonobos, and would love to add a few of their pieces to my dad’s wardrobe! Beside their online store, they also have 30 locations in the US, and they offer personalized shopping experiences where you can enjoy a cold one while trying on their styles! I would recommend you checking them out, and keep them in mind for next Father’s Day or Christmas!

What’s your dad’s style like?


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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hello, World.

As you probably know, Father’s Day is coming up quickly. I wanted to share a quick gift guide to help with any Father’s Day gift needs for people who, like me, wait until the week before to buy gifts. My dad is seriously tough to shop for. He never requests anything, but also doesn’t have anything that he really really wants (except maybe a bag to crush in to use for martinis). Having some kind of gift guide or idea board helps me formulate ideas!
father's day gift guide Tom Ford Sunglasses | Polo | Button Down | Board Shorts | Cologne | Watch | Belt

What’re you getting the father in your life?

Callie leigh

Father’s Day (last minute) Gift Guide

Hello, World. 

As you know, tomorrow is Father’s Day, a day to honor the wonderful fathers or father-figures in your life. I’ve compiled some gift ideas for y’all. I’m sure some people wait until the day before to run out and buy something special, so I tried to include things that are found at your local mall or boutiques! 


socks, watch, loafers, shaving kit (similar), sunglasses, wallet, tie, button down, a good book (that fits whatever dad is interested in)! Happy shopping! 

Callie leigh 

Father’s Day Traditions

Hello, World.

As many of you know, today is Father’s Day, so make sure you give your father (or mother if she’s played both roles) a little extra love today. Since I was a little girl, Father’s Day has been “dad’s day,” which usually entails a large brunch (always eggs benedict because my whole family adores it), golfing or yard work, time in the mountains, some gifts so my sister and I can show our love, and lots of hugs and reminiscing. It’s funny because as a society we have set days where we are supposed to show extra love for the people in our lives, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, whatever, but don’t we love these people just as much any other day? Sure, on these days we give them all of our attention, putting down our phones, stepping away from the computer or TV, and just spending quality time with someone who has helped shape our being, but my philosophy is that we should show people we care each and everyday we see them, or at least when life isn’t completely overwhelming.

Father’s Day, however, has consistently been a day when I can tell my dad, someone who really doesn’t receive praise very well, how much he means to me, how much he’s shaped who I am today, and how amazing and funny he is! My sister and I, while wrapping his presents, started laughing because I said I wasn’t sure what to write on his card, and she replied by simply saying, “oh, it doesn’t matter. You know he’ll read it and nod before going, ‘oh thank you!’ in this really exasperated voice.” I had to laugh because what my sister said was so true. No matter what we write on the card, my dad will just nod and say, “Oh thank you!” Even if we wrote, as my sister said, “your breath smells stinky and so do you.” Although that’s not very loving, so maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Holiday traditions, no matter what holiday, are something I’ve loved since I could understand what they were. There’s something about knowing that for one day you’re going to be with your family, just enjoying each other and realizing the immense love you have in your life. Even if you think your family is crazy, and holidays are basically blurs of laughs, stories, yelling, or crying (or it all), that it’ll all be okay as soon as you sit down to play Taboo or Clue in the evening. At least that’s how it is with my family.

What are your holiday traditions? And don’t forget to give whichever parent has played dad for you some love!


Callie Leigh