Wrinkles, Hair Loss, and Night Guards … Oh My

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Hello, World!

Today I am here with that I think is a funny post. I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and I was listing out things I know use daily that I never thought I would need until I’m much older. I suppose law school stress has affected the chemical makeup of my body or changed me in ways I can no longer reverse without a little help. One of my best college friends, who is in law school in California, sent me a meme one day about how sometimes you look in the mirror and think “wow I look tired,” and then all the sudden you find yourself looking into the mirror, almost daily, and think “oh, this is just my face now.”

At the beginning of my second year of law school, I noticed that my forehead was starting to have lines… wrinkles if you will. I thought maybe it was from sleeping… but then I realized I don’t sleep on my face. So, I ordered an anti-wrinkle serum to apply nightly. I followed a recommendation of another blogger and ordered the Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. I apply it nightly before bed, along with a moisturizer. It’s helping reduce the appearance of the lines, but they remain. Honestly, at 23, I never thought anti-wrinkle anything would be part of my beauty routine.

Then, the last time my sister did my hair, she commented on its thickness… or should I say thinness? She described it as almost menopausal, as I’d lost more than half my thickness. I’d noticed that my hair was falling out, but thought it was just stress and moved on. But then my sister encouraged me to ask my doctor because the level of loss was really abnormal. We still don’t know the exact cause of my hair loss, but I’ve started a daily multi-vitamin with biotin to help foster hair growth. I also loaded up on various hair thickening products. I’ve always been a bit unhappy with the thickness of my hair, but this reached a new level. I have these baby hairs around my face I never had two years ago, and I feel like my hair looks so thin when I try to style it. It’s something I’m very insecure about and makes me hate styling my hair because I just don’t feel good about it. I’m also trying to get back to eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle, as when I was eating really well my hair looked the best it ever did. Still, I never thought hair loss would be something I was dealing with at 23.

When I visited my dentist last, he mentioned that I’m grinding my teeth. This I knew. I could feel it in my jaw after sleeping and knew my teeth were getting more and more sensitive. So, he fitted me for a night guard. Both my parents have night guards, but I never really thought I would need one this young. I guess grinding teeth is more stress related than age-specific, but still… add it to the list of things I never thought I’d need at 23.

Something I’ve often alluded to in blog posts was my struggle to adjust to living in Virginia and the stress of law school. I had health issues for months when I first moved. I never felt good, I often felt like I had the flu, and my stomach hurt every time I ate. So, I didn’t really eat anything but soup. Then I went to a gastrointestinal specialist, who said he thought I either had Chron’s or something else and said we could start with medication and go from there. So, two years later, I’m on a stomach medication that I take with meals. I don’t love taking medication, I’m the person who stubbornly avoids cold medicine and allergy medication. But, without my stomach medication, I have severe cramping when I eat. I love to eat, so obviously, this isn’t ideal. Did I think, two years ago when I was doing great and feeling great, that I’d need daily stomach medication? No. Has it become normal to me? Yes. This might be TMI, sharing this, but I think sometimes we struggle with things alone that other people may also be dealing with. I also think it’s easy to only share the positives, and ignore the negatives, which creates a distorted picture of who we are.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety. While I’m not overly vocal about it on my blog, I think I’ve been transparent that I’m an anxious person. One of my friends, who also has a lot of anxieties, recently said “we have a lot of the same anxieties. I thought I was the only one.” Having anxiety is really hard and can feel so isolating. Some people don’t have the patience or simply don’t know how to handle people with anxiety, and that can feel like they don’t care about you enough to try. One of the reasons I started reading Carly the Prepster was because she voiced so many truths about anxiety that resonated with me. I didn’t feel so alone about it. Even when we feel alone, we often aren’t, which we would realize if we’re brave enough to talk about our struggles with others.

So, I wanted to share that I use or have issues with all of this simply because some of you might be dealing with similar problems or similar stresses and thinking your body is reacting abnormally. If you read this and thought, “wow she’s got problems,” you’re not wrong, but I hope this post shed light that we all deal with things that aren’t visible on the surface and that people are good at hiding when they want to, so have empathy and don’t make assumptions!

Callie leigh

Summer Beauty Favorites

Hello, World.

When summer comes, I prefer to go lighter on my makeup, but I still like full coverage. I think a big part of summer is taking care of your skin, and making sure you’re protected while still being able to enjoy the warmer weather!

My mom bought this Korres Body Wash in the White Grape [grown in Santorini, Greece] scent, and it. is. delicious. Honestly, it smells SO fresh and clean. As soon as I smelled it, I ordered a bottle for myself. The Korres brand of shower gel is so hydrating. I’ve also never had any problems with the product irritating my skin!


I don’t change my makeup very frequently. Usually, once I find a product I like, I stick with it until I don’t like it anymore or want a change. Recently, I felt like I needed a new moisturizer. I like my skin to feel hydrated, but NOT greasy. I really dislike moisturizers that leave a filmy feel to your skin. So, I recently switched to Clinique moisture surge. It’s AMAZING. I also went through a bit of a “I don’t like any of the mascaras I’m trying. What is wrong?” phase recently. Then I was watching Carly of the College Prepster go through her summer make up routine, and she mentioned Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. My mom had recently ordered it, and didn’t like it, so offered me the tube to try. I love it! My eyelashes look fuller and more prominent, which I like. IMG_2625.JPG

Urban Decay’s Naked concealer is probably my favorite. I used it a while ago, then decided to change. But I went back to it because it’s so weightless and easy. It also covers my dark circles really well, but I don’t [think] it makes me look cake-y.

In terms of concealer, I am obsessed with IT Cosmetics CC cream with SPF 50. It’s light, provides full coverage, but isn’t too much! I highly recommend this product if you’re in search of a great foundation.

I also love Urban Decay’s sin eye primer. It’s provides a bit of shimmer, so sometimes it’s all I wear on my eyes. Other times I just put a little color in my crease. Too Faced’s chocolate sample from Sephora is a great palette. I use it sometimes for my eyes if I want to wear a bit more color. I also love the bronzer. I usually don’t wear much bronzer, but I like this one because it’s not too dark on my skin, but will add dimension.

Finally, I love the smell of Lavender. I have some spray I put on my pillows, and I usually buy candles that have lavender in them. It’s one of my favorite smells. So, this Bath & Body lotion that is Lavender and Sandalwood is perfect for summer. It smells fresh, but has woody, more earthy undertones that are perfect for summer!

What beauty products are you loving?


Callie leigh

Isn’t it the Pits? A natural way to stay fresh this summer

Hello, World.

When I moved to Virginia last August, I had trouble adjusting to the humidity. I was not used to sweating the instant I left my house. It was so hard to figure out a way to feel fresh all day, when I was otherwise sticky and just generally icky feeling. However, I think finding a good deodorant is key. While my hair was frizzy, and my skin had a constant glow, I noticed I was having more body odor than normal (this may be TMI, but hey, it happens).


Finding a good deodorant can be a difficult feat. We all want our deodorant to go on easily, not show on our clothes, and keep us smelling fresh-out-of-the-shower all day. There is nothing worse than getting white stains all over your clothes, or feeling smelly through your deodorant. However, I also can’t really handle overwhelming, super noticeable scents. I am more the “oh, I just smell this wonderful all the time” person (*insert wink face here*). I love Lavender scents or those that are more “natural” or woodsy, but I cannot stand the smell of deodorants that resemble baby powder in terms of scent.

As I get older, I think it’s very important to make sure that everything I put on my body is good for it. Most deodorants today contain aluminum, which is definitely not great  (read: not good at all) for people. So, I think this summer I’m going to steer clear of any deodorants that have aluminum and move toward deodorants that are considered “natural,” which means the deodorant has ingredients (i.e., coconut oil, shea butter, etc.) that are good for my skin, and thereby good for me.


Reviews.com recently put together a study of the best “natural” deodorant, offering great insight into what actually constitutes “natural.” Additionally, they break down the application, residue, and scent of each of the leading natural deodorants to figure out which is the best option. I think a common concern with natural deodorant is that the smell won’t be strong enough or the ingredients will make it too sticky. Reviews.com’s research gives thorough insight into what makes a natural deodorant successful. Something I found interesting is that companies are not required to disclose the ingredients of their fragrance, and it is the fragrance of their product that can usually irritate people’s skin! To read more about the research for natural deodorant, click here .


Callie leigh

How to Have Better Skin

Hello, World.

As far as skin goes, I’ve been pretty blessed. I never struggled with acne, and I would flip over about the one zit I got every six months or so. However, when I’m stressed, my skin does reflect the stress more than I like. But today I wanted to share my top tips for getting better skin!

How to Have Better Skin.png

  1. Never (I repeat, never) Sleep with Makeup. I know it can be hard every once and a while to feel motivated to take your makeup off (super late study nights, after getting home from the bar, etc.), but I really think taking a minute to wash your face will improve your skin. I used to sleep with makeup pretty often in high school, and while I didn’t have massive breakouts, I definitely noticed my skin wasn’t as healthy. You have to give your skin time to breathe, and time to replenish itself!
  2. Drink Plenty of Water. I can usually tell when I haven’t been drinking enough water because it usually shows up in my skin. My skin starts looking thirsty (hopefully that doesn’t sound weird), but honestly, my skin gets SO dry if I’m not drinking enough water.
  3. Moisturize! This sort of goes along with drinking plenty of water, but I think adding moisture to your skin is vital. I love my moisturizer (I use Philosophy Renewed Hope in a jar), and my skin looks so much better with the use of daily moisturizer. I also recommend using a clarifying lotion from Clinique twice daily. It cleanses your skin, and allows the moisturizers to better serve your skin!
  4. Clean Makeup Brushes. I feel like cleaning makeup brushes is one of the better skin tricks that is often overlooked. Think about how much makeup gets left in the brush. Putting old, dried out makeup on your skin is not ideal, but what’s worse is when bacteria builds in the brush, and you keep rubbing it over your skin. Rather than leave bacteria there to multiply, clean your brushes. Once a month is a good start, but try to work up to once a week!

I know skincare can vary on the person, and if you have something that works, maybe implement one change at a time! I do think, however, making a more conscience effort to do each of the above things has improved my skin. It’s not dry, not dull, and feels plumper!


Callie leigh

Trying Lush Again


Hello, World.

After seeing one too many Instagram posts about Lush Cosmetics, and the iconic bath bomb shot, I decided to make a trip to the closest Lush to my home, and invest in some Lush goodies. I remember when Lush first got started, my friend got some of the products and gifted them to me. I think there was a shower gel that smelled like grass, which at the time wasn’t my favorite. I wasn’t as in to natural products, and I wasn’t into fresh smells, I liked floral or even musky scents. Anyway, fast forward to my recent trip to the store, where I asked a woman working there to help me find a good face cleanser and mask. I also wanted to try a bath bomb or two because they seem fun and there’s nothing like pampering your skin!

So, after spending probably too long in the store, I left with a few products that I wanted. I got the sex bomb (jasmine scented) and the twilight bomb (lavender scented). I’ve since used both and was in love. I will probably get many more once I’m settled in my new place because we have a bathtub! I also have heard of people buying bath bombs, leaving them in the bag, and leaving them in a drawer or something in their room to make their room smell good! I may try that soon. The vibrant colors of the bath bombs are just a perk, but the real pleasure comes from the soft, silky feel of your skin after using one.

Anyway, the final two products are face focused. I bought the Cup o’ Coffee face mask because I’d heard good things, and my coffee addiction basically made a coffee flavored mask a must. I tried it, and while I don’t usually use face masks, I really liked it! The caffeine wakes up  your skin a bit, and perks it up. I also bought the Let the Good Times Roll face cleanser, which has REAL popcorn in it. I know, it sounds totally weird, but its actually awesome and smells heavenly. I love it! I’m excited to keep using it, as it’s super creamy and leaves my skin fresh and perky. I highly recommend!
vsco-photo-2.jpgI’m really excited to continue exploring all that Lush offers, and I’m curious to see the ways that the company grows! They recently introduced hair care, but I was reluctant to try it since my sister is a cosmetologist, and I usually ask her before I used hair products.

Have you tried Lush? What are your favorite products?

Callie leigh

Beauty Favorites

Hello, World.

Today I want to share my favorite beauty products at the moment. Finding good beauty products is a struggle at times because I’m pretty pale, I tend to go through phases of how I like my makeup, and its hard to find products that don’t dry out my skin. That being said, I’ve been learning a lot more about products that continually work for me, and products that don’t work for me.

Benefit dandelion blush: with a hint of shimmer, and the perfect shade of pink, I can apply more or less depending on what look I’m wanting and it always looks great!

Kat Von D tattoo line: I was having a hard time finding an eyeliner that I really liked and that went on thin while still being noticeable. Then a friend recommended this to me, and I immediately loved it! I like it too because I can wear more or less depending on what I’m doing, and it always looks smooth and dark. It’s a cross between gel and pencil.

Urban Decay Shimmer and Nude Primer: Having a good shadow primer is important to me, and the nude anti-aging primer is great for simpler looks or more natural makeup, but the shimmer is fun for having a bit of shine or glitz in your look!

What products are you loving?

Callie leigh

Summer Makeup

Hello, World.

Something that I notice every summer is when it gets really hot, I kind of hate doing my “full” makeup everyday. My eye makeup usually gets way lighter, and I’ll go with less foundation. I love using good products that are light and good for your skin. I used to use Mac foundation, but it was pretty heavy for my skin. Over the years, I’ve switched around quite a bit between brands, but I absolutely love Smashbox powder. It’s light, matches my skin well, and it easy to apply. I also recently bought the Naked Urban Decay liquid foundation, and it is utterly amazing. It is light, goes on well, silky, and just…great. I love the Naked products (I have two of the palettes).  My go-to, fast and easy makeup look for summer includes the following products:
For the lightest coverage, I only wear powder foundation. For medium coverage, I wear the Naked liquid foundation, and if I really need heavy coverage, I wear the Naked foundation and go over it with the power a little. My skin feels so soft when I wear the Naked foundation that I’ve worn it almost day since I bought it. I finish the look with a bright lip, usually a shade from Bite, Sephora, or Josie Marin. It is an easy look, but I always feel fresh and awake when I wear these products.

What are your favorite summer products?

Callie Leigh

Caring for my Skin

Hello, World.

I recently got new beauty products to care for my skin, and I wanted to share them with you. Through the years, I slacked a little too much on beauty products because I was fortunate enough to rarely break out, and so I didn’t think skin took much work. In the past year or two, though, I’ve learned that when I’m stressed, I get small blemishes, and my skin’s gotten a little bit more oily than it used to be. Apparently our skin changes as we age… but anyway, I went to this little beauty shop named The Powder Room while I was home for vacation, and I really like the products I picked up while I was home.

This cleanser is phenomenal! I absolutely love it because it’s foamy rather than gel-based, and this scent especially great because it’s so fresh and clean. I love lavender anything, and the mixture of honey and lavender is so soothing. It helps me wake up in the morning, but it’s so soothing at night! Also, the 100% Pure cosmetic line is all-natural, so you’re not putting a bunch of weird things on your face, and it’s actually really good for your skin. Image 
The Bare Minerals “Purely Moisturizing” line is really great. This is the nighttime cream, and its super silky, and makes my skin feel so soft. If you are someone who likes fairly light moisturizers, this would be a great option for you. I apply it just before I go to bed, and then cleanse my face in the morning. My skin is typically soft, but this cream makes it feel much smoother!

I also use the daytime cream from the same Bare Minerals line, and I’ve decided that I really like it, but I like the nighttime cream a little bit more. This cream has suncream in it, which is great, but there were a few occasions where I applied a little too much, and then my skin had a greasy texture because of the sunscreen. Other than that, however, this cream is great, and keeps my skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Have you tired any new beauty products recently?

Callie Leigh

Current Obsessions.

Hello, World.

Everyone has obsessions, right? Whether it’s instagram, bracelets, shoes, celebrities, whatever. So, I thought I would share my current obsessions.
current obsessions 1
Fitness: these lovely long leggings for running. Being tall, it’s difficult to find leggings that are long enough! In the Beauty category, I have a ridiculous obsession with deep lip colors. I never really used to wear anything on my lips, but since I died my hair darker I love wearing lipstick because otherwise I look even more pale than normal (which is saying something). As for my fashion obsession, that is easily these boots from LL Bean. My boot obsession, for people that know me well, is stage five. It’s rather serious, and at times fatal to my wallet, but what can I say, I love a good boot. In the craft department, I want to try DIY glitter jars. One of my resolutions is to do something crafty each week, and I have a feeling this project will be on my to-do list very soon. Another resolution is to be healthier, which is why green smoothies are my current obsession for food or recipes. They are supposed to be super good for you, and really break down the green of your choice to release all the nutrients and nourish your body. A friend who used to drink these daily once told me you have to chew each piece of lettuce in a salad 100 times before all the nutrients are released. Who has time for that when you can simply drink a smoothie while getting ready in the morning?
On the music front, Colbie Caillat’s ‘Hold On’ is on repeat in my iTunes. I love this song so much, the beat, the words, everything. It’s powerful and wakes me up in the morning. In the hair arena, I’m trying to get better at doing my hair up. I’m one of those people that is stupidly insecure when my hair is up, but I want to find hairstyles I like that are easy and quick to do on mornings when I’m running late for class. You’d think having a sister as a hair stylist would be beneficial, unfortunately she’s an artist, and I’m a little challenged when it comes to my hair. The app I’ve opened the most on my phone recently is HAUTELOOK. If you don’t know about it, go download it then continue reading this post. It’s basically Nordstrom Rack at your fingertips. Dangerous, but addictive stuff. So many good deals! Lastly, and perhaps my most severe obsession is Scandal. I’m not a huge TV person, but when I like a show, I love a show. This show is on ABC, and is fast-paced and so unpredictable I watch episode after episode without realizing how long I’ve been on my couch. Both my parents and my sister are also obsessed with it, which is awesome because we talk about it and watch it together! So, nine things I’m currently obsessed with. What are your obsessions at the moment?

Callie Leigh


Hello, World.

            Through the years I have continually gotten questions about how I do my makeup, whether or not I wear fake eyelashes, and told that my makeup always looks nice. So, in honor of all the questions I’ve received about how I do my makeup, I’ve decided to give an explanation, and share what products I use! So, I use eleven products every single day, no matter how I end up doing my eye makeup. It may seem like a lot, but amount is key, and once you invest in the ten products, they should last a long time if you don’t overuse them.


1)   Urban Decay Naked Palate: I use this palate daily. It has so many great colors, and since I have green eyes, the brown tones look great with my eye color. I’m also on the fair side as far as skin tone, so the shades aren’t too dark for my skin, and they’re not too colorful. I’ve had this palate for almost a year, and the colors I use the most frequently are Virgin, Sin, Half Baked, Smog, Dark Horse, and Toasted. I use Dark Horse or Toasted in my crease, then use a mix of a darker shadow in the corner to blend the bottom part of my eye with my crease, then apply Smog or Toasted all over, then add a bit of Half Baked to the first half of my eye to add a little highlight to the inner part of my eye. Once this portion of my eye is complete, I use my all over base to highlight the area between the crease of my eye and my eyebrow. Tip: clean eye brush regularly so that when you change eye shadow color the new color not tainted by the previous color. Also, cleaning brushes kills bacteria.

2)   Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder (fair): This is face powder I use. I have tried numerous cover-ups over the years, including Mac, Mary Kay, Sheercover, Mally, liquids, powder, liquids that dry as powder etc. My mom is a makeup nut, and she goes through makeup like crazy, insisting you have to try everything before you really know which is the best fit for your skin. I love the Smashbox power because it is light, stays on all day, and is the perfect tone for my skin, not too dark, not too light.

3)   Mac Pinch Me Blush: This product is fantastic as blush. It’s not too pinky, but if I accidently apply a little too much, and it looks pinker than I want, then I usually swipe a little of the Smashbox powder over it to tone down the pinkness. I don’t believe this particular color is available anymore, but I would say any of the Mac blushes that have a lot of pink would be similar. When I apply my blush, I smile a little bit, and apply the blush directly to my cheekbone, and up near the edge of my eye so that it looks more natural than just a line of blush from nose to earlobe.

4)   Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube: So, for this product there are two choices depending on what look I am going for. If I want a little more shimmer, I use the Sin version of the primer (gold tube), but if I want a really light, natural look I use the original (purple tube). This stuff is seriously magic. It keeps my shadow in place all day, without smudging. Using a primer also allows for the shadows to show up a little darker while using less, so you won’t have to keep buying shadows because they will not be running out as quickly.

5)   Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black: This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used. My eyelashes are fairly long naturally, but this mascara makes it so that I can use less mascara and get my eyelashes really long, and they do not clump. If you want your eyelashes to look really long, or maybe a little longer, I would recommend in picking this mascara up on your next visit to Sephora.

6)   Benefit Fake Up Concealer: I am cursed with extremely dark circles under my eyes, and it’s very hard for me to find a concealer that covers them without it being super thick. This new concealer by Benefit is light, and has a bit of collagen so that your eyes look awake. I just bought it recently on a trip to San Francisco, and I’ve used it everyday since. I’ve found it works best if you use a foundation brush or concealer brush to apply versus just using your finger.

7)   Mac Shroom Eyeshadow: I use this after I put on my primer, as an all over eye shadow. As I said in the primer section, primers really make your shadow stick and make them a little darker. So, I use this color (or the Virgin or Sin in the Urban Decay Palate if you want to just buy the palate) as a way of putting a light layer between the primer and my darker shadows so the darker shadows aren’t too dark, but it also keeps the primer there so the darker shadows still show up in the shade I want.

8)   Tarte Black EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay eyeliner: This is a liquid liner that is applied with a brush, and then dries to look more like pencil eyeliner. It is magic. I’ve tried many eyeliners, and I’ve found this is the system that works best for me. I like the easy application of liquid liners, but like the look of pencil liners, which is why this is the best option for me. I like a smaller line of eyeliner so I use the thinner end of the brush that comes with this liner, and I take a finger and pull my lid tight so it’s a bit elongated so that I have a straight line to apply liner to (a trick I learned from my sister when I first started wearing makeup, and this works for any kind of liner).

So, those are the products I use, and how I use them everyday. I also use three other products to maintain my skin, and those are the following:


1)   Philosophy Release Me Makeup Remover: I used to use Mally makeup remover only, but then when I was going to college, I didn’t want to have to order my remover every time I needed it, so instead I switched to the Philosophy remover that is available at Sephora and Nordstrom (and anywhere that sells Philosophy products). It’s great because it isn’t too oily, and it always gets ALL my makeup off. However, I’m a little crazy when it comes to oil, and so usually I take my makeup off after washing my face, then take a fresh cotton ball and wet it with water, then go over my eyes with the wet cotton ball.  

2)   L’Occitane en Provence Angelica Cleansing Gel: I love this cleanser! I used to only use cleansers that were creamy, but this gel is light, has a nice scent, and keeps my skin soft and blemish-less. I used to use the moisturizer also, and do occasionally, but I’ve switched over to my next item.

3)   Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: I’ve never had overly dry skin, but sometimes I just want an extra shine, and a little extra moisture. This sorbet is a great moisturizer, and it keeps my skin super moist. It also has a great scent, and is an all natural product so it is great for your skin!

Skincare is different for everyone, but those are the products I use to maintain my skin. I hope this answers the questions about how I do my makeup or just gives a little advice on which products work great for natural looks!


Callie Leigh