College Bucket List: What to Check Off

Hello, World.

Today I thought it would be fun to share a college bucket list. I’m sure there are many of similar lists floating around the internet, but seeing as I really miss my alma mater, I wanted to share my own version!

music festivaloutfits foroctober (1).jpg

  1. Put yourself out there.
  2. Try something new.
  3. Get involved in a club.
  4. Leave your dorm room door open.
  5. Smile at people as you walk around campus.
  6. Go to the party on Friday night.
  7. Go see the professor you’re scared of in office hours.
  8. Stop by office hours of your favorite professor.
  9. Go to brunch with friends.
  10. Don’t worry about sleep a few times throughout your time.
  11. Make the Dean’s List.
  12. Study Abroad (I didn’t do this, but wish I would have).
  13. Go to a sporting event.
  14. Write something for your college newspaper.
  15. Vocalize your concerns about something affecting your campus.
  16. Go on a road trip with friends.
  17. Make at least 1 life long friend (I’m sure there will be many more).
  18. Try new restaurants.
  19. Watch the sunset with friends on campus.
  20. Take a class outside of your major. Something that simply interests you.
  21. Visit friends at other colleges.
  22. Become a regular at your favorite coffee shop.
  23. Do something besides going home for Spring Break.
  24. Drink coffee and read a book in a cafe.
  25. Begin an unhealthy addiction to coffee.
  26. Cure a hangover with fast food and old movies.
  27. Work hard in classes, and come out with As.
  28. Give it your all.
  29. Call the person you met during orientation and never saw again. Ask them to get coffee.
  30. Laugh at your failures.
  31. Challenge yourself to be kinder, even when it’s hard.
  32. Throw caution to the wind, and plan an impromptu outing with friends.
  33. Go after that guy you think is cute.
  34. 33(a). Don’t get upset when he doesn’t call.
  35. Put yourself first, and do something purely because YOU want to.
  36. Spend more time on friendships, and less time stressing about guys.

Okay, so that’s not everything you can do in college. But, these are some of the things I did or wish I did while in college. I really miss my college, and all my college friends. Seriously, if I could go back to senior year for a minute, I would.

College is a fun, amazing time. A time to truly enjoy where you are and who you’re becoming. So, take advantage of it!


Callie leigh

Revisiting My Summer Bucket List

Hello, World.

As summer 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to revisit the bucket list I made for myself at the beginning of summer. Though summer still technically still has quite some time, I feel like summer ends once school begins, and I have Law Week, which is the beginning of the legal practice program beginning Monday. So, I’m excited to begin school, but I’m also reflecting on what I did with my two or so months of free time! I spent so much time relaxing at home, and enjoying myself.

Here is the original list that I posted. I did pretty well, but I will say I wish I read more. I got stuck on a dud of a novel, and even though I wasn’t enjoying it, I tried to finish it. While I did finish the novel, I wish I would have just quit it and moved on.

So I completed the following items:

Make S’Mores

Spend More Time Outside

Go to a Giants Game (2 actually!)

Watch Fireworks

Spend Time with Family

Go to Tahoe With Friends

Plan a Trip to Somewhere New (ish! My roommates and I want to explore a lot of new places in the next year)

I did not complete:

-Find a favorite white wine (or more specifically a sauvignon blanc). Maybe I will during the stressful months of law school ahead!

– Read 7 new books. I only read 3. I had a long list of summer reading I wanted to finish, but unfortunately I got so bogged down with the dud that I didn’t get as much reading in. I did read The Vacationers, The Nest, and Sweetbitter (my absolute fave).

What did you do this summer?

Callie leigh

Summer ’16 Bucket List

Hello, World.

This summer is potentially my last summer home for roughly three years. Since I’m going to law school, where I spent my summers is up in the air. I could potentially return to California, but will likely be in San Francisco or Los Angeles in the summers. With that being said, I want to make the most of this summer, and really soak up not having major responsibilities. So, I created a little summer bucket list that I wanted to share!Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.40.53 AM.png

I plan to move the first week of August, so I have about two months to complete the above list! I plan to do updates throughout the summer, and I hope that in doing so I will hold myself accountable!

Callie leigh

May Bucket List

Hello, World.

Graduation is just around the corner, and so is the wonderful month of May! April showers are in full swing, so I’m hoping that May will bring some flowers and fun. I have SO much to do between now and graduation, but I’m so excited for all the end of the year shenanigans coming up. I wanted to share my quick little bucket list/ to-do list with all of you of the the things I am looking forward to this month! This is a really transformative time for me, and I feel like college graduation is such a bigger deal than high school. May Bucket List.jpg

What are you up to in May?

Callie leigh

Birthday In Review

Hello, World.

My birthday was on Thursday, and although I wasn’t super excited about my birthday initially, my day ended up being wonderful. I always feel a little extra loved on my birthday, which I guess is how it should be, but I mean loved in the sense that I receive happy birthday texts from all my friends, and I especially love the texts from people I haven’t heard from or seen in a while. I hardly ever plan anything with friends on my actual birthday because I usually devote the day to my family, but this year was different. On Thursday, I went to lunch with my aunts, sister, and mom at T. Bar (the best restaurant in Chico in my humble opinion). I love spending time with my family, so it was nice to have a relaxed lunch with the ladies. On Thursday evening, I went to sushi with two of my friends, and then followed our meal up with a romantic comedy movie night. Sushi dates are probably my favorite because sushi isn’t overly filling, and I always feel more engaged with the people I’m eating with since we share rolls, conversation, advice, experiences, and on occasion, some awkward stories about life.

I’m an introvert, so I am a big advocate of small groups, which is why I was kind of excited that one of my friends couldn’t make the lunch I had planned for today, and suggested she and I, and our other friend, Emily, go to sushi instead. I like giving my full attention to people when I hangout with them, and sometimes in a big group I get overwhelmed and quiet. But alas, my birthday was a success. As for gifts, I received so many lovely things from my friends and family! Giving and receiving gifts is something I enjoy because I like spending time finding the perfect things for my friends, and I feel like gifts just say, “hey, I was thinking about you.” My parents blessed me with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i this year, and I was utterly grateful, surprised, and happy to receive such a gorgeous camera. As you may know, “be more creative everyday” is one of the items on my bucket list, and one of the ways I hope to be more creative is through photography. I’ve never considered myself to be an overly creative person, but I would like to feel more creative in the coming months/years/etc. My sister and I are going to the park today to play with my camera and take fun photos, so there will be a post with some of those photos in the future! Anyway, I have to finish getting ready for lunch with some lovely ladies.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Callie Leigh 

Before I Kick the Bucket


Hello, World.

I’ve mentioned on here many times that I am a huge advocate of journaling, but what I haven’t mentioned is how much I love reading through my journals after they’ve been written. I love reading my thoughts about a given situation, person, event, etc., and seeing if my opinion or thoughts have changed. I also love reading through the development of friendships and relationships. The past year has been especially awesome because so many new people have entered my life, and I wrote about almost every single one—the day I met them, the moments we shared, the thoughts I had about whether or not we would be friends, what they meant to me when I wrote about them and what they mean to me now. It’s like watching your life on playback, reliving days you wish you could actually relive, and reading about moments when you were really hurt or upset. One thing I found while going through my journal was a list entitled, “My Bucket List.” I wrote it last summer before I left for school, probably while watching Vampire Diaries, thinking my life was utterly uneventful, and deciding I should do a series of exciting things before I “kick the bucket.” As I was reading through the list, I realized everything on it is a thing I’ve either accomplished within the last year, or still really want to do. But, of course, I have a few additions to the list that have been influenced by events or people from this year. So, here’s my Bucket List 2.0 (my original list with the new additions).


My Bucket List (as of Summer 2012):

–Marry my best friend/soul mate after I graduate college

–Publish a novel before I’m 30

–Meet someone who inspires me (Sarah Dessen)

–Forgive those who have wronged me

–Love myself each and every day

–Do something crazy, and completely outside my comfort zone

–Overcome a fear

–Be more relaxed

–Befriend someone I do not like

Give someone a second chance

–Get more into music

–Learn to play an instrument (ideally: piano, realistically: guitar)

–Gradate Saint Mary’s with a high GPA

–Go to a top law school

–Help the world

–Be honest even when it’s hard

–Read as many books as possible

–Find love that makes me forget bad things happen, and that I can trust fully each and every day

Summer 2013 additions:

–Learn to surf

–Journal everyday so that I never forget all the little things

–Live on the East Coast for at least 2 years at some point in my life

–Fly First Class

–Go to Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, Bali, and basically every other place I can

–Own a coffee shop

–Win the Undo It Script Contest before I graduate

–Write something that means something to someone

–Become a great photographer

–Be more creative everyday

–Have a really fun, but serious career

–Go paddle boarding

–Learn the dance from Perks of Being a Wallflower with someone, and do it in the middle of a club

–Go to an Irish Pub

–Learn to accept that not everyone is going to like me


If you could write down all the things you wanted to do before you die, what would be on your list? Are you close to accomplishing your biggest aspirations? If not, you should get up and just…do.


Callie Leigh