Knits and Polka Dots

Hello, World.

I know it’s been a little while, but I’ve been in Resident Advisor training, which is long, information packed, and basically from sun up until sun down. I’m happy to announce, though, that classes start tomorrow and I’ll be able to figure out my consistent schedule, and I have tons of blog plans! My plans currently include further updates to the layout of my blog, more posts, and development of the cooking section of my blog! Anyway, I wanted to share an outfit from my post about the Warby Parker Summer Collection because I never posted the details, but I really love the outfit!
IMG_2370 IMG_2357 IMG_2359

knit tank: Forever 21 // shorts: American Eagle Outlet // necklace: Francesca’s // shoes: Old Navy // sunnies: Warby Parker // watch: Michael Kors // ring: Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co.

Callie leigh

Finals Attire: Lookin’ Good While Acing Exams

Hello, World.

Finals begin Monday for me, which means I’m starting to pack, and realizing I have way too much stuff. I’m also studying all the time, which means it’s difficult to put outfits together, have motivation to get fully ready, and you know, do life. I usually try to look nice for finals, though, because it makes me feel more awake, more motivated, and more like I can kill whatever exam I am about to take. So, in light of this, I thought I would share some outfit ideas for finals week!


The first look is usually my go-to finals outfit. I like a plain T, and jeans because it is quick to put on, and comfortable to take an exam in. Also, I have the tendency to get cold in classrooms, so the jeans with the t-shirt is a great combination because I’m not too hot or cold. Also, Sperry Top Siders are my favorite shoes to slip on, so I usually wear them when I don’t feel like wearing sandals. Glasses are often more comfortable on exam days because I don’t have to worry about my contacts getting itchy or uncomfortable. I also bring a hair band with me in case I feel like putting my hair up halfway through the exam. Watches are also great because most college classrooms don’t have clocks, and a watch is a great way to track time during a test. (outfit details)


Outfit two is a simply long sleeved with denim shorts, sandals, and a baseball cap. Baseball caps are easy and they cover bad hair days (or unwashed hair if its the last day of finals and you just don’t care anymore). I usually pair a long sleeved with my shorts because, again, I have the tendency to get a bit cold. Sandals are easy to slip on, and will keep you cool when walking around campus in a long sleeved shirt. I usually only take whatever I need for an exam in tote on exam days. I almost always bring water to an exam, and when my allergies are acting up I’ll bring some tissues. Again, TAKE A WATCH. (outfit details)


A chambray top, printed shorts, and Salt Water sandals make for a perfect, slightly dressed up and flirty outfit. The brightness of the shorts will make you feel excited for summer, and will ensure that you look good while finishing finals. Also, I usually paint my nails for finals because a bright color on my nail makes me feel happier while taking an exam. A cute watch is a must, and a cute tote with all exam essentials (blue book, pen, pencil, calculator, water bottle, tissues, etc.). (outfit details)

What do you wear for finals?

Callie Leigh

Time to Clean Up

spring cleaning
Hello, World.
Today is April 15, meaning we are well into spring. As I get further into Spring Break, and the end of the semester looms, I’m thinking about spring-cleaning. In January, people usually make a list of resolutions, and by spring, people make lists…to-do lists. The lists typically involve areas of the person’s life that are in need of an overhaul. Some people prefer to ignore spring-cleaning because they’re too busy, or they feel like they don’t need to do any major cleaning, it just depends on the person I guess. Sometimes, though, giving your physical and mental life a good cleaning is just what you need to have a fantastic summer.
I’m definitely one of those people who create one of the “Spring Cleaning To-Do Lists,” and I wanted to share some ideas of the best things to clean, and the best way to clean out any unnecessary clutter from your life!

1) Clean out drawers, bookcases, etc. I know that over the course of a year, I tend to accumulate a lot of junk in various drawers, my bookcases get too full, and I store things in really unusual places. By going through drawers, I can get rid of a lot of unneeded papers, brochures, junk mail, and more. Also, I love my books, but sometimes by going through and organizing your bookshelves, and giving away books you’ve already read a few times, you have more room for new reads.

2) Social media overhaul. Go through all social media accounts and delete, un-follow, whatever people you really don’t interact with anymore or whose posts you skip over every time. I know that I tend to un-follow or de-friend people who I don’t talk to for actual reasons. I get the falling out of touch thing, and if you’re still interested in their stuff it’s totally fine to keep a social media relationship with the person, but if you had a major falling out of some kind (think exes and the like), you probably shouldn’t follow them on social media because it’ll just remind you that you two no longer talk.

3) Clothing! Make room for new spring clothing by going through your closet. If you haven’t worn a piece in over a month, and don’t see yourself wearing it in the next week, it should go. Put all your discarded items in bags, and take them to your local Salvation Army. Also, put all winter clothes away and put spring and summer clothes front and center in your closet. Getting rid of clothing can be so therapeutic, it sounds weird, but it’s true. Getting rid of clothing that is no longer you and mixing up the pieces you’re wearing can really make people feel better about themselves.

4) Contacts in your phone. Make sure you don’t have any doubles of contacts, add last names, and delete people you haven’t called in years. I’m not all about deleting contacts because you may need someone’s number, but if you don’t plan on talking to the person, get rid of their number, you don’t need it.

5) Apps on your phone. Organize, de-clutter. Put in folders if you want, delete apps you never use!

6) Jewelry and makeup. I have tons of jewelry and makeup I never wear or use anymore, and its usually the first thing I go through when I start my spring cleaning because it takes up a lot of room, even if it doesn’t seem like it!

7) Really clean your dorm room or house. We all give everything a general cleaning throughout the year, but spring is the time to get rid of all dust, dirt, and grime that’s collected through fall and winter! Get in there with your serious cleaning tools, and get everything clean. Have water stains? Use a lemon! No more excuses, start cleaning.
8) Workout. Spring means swimsuit season is coming, so start removing the “winter coat,” if you know what I mean. Sometimes the best way to get ready for spring is by cleaning out your fridge, and revamping your health.
What’s your idea of spring-cleaning?

Callie leigh

Sidewalk Sales

Hello, World!

On Friday and Saturday the “Slice of Chico” event was going on in downtown Chico, and it entailed lots of iced drinks, wonderful bargains, and conversations while we (my sister, mom, and I) walked from store to store. Slice of Chico is when all the stores and restaurants have clearance sales or testers on their storefronts for the community to look at or try as they wander around! It’s a very ‘Chico’ summer event, and it’s always a good time.


I recently took some of my old purses and clothes to the consignment store in Chico, and got a little money so I was really excited to go the downtown boutiques (like Urban Laundry and Ruby’s) and do a little shopping. I found some great things, although, I think I will always be a Fall season girl at heart because everything I bought was more appropriate for fall instead of summer. But regardless, I love sidewalk sales because all the sale and clearance items are on the street, so you and friends can grab a Starbucks or Peets coffee, walk along all the boutique-lined streets, and ONLY browse clearance items, which is great because if I had to walk through the store, past all the summery merchandise, I would spend way too much money. Buying new clothes is fun because each piece of clothing feels like it holds endless possibilities, and will be with you while you make many memories. Honestly, do you ever look at your favorite t-shirt and think of all the things that you’ve done or that happened while you were wearing it? I do, but that’s just me, and maybe I’m weird.  Probably I’m just weird.


Anyway, I have to have “smart casual” clothing for a volunteer position I have when I return to Saint Mary’s, and I found a great mint blazer for only $15 at Ruby’s! I was drawn to this particular blazer because it can be dressed up or down, depending on what it’s paired with.

Any fun summer traditions in your town/city?


Callie Leigh