December Daily ’16 Begins!

Hello, World!

Today is the second day of December Daily! I’m so so so excited to begin this project again. I did it last year for the first time, and fell in love with the concept.


You can check out week 1, week 2, week 3week 4 , and the end of last year’s to get in the holiday spirit! I absolutely LOVE this project, and this year’s will be especially special because Christmas is the first time I’ll be home in four months! WOOOOO!


Callie leigh

December Daily: Days 27-31

Hello, World.

Today is the day! I’m sharing my final installment in my December Daily sharing. This album was so much fun to make, and I’m so happy that I finished the project. I was a little nervous because I don’t consider myself overly creative, but I had a great time with it, and can’t wait until next year. I considered buying some of the Ali Edwards kits that she still has in stock to use for next year, but I decided I’ll wait and see what she produces for next year. So, let’s get to it!IMG_2787IMG_2788
The 27th was a fun day. My mom and I went book shopping. I also took a photo of my mom’s Nativity set. It belonged to my grandmother, and it’s my favorite nativity scene. IMG_2789
On the 28th, I was trying to enjoy my last few days of break by reading Harry Potter 4, and cozying up on the couch with the book and a cup of coffee. IMG_2790
The 29th was cold, but so great!IMG_2791IMG_2792IMG_2793
On the 30th, I went to breakfast with my mom and dad, and it was delicious. On the back of the 4×6 image of our food, I put the 30 tag with a burlap bow. Behind the 4×6 image, I put a photo of my puppy sleeping all curled up in a blanket. Below, rather than another 4×6 I put a wooden tree. IMG_2794
On the 31st page, I put the 31 on the tree that was visible through the 4×6 photo sleeve. I also put the sparkly snowflake scrapbook paper, and a photo of my aunt and I on New Year’s Eve. IMG_2795IMG_2796On one of the final pages, I put a photo of my mom and I, then I used the A Beautiful Mess app to add the Happy New Year wording. I cut out the glass, and adhered it to the photo of my mom and I.
Behind my mom and I, i put the winter Starbucks sleeve they had in 2015. I drank a ton of drinks, but rather than save a red cup, I put a sleeve (haha). I also put the tag from one of the gifts my friend gave me. On the inside back cover I put “until next time…” See you soon 2016 December Daily.

I loved this project, and am so excited to share it. I plan to also share my sister’s December Daily album in a few weeks because we did the project together.

Callie leigh

If you missed the rest of the album: WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3 | WEEK 4

December Daily: Days 6-12

Hello, World.

I’m here again to share with you the second week of my December Daily album. I’m really excited about this week because it has one of my favorite spreads (days 10 and 11), and had some really good days. Though it was the week of finals for fall semester, I still had a great week finishing my thesis, taking finals, and starting Christmas break!IMG_2680
On the 6th, I made “finals survival” goodie bags for my residents with my Resident Director (#RAlife). In the bags, I put See’s candy suckers, chocolates, bubble wrap (for stress), a holiday pencil, hot chocolate packs, and a bunch of other small candies. I also included this little “‘Twas the Night Before Finals” poem!IMG_2681
The 7th was pretty low key (ahem…finals…), but my mom sent my duty team and I a care package, which included a Ralph Lauren plaid blanket and $10 Starbucks gift card for each member of the team! I was so excited, and my duty team really appreciated it. I have the best mom ever… IMG_2683
Similar to the 7th, the 8th included hours of thesis revisions, and the opening of day 8 on my advent calendar. The stars card stock is an Ali Edwards design. I used wrapping paper of my own for the winter wishes card, and I stamped card stock to make the December 8 piece. IMG_2684
Since my week was sort of low key, I wanted to add a fun page between the 8th and nine. For this, I used a 6×8 card from the Ali Edwards kit, and the merry epoxy word “merry.” I really like how it turned out! IMG_2685
The 9th, which was the final day I worked on my thesis, meant that I was essentially just revising for hours. For this page, I used another Ali Edwards card stock. I then used one of her wooden Fair Isle stars, but used a stamp pad to make it red. For the other side, I used her 3×4 cards, and my own plaid wrapping I got from HomeGoods. I kept the fair isle star theme going by keeping another one natural and adhering it to the wrapping paper. I ordered holiday pencils from Etsy (ACDshop, currently unavailable), so the white pencils in the photo says holiday things.
IMG_2686IMG_2687This spread is probably my favorite, or at least one of them! On the 10th, I got brunch with three of my close RA friends, which was great. We don’t get to spend a ton of time together because are all so busy, and we are each on duty different nights of the week. I also finished and turned in my thesis on the 10th! It was a huge day, and marked the official end of my semester. On the 11th, I went home for break! I had a package from Mark and Graham waiting for me, and I got the biggest welcome home from my puppy, Sophie. I used a day tag for day 11, and adhered a burlap bow that I bought at Michael’s. I also used one of Ali Edwards’  acrylic snowflakes, which I attached with an all-purpose glue. The card stock under the snowflake is by Ali Edwards, and the plaid card is made by me using wrapping paper. IMG_2688
On the 12th, I enjoyed being home. It was amazing. The card stock in this photo is all part of the main kit 2015 by Ali Edwards. The gold glitter numbers are from Michael’s. I really wanted to incorporate a lot of journaling into this book, so that i wouldn’t forget anything.

Callie leigh

December Daily: Days 1-5

Hello World.

I know I’m a bit late in sharing my December Daily, but I have a bit of a rationale. This was my first time doing the project, and I waited until the end of December to print all my photos. Then I started Jan Term at my college, so I really only had time to scrapbook when I had down time. On the bright side, I found scrap booking really therapeutic and calming in the midst of law school applications and stress. So, I’m so so happy I did the project, that I completed it in a somewhat timely manner, and that I now get to share it with all of you! My sister also participated, so I’m hoping that she’ll let me share her book when she’s done with it (she’s WAY more creative than I am, so I’m sure it’ll be amazing).

Anyway, I’m going to do a series of posts where I show my entire album. This post is dedicated to days 1-5 (week 1 of December). I’m so excited to share my project because I spent a lot of time on it, and I am really pleased with how it turned out! So, here are are photos of my album, front inside cover, and first five days.
I got the white 6×8 album from Ali Edwards originally, and got my sister the red. However, once I got them in the mail, I liked the red better and the white seemed more like my sister, so we traded. I’m happy we did! I love the vibrant red. It just feels like December! On the inside front cover I used a silver glitter star sticky, a word strip, and a cute 25 button from her main kit. IMG_2647
For my intro page, I used a transparency that says, The most wonderful time of the year, layered over a plaid page. I adhered a small white tree on the plaid page! I really liked this combo, and preferred to use it to open my album rather than try to figure out where it would fit in later. All supplied came in Ali’s Main Kit 2015. IMG_2649IMG_2679
Days 1 and 2 of December flew by, and I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted. However, I screen-shotted one of my duty partner’s Snapchats, and used it. I also used photos from my duty team’s outing to get a hall Christmas tree. On the back of the Christmas tree photo, I adhered a piece of scrapbook paper, and did a little journaling using one of Ali’s 3×4 cards. IMG_2678
As far as my favorite weeks in December go, the first two weeks were a bit tricky because I was still in classes, and was quickly approaching first the LSAT then finals. To say this made for exciting photo material would be a lie. I was honest, though, about what my days looked like! On the 3rd, I went and got coffee while it was raining, and there were leaves everywhere! I also got a ton of mail from law schools, so I took a picture. That way, years from now, I can look back and remember the chaotic time that was law school admissions. I also received my only black Friday purchase, this bow bracelet from Kiel James Patrick. I was SO excited! The fourth was the night before my LSAT, so I spent the evening watching Gilmore Girls with my close friend, and drinking peppermint tea, trying to calm my nerves. IMG_2650
The 5th was the day of my LSAT. I felt good about it, and was so relieved it was over. Though I still didn’t get the score I necessarily wanted, I was happy that I did my best. In the evening, my school newspaper had its staff dinner. My friend, Evelyn and I took the LSAT in the morning, and celebrated our work at the paper in the evening (she’s Co-Editor-in-Chief!) Once the LSAT was over, it was time to buckle down for finals, but I thoroughly enjoyed the night after the LSAT (wine was very much included).

So, that wraps up the first five days of December! I hope you enjoy following along with this project as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Callie leigh