iPad Evny


Hello World.

Since we live in an age with more technology than we really know what to do with, I recently decided I want an iPad. While this is simply a want, and in no way a necessity, I’m going to try to start saving up to purchase one. I use my phone SO much in a day, and its usually reading blogs, emailing, or just perusing news articles. An iPad is a bigger screen, but not nearly as bulky as a laptop. Its a happy medium, so I guess that’s probably why it was invented. Anyway, most of my friends currently have iPads, and I have horrible iPad envy. My iPad envy is especially bad when I see people reading The New York Times or The New Yorker while waiting for class to start. I’m someone who prefers the hardcopy of newspapers and magazines, but I must admit the iPad has a level of efficiency and accessibility that trying to locate a hardcopy does. The New York Times isn’t available on campus, and so having it on an iPad would make it so I wouldn’t have to leave campus to get a copy, and I could read it on the go. Now, I understand this is totally a first world problem, and a little materialistic, but alas, I suppose this is my materialistic downfall. Lastly, I’m stressed, I’m ready for Spring Break, and I want to spend time with my family! How is your week going?


Callie Leigh