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Marie Kondo

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Toward the end of fall semester, I started feeling like I had too much stuff. I think the feeling was exacerbated by also feeling like I didn’t have enough space to adequately store my stuff. Lack of closet space, lack of bins to put miscellaneous items, etc. all contributed to feeling really overwhelmed. Over the last few years, I’ve said I need to go through my closet but just haven’t made the time to do it. Continue reading “Marie Kondo”

Apartment Decorating on a Budget

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I’m having so much fun piecing together the design plan for my first place that’s all mine (plus my roommates!). I’m so excited to decorate a room with my own furniture, and my own vibe, and have it be a sanctuary that I can escape to after a long day of law school. As I got quite a bit of money from various people following graduation, and I decided the adult thing to do is to put all the money toward purchasing stuff for my place, as well as my textbooks and other important things. This is adulting at its finest. *wink wink* Anyway, as I’ve been looking, I realized that finding great deals can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know where to start, but I’m here to round up my favorite places for high quality decor that don’t break the bank.

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Joss & Main: I heard about this store from a few people, and after browsing around Pinterest, it seemed to come up frequently as popular pick. So, I looked through the website, and while large items were still a bit out of my price range, I did appreciate the other decor, especially their throw pillows. I plan to purchase their pillows for my bed, and a lot of their knickknack items will likely find their way onto my nightstand. I think if you’re on a budget, but can afford to spend a bit more, this is a great home decor option!

Wayfair: I sister store to Joss & Main, Wayfair is a hugely popular brand for getting great style for less. I first heard about Wayfair when I fell in love with the looks on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and found out that Joanna Gaines often uses Wayfair for her home decor. I plan to get a lot of my furniture from Wayfair, and I also love their pillows, wall decor. If you want great looking pieces, AND free shipping, Wayfair is a great option.

Overstock: I don’t typically go to Overstock, but they carry so much stuff, and I actually found an awesome bed from here that I’m getting for my room. I think Overstock is the place to check if you get inspired by something, but it’s pretty steep in price. The bed I found was actually cheaper than any beds I liked on Joss & Main and Wayfair (that were in my price range). Therefore, I think Overstock is a great plac to check if you’re having trouble finding a piece you like for a reasonable price. I usually find a piece I’m inspired by, and try to find a similar piece for less.

PB Teen: Though advertised as a teen store, I think PB Teen has some really awesome items, especially when it comes to bulletin boards and other wall hangings. I also think if you like Pottery Barn furniture, but it’s too much money, you can often find similar items on the Teen store’s website for less, and they tend to have some pretty good back to school sales!

World Market: Cost Plus World Market is one of my favorite home decorating stores. They have such great stuff, and the vibe often ranges from tailored and coastal to bohemian. I love World Market for all kitchen ware, and I also think their furniture is amazing. Their velvet couches are to die for. I also love their dining chairs, but I usually use them as desk chairs. I’d highly recommend scouting World Market or sales, and would definitely recommend getting dishes and mugs from there!

So those are my go to stores for stylish living on a budget! Are there any you’ve found that I didn’t list? I’d love to hear from you, as trying to furnish a place is quite a feat!

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Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

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I did a post a while back with some inspiration I had for my first place, which is a three bedroom townhouse in VA! I wanted to do a updated series about finding pieces for my first place, and updates about how the design I have in mind for the space. As I’ve mentioned several times, I lived in the dorms all four years of college, and so I’m so so excited to have a space all my own to decorate. Also, the way that the rooms worked out among my roommates means that I will have a bedroom, and then have reign over our loft space to create a little office space. So, for the first time in four years, my bedroom and study spaces are separate. For my bedroom space, I want a very airy, minimalist, and feminine space. I want zero clutter, as dorm life seriously turns you off to overcrowded spaces. I also want clean, white furniture as I’m trying to recover from four years of dingy brown, wooden furniture that’s been through way too much! Anyway, here are the rooms I found on Pinterest that gave me inspiration:

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I love the gallery wall above her bed! I definitely want to create something similar, maybe with a few less items. I do want to add textures, and and add a few inspirational quotes or photos. I think waking up to an inspirational wall, or having it visible right when you walk into a space, is definitely a great way to begin your day. e5c73c695800734755db924f1c5374cb

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The above bedroom is the room of Jess from Bows and Sequins. Seriously her room is perfect, and similar to what I had in mind. I love how airy it feels, while still having plenty of feminine touches. I also feel like her room is very grown up and tailored while still having good mixtures of texture.


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Love the brightness of this space. It feels so clean and feminine. I love the idea of fresh flowers next to the bed, and I love gold touches with blush. Therefore my color scheme for my room will be similar to that of my blog:


Similar to my blog, I plan to do a lot of white, with touches of gold, blush, and navy. I want the main color to be white to keep it light and airy. I plan to get furniture that has a white finish, and white bedding. I plan to reuse the blush quilt I had in my dorm room senior year at the foot of my bed, and then add some fun pillows! I also want to add some gray into the room because I think gray is a calming neutral. Here is a mock up of the bed I want to create, but with a C monogram pillow, obviously! Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.08.09 PM.png

I’ll have a very light gray stripe on my bedding, and a blush quilt on the foot of the bed. I will also have two side tables that I plan to decorate with candles, lamps, and flowers on one and coffee table books on the other. I will also be putting a dresser in my room. But other than that, I am trying to cut down on furniture. Depending on space, I MAY add a small makeup station.

Where are your favorite places to find deals on furniture for a first place?

Callie leigh

Apartment Inspiration

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I am SO excited to announce that I recently signed a lease for a townhouse in Williamsburg, VA! Signing the lease made it feel much more real that I’m moving east, and that change is occurring, but I’m so excited! I’m living with two roommates, one from Alabama and one from New York. I met them at admitted students weekend, and they are both super super nice, and we were always be on the same page while we were looking a various places. Anyway, I could not be more excited about living OUT of the residence halls, and I am SO excited to begin decorating my little sanctuary of a room in the new place. After four years of dorm furniture and clutter, I’m going minimalist on the room layout. I want everything white and bright and airy and comfortable! In other words, I want hardly any clunky furniture, a lot of clean lines, and soft textures. So, today I wanted to share a little inspiration board, which is what I’m going for as of now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.20.15 PM.png

As you’ve probably realized, I have a thing for gold, navy and blush together. I love the airy shade of blush, with the pop of glitz that is gold, and navy is classic and a color I never get sick of. I want white furniture, with a cute gallery wall, and candles. The way our townhouse is set up, I have the smallest room, so rather than have my desk in my bedroom, I’m going to commandeer the little loft space we have (my roommates approved) as an office space. In order to keep our place presentable and cute, I am going to do a clean white desk, with hopefully the gold scalloped bulletin board above it, a gold desk lamp, and some fun desk supplies! I also LOVE the idea of doing a padded, patterned chair with it. If I’m going to be a slave to my desk while in law school, I at least want to be comfortable!

In my bedroom, I plan to do the scalloped bed or something similar, with white bedding, colorful throw pillows, and a blanket at the foot of my bed, then I will keep all my books in a white bookcase, along with some nick knack items. I will also need to get a set of drawers because I have so many clothes… and I need to take my whole wardrobe with me since I can’t just run home and swap seasons. So, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to items or rooms styles I want to emulate (it’s called ‘adulting’ because even though I’m an adult, moving into an actual townhouse makes it feel more real).

Shop this inspiration:

Bed: Pb Teen
Pillows: 1, 2, 3
Bookcase: IKEA
Library Card Print: Minted
Scalloped Bulletin: PB Teen
White Desk: Pb Teen
Desk Lamp: Target
Stapler: Kate Spade
Candle: Saks Fifth Avenue
Desk Chair: World Market

A lot of the items I am inspired by are a little expensive, so I’m going to look for cheaper versions, or may DIY some stuff! Regardless, I am so so excited to start looking for decorations and to work with my roommates on the rest of the house! One of my roommates already has some amazing stuff that she’ll be bringing so I think it’s going to be a great place!

Callie leigh

Home Inspiration

Hello, World!

After living in the residence halls for three and a half years, I’m feeling a little antsy. I’m loving my job, but I am also really looking forward to feeling slightly more adult and independent by having an apartment of some kind. Depending on what I end up doing for law school, I will likely either live on campus or live off campus. Regardless, I will have some sort of apartment style housing (with separate rooms for my kitchen, bedroom, and living area…that is insane!) I was recently scrolling through Pinterest, and couldn’t help but totally obsess about how cute some people’s apartments are! Seriously, some people really have a great sense of style that translates super well into their homes! So, without further ado, I wanted to share with you my favorite rooms/greatest inspiration I came across on Pinterest.1b4ebabf13328ba7bcc440ea22a1894c813e2f9e9326c3d88c653c0b2f718946a0709d4c9ed697b3586c209206cd5f85b755e15740d5eaad5e04b47eb1aa09ceb1e4b3a30e381e587adb9ffeb813246fe954341b55816c345c5e912ad7fcc181

all photos via Pinterest

There is something about a gallery wall that I just love, especially in a living room above a beautiful couch! I love the look of layering textures and colors with phrases and other things to create an amazing gallery! I think gallery walls are also a really great way to show your personality in your apartment or home without being totally overpowering.

Something I think is super important in a home is comfort. I love lush fabrics and rooms that just look totally comfortable while also being really pretty. I love super puffy duvet covers and throw pillows and comfortable blankets! The room with a huge black and white print of JFK is perfect. I want to get my favorite print of Audrey Hepburn blown up and framed to put over my bed! I also love a good headboard. The shape of the headboard in the last photo is perfect. I love it! I’m also partial to fabric based headboards rather than wood headboards.

What decor do you think makes a home?

Callie leigh