Being a Maid of Honor for Family

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With wedding season upon us, I thought it might be interesting to write about being a maid of honor (or bridesmaid) for family! I personally feel holding this role for family is different than doing it for a friend. I was my sister’s maid of honor when she got married in 2015, and it was a very unique experience. I was in fall of my senior year of college 3 hours from home, and let’s just say… it was a busy time. I wanted desperately to “do a good job,” but also was limited because of school and work as an RA. However, the day of the wedding went off without a hitch, and was an absolutely perfect celebration of one of the better loves I’ve seen in real life.

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I have four tips that I think are valuable to making sure you have a successful run as maid of honor or a bridesmaid for family!

  1. Be present. | As I briefly mentioned earlier, I was really nervous when my sister told me her wedding date and asked me to be her maid of honor. Of course I wanted to be there and hold this role. Hell, I’d been excited about it my whole life. But I was really overwhelmed by my own stuff, and I was having trouble remembering that I needed to just be present in the moments leading up to the day. When we met photographers or florists, I tried my best to tune out my own stress, and just focus on my sister.
  2. Let them be mad at you. | Weddings are stressful, and people tend to get mad at people they love most when under stress. So, there’s a very good chance it won’t all be rainbows and smiles leading up to the wedding. But, it’s your job to smile, and allow the bride to be angry or upset or emotional (within reason). I will say that you only need to deal with the bride’s attitude. If other people are being rude, you don’t need to keep a smile up if that’s not you.
  3. Stay positive. | Again, weddings are stressful. So, while everyone freaks out, just stay positive. The day of my sister’s wedding, her groom tore his pants (you know, the ones he was going to get married in) right down the butt. Like imagine a huge, gaping hole where the seem on the butt is supposed to be. Everyone was in pure panic, but you gotta stay positive, and try to see the good or the humor in the crazy situations that will undoubtedly arise.
  4. Remember that this is, likely, one of the biggest days of their life, and they chose you to stand next to (or near) them. At the end of the day, there is a lot of crazy in weddings. There is family drama, weird intricacies that I didn’t know existed, and a LOT of detail. But, in all the chaos there is a moment of calm. It may happen as you’re chowing down on the dinner, or as your walking up to the mic to give your speech, or as the happy couple is heading out the door. In that moment, whenever it comes, you’ll realize that the bride chose to have you by their side for this one day, a day that, quite seriously, opens a new door or begins a new chapter of their life. You get to be there for the transition, and you get to see it happen. That’s a special moment. So, enjoy it!

I will forever cherish my sister’s wedding day. It was absolutely stunning and it felt so special. It was also one of the only weddings I’ve been to as an adult, so I think it felt right that my sister was getting married… and beginning this new life with the perfect guy for her. Being a maid of honor is such an, dare I say, honor. So, remember to be honored!


Callie leigh

DIY: Family Photo Wall

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I just got home from spending the weekend at my family’s cabin. It was such a relaxing time. My sister and her fiance came up for the weekend with their jet ski, and we spent all of yesterday at the beach. Something I wanted to share today, however, is my favorite wall in our cabin: the family photo wall. This wall is above one of our couches in the living room, and is a focal point, as well as a good memory wall. I just love it, and the family chose which pictures to use, then put them up together.
Family Photo Wall DIY
Family Photo Wall DIY bottledcreativity.wordpress.comFamily Photo Wall DIY
This wall was fairly simple to make. To begin, find all photos that you may want to use, and decide if you’re going to leave them in color, or need to convert them to black and white. We had a lot of disposable camera photos in the mix, so I scanned them onto my computer, and then converted them to black and white. There may be a simpler way to do this conversion, but this is the method we used.

Family Photos (enough to fill the wall)
Frames (of different colors, textures, and sizes)
Quote board or other center item
Nails (the smaller, the better: less holes in the walls)

Begin by framing all photos. Once all photos are in frames, begin doing a rough layout of the frames either by laying them on the ground, or by using construction paper cut to each frame size, and taping the construction paper to the wall where the frame will go. Once this is finished, begin putting nails where the frames should go. Rather than haphazardly placing nails in the wall, I suggest measuring out and marking where each nail needs to go, or using the construction paper method. Once all nails are in the wall, begin placing frames. If you used the paper method, once the frame covers the paper, remove the paper. Once all frames are hung, you have your family wall!

Do you have a favorite family project from your house?

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Toxic Relationships: Evaluating and Cleansing Your Life of Negativity

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Something that I think all women in their twenties go through is relationship drama, whether it’s actually significant other drama, or friend drama, or even family drama. ‘Relationship’ means several different things to different people in different contexts. We all feel the stress of losing a friend we thought would be around forever, or the hurt of ending a relationship prematurely. Relationships are hard, but I think your twenties is a great, perhaps a perfect, time to really evaluate any relationships you’re unsure about, and take action. So, I want to have a very open, very honest chat with you about relationships, and how to evaluate them and cleanse your life of any negative energy stemming from those relationships.
toxic relationships
For me, I typically notice that negative energy is coming into my life as a result of a given relationship if I think one of the following three thoughts very consistently while spending time with someone:
1) I love hearing about his or her life, but I feel like they never listen to my life.
2) Wow, that was kind of rude.
3) Do they ever think about anyone but themselves?
Sure, we all get a little self-indulgent, and they say your twenties is when you should embrace selfishness and do things for you, but there is a reasonable limit. If you’re going to talk about yourself for 3 hours, make sure you offer three hours of listening time to your listener.

Another aspect of evaluating if a friendship or relationship is adding negativity to your life is by considering your response to requests to spend time together. If the following three thoughts enter your mind when that person calls or texts you, evaluate why:
1) Oh, god…Can I think of a valid excuse?
2) I really don’t want to spend time with them today.
3) Ensue the constant panicking of having to mentally prepare to be with them.
There is likely a reason for you reservations and hesitations in hanging out with the person, but it’s up to you to really pin down what that is. Personally, my reservations usually lie with one of the thoughts I have consistently when hanging out with them. Finding your rationale will help figure out if your problems are fixable, or if distance is the best thing for both of you.

Are you holding up your end of the relationship?
This may sound like kind of a weird question, but if I really feel like a friendship isn’t really adding anything positive or fulfilling to my life, I tend to pull back my input from the relationship. I may not respond to texts or calls as frequently, I may say I’m too busy more often, and I may be kind of absentminded when handing out with them. I’m not saying any of the responses I just listed are right or mature, it is just how I handle distancing myself from friendships. I’m currently working on being more straightforward, and saying no if I feel like I’m going to be a crappy friend while with him or her.

If you’re feeling belittled, disrespected, or unheard by a friend, that’s usually a good time to evaluate the friendship. Personally, I need more affirmations from my friends than I originally thought. If a friend is constantly putting me down passive-aggressively or just plain aggressively, I pull back immediately. I really don’t like being put down, and I do my absolute best to never put down my friends. If I do say something rude, I fully expect my friends to call me out so I can apologize.

I think an important part of evaluating a friendship is recognizing where you and the person both are. I was speaking with a girl from my college earlier this week, and she said something like, “I know where she is, and I respect that, it’s just a very different place than where I currently am, so I think not being friends may be best.” I thought that was a really mature, and accurate statement. If you and your significant other, friend, or family member are at two vastly different points in your life, making a relationship work flawlessly is basically impossible. I’m not saying that you two live in different places, or that you can’t communicate, I’m simply saying that if two people are at two different maturity levels, feel differently about fundamental values, or communicate very very differently, sometimes it is better to just let the relationship fade. Being cordial is still very much possible, but putting distance between yourselves is important for both people involved. Typically, if the relationship is meant to work, time and distance will allow the wounds to heal, and the two of you will reconnect. If you don’t reconnect, it is not the end of the world, it just means you are free of the negativity you felt was harming your ability to be happy and content.

Let me say this: It’s okay that not every relationship works. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time letting go. I obsess and I get upset and I get sad whenever someone I was close to leaves my life. However, I’ve found, in the last year or so, that allowing myself space and distance from people who bring negativity to my life is super healing and healthy. I no longer worry about where I stand with my friends, I no longer worry that someone is going to be gone if I don’t contact them immediately, and I no longer criticize myself as a result of rude, underhanded comments from people in my life. Yes, your twenties are the time to be selfish, but not in the sense that you should only think or care about yourself. It is the time to be selfish with your time. Choose who you share your time with wisely, and only allow positivity and healthy relationships into your life!

When was a time you had difficulty realizing a certain relationship in your life was kind of toxic?

Callie leigh

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Hello, World.

With Mother’s Day next weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I don’t know about your mom, but my mom is one of the most difficult people to shop for, but also one of my favorite. She hardly ever buys things for herself, so I love being able to buy her something I know she wants, but she’s also hard because if you try to get ideas about what to get, she says, “well, I don’t know. You’re not getting me a gift, are you? You don’t need to do that.” I love shopping for her, though, because we have pretty similar taste, and I know what she likes, so I usually get super ridiculously excited about what I get her. My sister and I are both terrible at keeping secrets, especially from our mother. We almost always end up giving our mom her gifts early, or as soon as we sit down for mother’s day brunch. Last year was my first year away from home, but I drove home to see my mom for the weekend of Mother’s Day because I really missed her, and I wanted to surprise her. This year will be the first year I don’t get to see my mom on Mother’s Day. I’m super bummed about it, but I plan on sending my love in various ways (a phone call or text can go a long way). Anyway, I love my mom so much. She’s helped shape who I am today, and she is always there for me. Growing up, my mom always made sure that I had everything I needed, and inspired me to accomplish everything I wanted to in life. I’m so thankful everyday for the relationship I have with her, and I hope to show my appreciation this year with something awesome!
1. Kate Spade bow bangle | This bracelet is super simple, but utterly adorable. My mom is a jewelry fan, and she usually loves gold anything, especially if it is dainty and feminine with a touch of hippie.

2. Kate Spade Earrings | A classic pair of earrings is a great option for mothers. Earrings are dainty, but polished, and show you care!

3. A bright, fun baseball cap like this one from Vineyard Vines | With summer coming up, you may want to get your mama a baseball cap or a sun hat of some kind. Spending time in the sun is great, but you also want to make sure you are protecting your mom’s skin from cancer! My mom has beautiful skin, and looks amazing for her age, but that doesn’t mean she ignores skincare. My mom always highlights the importance of taking care of your skin, so I guess she kind of made an impression about it on me!

4. A great hand cream | Speaking of skin, moisturizing skin is also super important, and in the summer it’s great to have a good hand cream so you can make sure your hands stay soft, and don’t crack from the heat. Where I am from, 110 degrees is a common figure in the summer, so I am constantly applying lotions to make sure my skin stays healthy.

5. A portable iPhone charger | Never want a low battery on your phone, especially if you’re away at school and want to make sure you can get ahold of your mom no matter what. By investing in a portable iPhone charger, you’ll ensure that her phone stays charged always!

6. A nice pair of pajamas | My mom is always complaining that she doesn’t have a great pair of pajamas that fit well, breathe, and also have maximum comfort. This pair of pajamas is nice and light, comfortable, and is a great pair for her to take to our cabin, where it gets a little chilly at night even in the summertime.

7. Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume | Smelling summery can make summer more enjoyable. Perfume is something easy to give moms, but that they will also love. This scent is so delicious, so you know your mom will love it.

8. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette | My mom is a makeup queen. I’m so lucky that she taught me how to do my makeup well when I was younger, and that she didn’t let me do anything too ridiculous. She’s more of a neutral eyeshadow person, so this palette would be perfect.

9. Picture collage of you [and your sibling] | My mom adores homemade gifts, and I know other moms do too. One year, my sister and I make a picture book of each of us through the years. My mom cried when she opened it, and thanked us for doing something so personal and time-consuming. If time allows, this is a great way to show how much you care, while also compiling memories.

10. A calm, but springy lip color | Like I said, my mom loves her makeup. I’ve spent many many hours in Sephora as my mom searches for the perfect makeup. Something she always struggles to find, though, is a lip color she likes. She usually likes what I pick, so finding a fun new color for summer is a great gift!

11. Initial necklaces | This necklace is such a great gift. I’m so tempted to buy one for my mom [shhhh, I don’t want her to know that]. These necklaces have the initials of all siblings with a little birthstone for them on top. I know my mom would love this.

12. A simple phone case | I love phone cases. They are such an easy way to give your phone a new look, and yourself a new vibe. I recently invested in a Kate Spade, bright yellow case, and I love it. My mom never really changes cases, but this navy and while polka dot case is so cute!

What do you plan to get your mom?

Callie Leigh

Tea Talk: Visiting Home


Hello, World.

As you know, Spring Break is this week, and tomorrow is Easter, meaning my break will soon be over. On Monday morning, I will be heading back to school to finish my final month of sophomore year. Knowing that I’m just about half way through my undergraduate experience is rather odd. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a standstill, watching the months go by as I wait for something bigger to happen. Maybe I’m trying to pause time so I can really enjoy my time at Saint Mary’s before I move on. I’m not sure, but what I do know is that coming home for breaks feels different than it did only a short year ago.

Last year I felt like I still had so much time ahead of me. Every time I came home I realized that I was so happy to be away at school, experiencing a new area and new people, and I still feel that way. However, there is now a sense of routine in coming home and going back to school. Neither experience is as thrilling or filled with new stories and events and people. I feel like I’m really figuring out who I am, which is why I think coming home feels different. Home is supposed to be where the heart is, right? I think there is truth in that because your family is at home, and a ton of memories, but I think this changes a bit when you leave and find happiness elsewhere.

I think something I’ve noticed is that I enjoy my family more when I feel secure with my life. Last year I was still getting to know all of my “college friends,” so I was always so eager to get back and continue getting to know them. And if I’m being honest, since I wasn’t single last year, I was eager to get back to someone in particular. But now that I’m secure with where I am and who is in my life, and now that I’m 100% confident that my friendships aren’t going to alter if I’m away from my friends for a few days, I thoroughly enjoy my time at home. I’m comfortable sitting on my couch with my dog, talking to my mom about life, watching Scandal or Vampire Diaries until 11pm, and just being. There is so much less stress when I’m home. I no longer come home and wish I could be back at school. Maybe this is a negative, but I think it’s more of having security. When you know that the people in your life aren’t going anywhere, it makes it easier to be completely present. No worrying about what might happen while you’re out of touch.

There are times when I feel like it’s been so long since I was in high school, living at home full time. Then there are other moments when I feel weird going back to school, weird about leaving my family. The habits you keep when you’re not living at home full time are even kind of funny. My family lost our puppy, Riley, at the beginning of this school year, but every time I enter the house from the garage, I pause, waiting for him to try to run out to greet us. It’s been seven months or so, and I still do it. I guess old habits really do die hard.

You might laugh, but you know that song by Miranda Lambert “The House That Built Me?” Pretty much my theme song when I’m homesick. Sometimes you just need to return to your roots, and get some quality time with the family to remember where you came from, and really evaluate where you’re going (and if it’s somewhere you want to go). As I’ve probably exhausted in previous posts, this semester is rather exhausting. It’s the first semester in my time at college where I’m not taking any “for pleasure” classes, and it’s the first semester where I feel really tired a majority of the time. Regardless, I think I’ll be recharged when I return come Monday because spending time with my family allows me to rest, reflect, plan, and reminds me of my goals. I know some people aren’t freakishly linked to their family, and they don’t NEED their family to feel secure and happy. I, however, need my family. I love spending time with them because they’re crazy, and they talk over each other, and they make the funniest jokes, and they love me unconditionally every day, and when they say they’re proud of me I’m reminded that seemingly mediocre semesters have purpose.

I love coming home, and I wish I would have cherished my trips home last year. It’s important to be mentally and physically present when you’re spending time with the people that will always love you. I’m not trying to be preachy, but I’m just saying that when you’re in college, or living away from your hometown, remember to love the time you spend at home or with your family. As for me, I’m going to continue drinking my cup of tea, re-watching season 2 of Scandal, and skimming The New York Times. Did I forget to mention time at home is great for multitasking? Doing all the things you don’t have time to do while at school or work?

Callie leigh

National Sibling Day

Hello, World.

You may be aware that today is national sibling day, but if not, well, it is. I thought I would share some photos of my sister and I as well as a few thoughts about the benefits of having an amazing sibling. Tomorrow is my final day of classes before Spring Break, and that means I get to see my sister soon! I’m SO excited.


30599_123724397638093_4030956_n 526688_446910085319521_183681472_n 536328_505221152821747_240014249_n 603959_585688548108340_1201222341_n 1010924_623406277669900_1663887004_n My sister, Brie, is six years my senior, and the age difference was pretty hard while I was growing up. However, once I got into middle school, we started getting a lot closer, and I realized that it’s super helpful to have an older sister because she has experiences she can share with you, and she is someone you can talk to when no one else would understand. My sister always offers me incredible advice, and is there to catch me when I’m hurt by my friends, heartbroken, or just plain pissed off at something. My sister and I are pretty much opposites, but I think that’s the beauty of sisters…it doesn’t matter how different you are, at the end of the day, you have someone who will love you unconditionally. I feel so blessed to have such a caring, daring, inspiring sister, and I thank the lord everyday that he gave me her. She’s absolutely hilarious, and she pushes me to not be so uptight, and she also reminds me that people suck and to let the bad ones go. Growing up, she was someone I could lean on, look to for help, and aspire to be like. I will never thank her enough for doing my hair, teaching me how to do my makeup well, and helping me figure out what style even means. Honestly, when I was nominated for homecoming queen in high school she would drive to my house everyday the entire week before just to curl my hair and help me get ready because she did an ombre on my hair, and I had no clue how to properly style one. She’s the absolute best, and has the biggest heart. So, if you have a sibling, feel blessed because you know that you’ll always have someone!

Callie Leigh

November & Break Recap

Hello, World.
Somehow it is already December 1st. I’m not sure where this year went, but it sure did pass quickly. Something about December, though, just makes me really happy. I love the holiday season, and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I am a HUGE gift giver. I love giving gifts, and I always try to donate books young children, or do the “buy a gift for a child” at the mall because I really like idea of making a young child’s day just a little bit brighter. So, while I’m really excited for December, I thought I would recap my November. November is a great month, and this year it was even a little greater. Despite spending a majority of the month majorly stressed out, I still had a really good month with the people I love.
First, Starbucks got their red cups back! That was definitely the first sign of the holiday season for me, and since they were doing a buy one get one free special, my best friend Steven and I went and got lattes. Second, I invested in some “holiday break” reading. December is when I get my life back, and I’m not always reading for classes, so I plan to read all the gossipy, fashiony magazines I can, along with Lean In, Cannery Row, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Just One Year. Third, I spent a Saturday at the DeYoung Museum of Art in San Francisco. That was a really beautiful day. I might overuse the word beautiful, but I like to think I’m someone who tries to see a little beauty in everything. Fourth, while in San Francisco, I visited Beanery Coffee House. I went there last year when I went to Golden Gate Park, and I fell in love. they have SUCH good chai its a little ridiculous.
Fifth, I crossed Golden Gate Bridge for the first time! My best friends thought it was just a necessary part of life, so when we were heading back from the city, we decided to take the long way around, and hit the bridge. It was pretty cool, and I can now cross it off my bucket list! Sixth, I went home for Thanksgiving! I took this photo because I love how my mom decorates, and I love these little velvet pumpkins. Seventh, I went to my families cabin and finally got to wear my Sorel boots I got last year for Christmas. I also was a little disappointed there was no snow at the cabin, and I also find it really weird that there is no rain today and it is December 1st. Eighth, my family and I worked on a puzzle.
Here is the finished product. Yes, my mom did buy a puzzle with a bunch of cats on it, and yes I felt incredibly accomplished when, at the end of break, I had finished this puzzle and absolutely no homework!
Holly and I invested in this mini Christmas tree for our room. You can never be too jolly, its just not possible. Spread that Christmas cheer!
While at the cabin, I watched too many movies, way too much Duck Dynasty (how I had never seen that show I will never understand), oh and of course I drank too much coffee and cider.
Some photos from a walk at the cabin! The weather was way too nice, and I was so sad I didn’t get to go sledding, but my family is enough for me to always be happy.
IMG_0718 IMG_1947 Here is my lovely dog, Star, who I got to see while I was home. She is a retired supermodel, and basically just likes me to pet her, give her lots of attention, and she sleeps more than most humans. I love her, and she also helps me procrastinate when I’m trying to do work!

So, there we have November. I blinked, and this month was over, pretty crazy to think about. Anyway, I had a great month and I did a lot of fun things with my friends and family. Hope you had a great month, and I would love to hear any highlights! Enjoy today.

Callie Leigh

October Recap

Hello, World.

Today is November 1st. How its already November I’m still trying to understand, but alas, the months are passing and its now the eleventh month of the year. November is one of my favorite months because it has Thanksgiving (food, movies, cider, etc.), my sister’s birthday, and a break from school. But before we start getting into November, I thought I would recap October. October was a big month for me in the sense that it contained midterms, a break, outings with friends, pumpkins, and Halloween. I had a truly fabulous October, and honestly, this October was one of my favorites I’ve had in a few years. So, I’ve compiled a list of my BIG moments from the tenth month of the year, and wanted to share them with all of you lovely people.

1: My family visited, and took me out to a lovely brunch. We also made a trip to the Redwood Grove, which is this beautiful part of campus that is tucked away, but is basically a big patch of grass surrounded by Redwood trees. The weather was beautiful while they visited, and I was really happy to see them after a long time apart.
2: Sushi date with a new friend. I went to sushi with my friend, Andee, who I became good friends with this year. She’s awesome, and its always a good time with her. Also, sushi makes me happy, so there’s that.
3: Midterm week. I kind of despise midterms, but luckily, as an English major, I don’t usually have a lot of midterms. I usually have papers due or take-home tests, or brief in class exams. However, studying for my Biblical Literature class’s midterm was awful. There was so much material, a three-page (single-spaced) study guide, and well, (almost) the whole Bible. But alas, I did well on the exam so the hours of studying paid off. I also got an A on my English paper, so WOO. I’m definitely going to be celebrating tonight.
4: Visiting home. Since I did a post about this, I’m sure most of you know that my trip home was wonderful and relaxing. I love my family so much, and visiting home always grounds me. I visited the rice fields with my dad, hungout with my dog, went to a Halloween party, saw my best friend, and just enjoyed life (and not doing homework). I also changed my hair color and got pedicures with my mamma. Talk about a relaxing, beautification day. Seriously, my mom is the best. And my sister is one of the best hair dressers I know. I always love what she does, and I always know I can trust her with my hair. Sleeping in my queen sized bed was also a highlight of my trip!
5: Coffee dates to relieve some stress. I went to coffee with friends to talk, and just not do work for an hour or so. Sometimes it’s important to take breaks, and not drown myself in schoolwork, which is why coffee dates are a beautiful thing. Besides, I love talking to people about life, literature, struggles, or whatever; so coffee dates ensure that good conversation will occur.
6: Pumpkin patch visit. I did a post about this as well, but I thought I would include it because it was definitely a highlight of my month. I love pumpkins and I love going to a pumpkin patch! Maybe this will become a tradition (although my roommate is studying abroad in London next Fall, so we’ll have to figure out how to accomplish this).
Anyway, I’m going to dinner with friends tonight, and making a pumpkin pie! Enjoy your Friday!
Callie Leigh

These Days.

Hello, World.

Life lately has been utterly insane, but a good insane.

Drinking: a pumpkin spice latte (during the fall and winter months you’ll find me with at least one pumpkin flavored beverage a day). I LOVE pumpkin spice lattes. I love warm drinks that taste like a fall, and I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed that the people at Starbucks now know my order and name (and it’s correct spelling).

Weather: today is a little warmer than the last few days, but I’ve decided to boycott warm weather, and therefore am still wearing a sweater, jeans, and boots. Fall fashion is the easiest, funnest, and most creative. Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend apparently didn’t know about the invention of layering. During fall and winter, its all about the layers.

Reading:  To be perfectly honest with you, I never stop reading these days. I’ve read more this semester than I ever have read for school. Although, maybe that’s because in college I actually read all the material. But who knows. For my film and book club I am reading Perks of Being a Wallflower, which if you have not read, you should. And if you dislike it you do not have a soul (kidding, but really, it’s gut-wrenchingly good). Fans of the John Green variety will greatly appreciate the novel and its ability to rip you up and help you discover something beautiful all at once.

Thinking About: I tried to make my schedule for Spring semester on Monday, and all the classes I had originally planned either had unusual professors or conflicted with one another. Insert rant about a panic attack here. So, once I gathered myself into something better than a blubbering mess, I decided to really look at my four year plan, and figure out Plan B. Ironically, Plan B wasn’t bad. However, because my high school didn’t offer a lot of AP classes, I still have some requirements to fill, which prevents me from being able to really try out a lot of different English, History, or Politics classes, which is rather unfortunate. Fingers crossed I get the classes I want because if I don’t, well, I really don’t know what I’ll do for Plan C.

Excited About: HALLOWEEN. I really enjoy Halloween, and this year I love my costume. Since its on a Thursday this year, I think I’m going to dress up, hit Chipotle (they give you food for $3 if you wear a costume, I’m so there), watch Harry Potter with my roommate and friends, and do some homework. It may be a relaxing Halloween, but that’s just what I need.

Missing: My family. I always miss them when I’m away from home, and I miss talking to my sister about anything and everything. I’m also missing free time. I really don’t have much time this semester to just sit, watch some TV while eating bon bons with my roommate, or journal, or paint my nails, or go running. I really want to go running more. It helps me think clearer.

Addicted to: Fall. Everything fall related is my current obsession, as you could probably gauge from the fact that everything on my blog lately is either about pumpkin, spice, leaves changing, or fall fashion. I have a probably everyone, but they say the first step is admitting it.

What’s going on in your life lately? Anything special planned this fall?


Callie Leigh

Home for (early) Halloween

Hello, World.

This weekend I went home for four days because my school is amazing and gives us a nice little break after midterms. Its a really great chance to recuperate, gather yourself together, and just de-stress for a bit. I was really excited to be going home because I hadn’t seen my dad in over a month and a half, and I hadn’t seen my mom or sister in a while either. Also, there is my best friend, Rossy, who I always miss when I’m gone. She and I have been friends for five years and counting, and we’re those friends that may not be talking every single day, but the minute we hangout again, we’re right there for each other. She’s what I like to call my 2am friend, that friend that I can call at 2am and know, without a doubt, that she will be there in a heartbeat no matter what (2am friend created by Sarah Dessen, like most brilliant things).

Anyway, being home is fabulous because I absolutely love spending time with my family, and it was the first time I was able to hangout with my dad, and just talk to him, in a while. He’s truly one of the best people I know. He always knows what to say, even if he usually ends his statements with, “I don’t know if that helps.” Just so he knows, he usually helps! On another note, my mom gets SUPER into Halloween. Personally, I think Halloween is slowly dying from modern culture. Other than watching scary movies, most people decorate for “harvest,” and most of the costumes are because Halloween “is the one night a girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it.” But hey, that’s just my opinion, whatever floats your boat I suppose.

So, here are some photos of my break at home:


IMG_0294IMG_0292 IMG_0295
I wasn’t lying! My mom gets super into Halloween, and she is a phenomenal decorator. She makes all of her decorations (well, kind of), and I always feel like its definitely fall when I visit home in October. On Saturday night, we went to a Halloween party at my cousin’s house, which was great fun, and I dressed as a raccoon! I will probably post more photos of this outfit on Halloween, considering I loved this costume more than anything I’ve worn in previous years. As I mentioned, I got to see my best friend, Rossy, and visited her while she was working (I also snagged a beautiful pair of boots from the shoe store she works at!!). I ate at T. Bar, the best food place in Chico, in my opinion. If you’re ever in the area, GO THERE. :) My sister, my beautiful lovely talented sister, did my hair while I was home. I wanted to go darker for fall, and she was happy to make that change, and as usual, it turned out great and I love it!
The funny thing that did happen, is my mom put out some of my grandmother’s books as decoration, and I happened to pick up one (probably the bibliophile in me), and it was entitled, “Best English Poems.” I used to play with this book all the time when I was little, and would pretend to be a schoolteacher for imaginary students (yes, I was that kid). BUT, revisiting it the other day, I realized now I actually know, have read, and have researched the poets in this little leather book. I felt, for a moment, that maybe all this stress is actually useful to me, but who knows. Anyway, being home with my family was great. I feel like I spent most of my summer hating Chico, hating being away from school, and hating being away from friends, but having a few days to remember why I love Chico was really nice. I also had a chance to catch up on Vampire Diaries, go on a coffee date with my mom, drive around the rice fields with my dad, and just be me. Not to toot my own horn, but I finally remembered that being me is the best I can be, and its a pretty good thing to be. Anyway, I’m exhausted, and I’ve gone on for more than enough time about how wonderful my loving family is. Enjoy your night, morning, or afternoon (depending on when you read this). And remember, fall is the best time of the year. Everything begins to prepare for a new year, and a new beginning.
Callie Leigh