Dorm Room Decorating Tips

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One of things I miss most about college is decorating a dorm room. While I absolutely love my house in Virginia and wouldn’t change how I decorated my room, I treated dorm rooms like blank slates. I loved that you could change a few simple details and feel like you had a whole new room. So, today I am here with my best advice for making a home in your dorm room! There are many things that can transform the often small space that is a dorm room into a cozy home that you will enjoy returning to at the end of a long study day.

Making your dorm room

Photo by Priscilla du Preez via Unsplash 

One || Less is more. I think the only thing that didn’t work for me in a dorm room was the space…obviously. On-campus housing typically offers pretty tight quarters, unless you live in an apartment style room (and even still there are space issues). The best thing you can do to feel at home without feeling claustrophobic is maximizing space. How do you do this? Well, you pick what you are willing to sacrifice space for, and then save space everywhere else. Saving space means maximizing space. In order to maximize space, you should try to figure out ways to create dual-functionality. I used to have desk in my room that was a desk for most of the day, and a makeup /get ready table in the morning and evening. However, I fought clutter by storing my “get ready” materials (hair brushes, curling irons, blow dryer, makeup, etc.) under my bed or in my bottom desk drawer.

Two || Make it your own with the largest items. If you’re unsure how to bring your personality out or make yourself more comfortable, I advocate choosing pieces that speak to you and that will be clearly displayed. For example, spend a little extra time finding bedding that resembles your personality. If you are happy and cheerful, pick a vibrant duvet that you won’t get sick of in a few months. Or, if you are more simple and understated, a classic white eyelet may be a better choice. I think there a a few spaces you can bring your personality out: the bed and the desk. Let’s be honest, the bed and the desk are basically most of the dorm room. You may have other spaces, but the bed and the desk are the main areas. Create a collage or gallery wall above your bed (while conforming to all wall hanging rules). Add a vase of flowers to your bookshelf!

Three || Shop the sale. A lot of popular stores have back to school specials, and I definitely recommend taking advantage of the sales. PB Teen always has great bedding bundles. While the price may seem a little steep, they are built to last you four years, so it’s well worth it! Follow the stores you like who sell dorm furnishings or accessories, and try to track when they offer sales! Another pro tip: many places discount their items after peak move-in season, so if there is something you like, but don’t need immediately, wait and by the middle of September, it’ll probably be on sale.

Four || Consult your roommate. There may be decoration ideas that you think are brilliant, but your roommate may think are not brilliant. For example, I wanted to buy a rug for my dorm room my sophomore year. I thought it’d be a chic, grown-up addition to the room. I asked my roommate, however, before I made a purchase. I knew there was a possibility that my rug would go into her space, and I didn’t know if she’d be okay with a rug. She gave me the green light, so I ordered a rug. However, we quickly learned part of the reason it was so cheap is because it shed… everywhere. I ended up removing the rug at Christmas because we were both sick of our stuff being covered in tan colors shavings (it was one of those neutral  knot rugs). The point here is make sure your roommate is okay with your design choices, especially when they may affect her space!

I plan to do a “get dorm room ready with me” post soon where I will style a few dorm rooms. In the meantime, what are your favorite places to shop? If you’re beginning college, what kind of decorations are you hoping to do?

Callie leigh

Dorm Room: Junior Year

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I feel like I should apologize for lack of posts lately. I really like to spend a good amount of time on my blog, but for the past few weeks every time I feel like I have time to blog, something comes up. I’m starting to schedule some blog posts for the coming months, though, and I think having a rigid schedule will keep me more on track. I also plan to use Saturday mornings to pre-write posts so that even when I am a little busy during the week, I can still post. With that being said, I’m enjoying my junior year of college so much! I feel like I’ve grown, matured, and changed so much in the last two years. I’m really proud of who I am, where I am going, and all that lies ahead.
I know this is roughly a month late, but alas, I wanted to share my little corner of campus: my residence hall room! I love my space, and I love living alone, and I’m so blessed to be a resident advisor to such an amazing group of students!
Junior Year Dorm Room
My bedroom is the exact same size as my room my first year on campus, but instead of a roommate I have a kitchen! This year I tried to make my room feel as home-y as possible!
Junior Year Dorm RoomJunior Year Dorm RoomJunior Year Dorm RoomJunior Year Dorm RoomIMG_2476IMG_2475
So, there you have it! I’m really happy with how the room turned out. I got most of my stuff from World Market, and most of it is stuff I used last year. The wall of posters is a combination of, Etsy, and Printstagram. I tried to make my room feel a little more grown up, and a little less like I was living in on-campus housing. Not that I don’t love living on campus, but I wanted to feel like I had a space that was all mine on campus.

How do you decorate your dorm room?

Callie leigh