101 Things in 1001 Days

Hello, World.

I was inspired by Mackenzie Horan’s 101 Things in 1001 Days post series. What is this thing I speak of? Well, it’s essentially a list of 101 things I want to complete in 1001 days. New Years Resolutions are hard to stick to, and sometimes we set goals that we know are unattainable while we set them, but we set them anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t say unattainable, but I should say that we often set goals for ourselves where we know we probably won’t put in the time and energy to achieve them. The reason I like this post idea is that it isn’t necessarily goals. Some are goal-like, and some are more like personal challenges, but I think it’s an effective way to keep a running tab of things you want to complete, and it gives you 2.75 years to complete it! That’s plenty of time to accomplish more than enough of what you want to do! So, the idea is to make a list of things, and then set a start and end date. I plan to do little updates and a final review! I realized when I inputted the dates that by the time I’m done with this I’ll be done with law school. That was an odd feeling. It still feels like there’s this never-ending journey in front of me, but in reality, the time is precious!

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 11.07.37 PM.png
START DATE: September 14, 2016
END DATE: June 11, 2019

Final Total Completed: 48; Final Total Incomplete: 52

Here is my list:

  1. Come up with 101 things.
  2. Go a month without spending money on clothes/fun items.
  3. Publish a blog post every day for a month.
  4. Discover a new TV show. (This Is Us, Sept. 2016) 
  5. Work out three times a week for a month.  (Spring 2017)
  6. Try 5 new healthy recipes.
  7. Learn to grill.
  8. Get to bed by 11 p.m. every night for three weeks. (spring 2018)
  9. Partner up with another blogger for a post.
  10. Double my Instagram following.
  11. Do 15 new fashion posts.
  12. Take photos of Williamsburg in the Fall. (October/November 2016)
  13. Spend 20 minutes blogging or reading before bed for two weeks.
  14. Do 20 squats every day for two weeks. (Spring 2017)
  15. Visit my friend in Boston. (TRIP in Oct. 2018)
  16. Visit Virginia Beach.
  17. Take a road trip with friends.
  18. Complete December Daily again. (December 2016. Check it out here.)
  19. Go 48 hours without social media.
  20. Go swimming in the Atlantic.
  21. Go to an amusement park.
  22. Read a non-fiction novel. (Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham, December 2016)
  23. Listen to a podcast series. (Young Adulting)
  24. Play Never Have I Ever with my law school friends.
  25. Host a tea party with friends.
  26. Have a picnic on the main W&M campus with friends.
  27. Host a brunch at the house.
  28. Learn to play golf (this one’s for you, Dad!)
  29. See 11 new movies. (The Post; The Greatest Showman; Home Again; Wonder; Fifty Shades Freed; I, Tonya; The Darkest Hour; Call Me By Your Name; Lady Bird; Love, Simon; I Feel Pretty; Life of the Party; Bohemian Rhapsody; A Star Is Born; Mary Poppins Returns; Green Book; Little Women; Life Itself)
  30. Read 11 new books. (Talking As Fast As I Can; Small Admissions; I’ll See You in Paris; Lunch in Paris; Commonwealth; The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living; Call Me By Your Name; Little Fires Everywhere; The Great Alone; The Lost Vintage; The Summer Wives; The Late Bloomer’s Club; Ghosted; Euphoria; The Female Persuasion; She Regrets Nothing; An American Marriage; Educated; You Me Everything; )
  31. Re-Read the entire Harry Potter Series.
  32. Do a DIY project for the house.
  33. Learn to braid my hair.
  34. Surprise someone I love.
  35. Give someone a gift for no apparent reason.
  36. Try 4 new restaurants. DC — Le Diplomate; Circa; Ristorante Piccolo (I still think about this meal); Founding Farmers
  37. Attend a William and Mary Football game. (Sept. 17 2016)
  38. Find the Crim Dell Bridge (and Instagram it, obviously)October 9, 2016
  39. Finish the A Beautiful Mess Photography Course.
  40. Visit 4 new places. (Washington, DC; Boston; Maryland; )
  41. Spend an entire day relaxing with friends.
  42. Spend a full day with my sister and Greg. (Summer 2017)
  43. Make something for my niece.
  44. Improve my handwriting.
  45. Get a good summer job. (Legal Services of Northern CA, Summer 2017; Federal Communications Commission, Summer 2018)
  46. Get out of bed every day at 7:00 am for two weeks.
  47. Stop hitting snooze.
  48. Improve my presence on all social media accounts.
  49. Visit Saint Mary’s when I’m in CA.   (Mar. 2018)
  50. Make a Scrapbook of my 1L year.
  51. Make a law journal. (Business Law Review)
  52. Get involved in at least two things at the law school. (William and Mary Business Law Review, Student Intellectual Property Society)
  53. Be featured on another Instagram account. (History in High Heels, here).
  54. Try fried Brussel sprouts.
  55. Go 2 weeks without sugar (chocolate, etc.)
  56. Connect with a blogger I admire.
  57. Send postcards to my college friends.
  58. Watch a sporting event in a bar.
  59. Feature friends in a law school series. (Evelyn: Taking Law School to Work, Holly: Posted about Graduate School)
  60. Visit New York.
  61. Go to Washington, D.C. for the first time! (Feb. 2018, will be spending summer 2018 there)
  62. Vote in the Presidential Election. (2016 Election; Trump v. Clinton)
  63. Journal every day for a month.
  64. Find a good VA wine.
  65. Go wine tasting in VA.
  66. Get a good job upon graduating law school.
  67. Visit a new state. (Massachusetts)
  68. Visit 4 new states that are not already included in previous items.
  69. Visit Nantucket.
  70. See Monticello.
  71. Visit Mount Vernon.
  72. Cultivate a more “grown-up” wardrobe.
  73. Get rid of clothing I don’t wear. (Jan. 2019)
  74. Write a children’s story for my niece.
  75. Solidify my personal style.
  76. Go a week without caffeine. (October 2016, after having health issues)
  77. Learn to ride a bike.
  78. Watch the sunset with friends.
  79. Take a tour of Jamestown. (October 9, 2016)
  80. See Yorktown. (October 2016).
  81. Visit my aunt in North Carolina. (Thanksgiving 2016)
  82. Buy someone’s drink behind me at Starbucks.
  83. Try being a vegetarian for two weeks.
  84. Overcome my fear of cold-calling. (Stopped caring in Constitutional Law Spring 2017 – I was forced to just be okay with the cold calling *laughs*)
  85. Reach out to a friend I fell out of touch with.
  86. Visit Ireland.
  87. Try something outside my comfort zone. (Soul Cycle was definitely outside my comfort zone when I started this list)
  88. Develop a morning routine.
  89. FaceTime a friend I haven’t seen in a while. (Holly, 2018)
  90. Start sending letters to my pen pal again.
  91. Read 5 classics.
  92. Go to a concert.
  93. Learn a better way to manage money.
  94. Mail a care package to my sister when my niece is born. (January 2017)
  95. Try a spin class. Sept. 26, 2016
  96. Somehow talk to Stephanie Danler & read whatever new release she has.
  97. Graduate law school.
  98. Dedicate more consistent time to blogging.
  99. Get back into a yoga practice.
  100. Create a Williamsburg, VA travel guide.
  101. Start writing again.

I’m SO excited to start this and hope I’m successful. I am looking forward to pushing myself to do some things I’ve always wanted to do. I encourage you all to make your own lists! You can see a ton of sample lists on Mackenzie’s site.

Callie leigh

Home for the Holidays (2014)

Hello, World.

As I write this, I’m a little startled that is January 4, 2015 already. I can’t believe 2014 is gone, the holidays are over, and I’m already back at school. As I drove back to campus yesterday, I couldn’t help but think that break was SO nice. Honestly, I needed a serious reset after last semester, and break helped me do just that. I wanted to share some of my adventures from while I was home! I seriously enjoyed time with my family, as I always do. This break felt different than previous years, though. I felt older, and I wasn’t rushing to get back to school so I really soaked up time with the family!


IMG_5096IMG_5211IMG_5242IMG_5177IMG_5216IMG_5288Prior to Christmas, I wrapped gifts, watched Christmas movies next to our Christmas tree, and enjoyed too many cups of hot coco. I also got my nails done for the holidays because I am a firm believer that even your nails need the holiday spirit!


IMG_5292IMG_5293On Christmas Eve, my family always goes to my one of the aunt’s houses to celebrate with my mom’s side of the family. This year we went to my Aunt Kathy’s. The celebration was great, with lots of good food and plenty of laughter. My sister got my family ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters, though my dad didn’t really buy in to that whole idea (as seen above). Christmas morning was even better! We opened gifts, drank coffee, and then made eggs Benedict as is our tradition. I got so many great things! Honestly, I’m so blessed and so thankful to have the family I do.


IMG_5279IMG_5366This break I saw my close friends, Lindy and Rossy. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo with Rossy, but we did meet for coffee and that was lovely. These two girls are my oldest friends. I’ve been close with Lindy since 7th grade, and Rossy and I met in 9th grade. Lindy turned 21 this year, so I celebrated her birthday with her, and we also met for breakfast at Cafe Coda, exchanged gifts, and then got our hair done together because we happened to schedule appointments at my sister’s salon for the same time. She’s such a sweetheart, and I’m glad we’ve always stayed close!


IMG_5130 IMG_5108 IMG_5399IMG_5331My family is a bit of baby central lately! My cousin, Cameron, just had a beautiful baby girl named Carter, and my cousin, Chase, announced he and his fiance will be having a baby in May. Chase and his fiance had a gender reveal party, at which the family learned they are having a baby boy! So exciting! At all events with baby Carter, though, I tried to hold her because she’s just adorable. During the rest of break, I helped my sister plan her wedding! We met with her photographer, and then we went bridesmaid dress shopping. We also went to this awesome store that rents vintage and antique chinaware for weddings. My sister wants to do mixed china since she’s going for a more bohemian theme! All the wedding stuff was so fun, and I’m so excited for my sister to get married. The other thing I did with my sister was get sushi tacos! They sound weird, and definitely look weird too, but they are SOOO good!


IMG_5277 IMG_5383I went to Barnes and Noble a few times with my parents! I also started reading Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan, though truth be told I haven’t finished it yet. I started watching The Good Wife before break, and I got a little hooked, so my family watched up to season 5 with me! Yikes, that’s so much television compared to normal.


IMG_5412 IMG_5424As I’ve mentioned before, my family got this adorable puppy, Sophie. She’s kind of a crazy thing, but she’s also so sweet. There is nothing like puppy snuggles to welcome you home. She’s so cute, and she’s got some attitude! I loved spending time with her this break, and I’m going to miss her so much while I’m at school.

New Year’s Eve

IMG_5374On New Year’s Eve, my parents and I went to a cocktail party at my aunt’s house. It was fun, and we rang in 2015. My family’s never really done anything special to celebrate the new year, but this year was fun. I basically just drank sparkling cider and held baby Carter.


IMG_5356 IMG_5404As you probably noticed, I tried to do a lot of blogging and blog planning over break. During the school year it is so hard for me to sit down everyday and actually be able to devote time to this blog. I try really hard, but still manage to come up short now and again. Over break, I did the Blog Design e-couse from A Beautiful Mess, which taught me so much and made me really excited for what’s coming. I have so many ideas and plans, I just need to sit down with my friend who helps me with design, and brainstorm. Basically, though, I’m really excited to take this blog to the next level. Also, my sister got me the sign “Bloggers Gonna Blog,” a spin of Taylor Swift’s “Haters Gonna Hate,” and I love it SO much. Gold foil, sass, and blogging all in one? Yes, please!

And that basically wraps up my holiday break 2014! I’m so blessed, and I’m so rejuvenated to start 2015 with a bang! I hope you had or are having a great holiday break, too.

Callie leigh

Looking Back on Jan Term.

Hello, World.

Jan Term is officially over. As I type that, I feel so sad because Jan Term being over means that Spring semester begins in roughly nine days. That means a full schedule, tons of books, assignments and essays, and just…more work. This Jan Term was great. Although it was a lot of work, and I had way more reading than any of my friends, I thoroughly enjoyed my class topic, my classmates, and my professor. We had some really insightful discussions concerning race relations, Southern society misconceptions, gender ambiguity, social categorization, and finally, systems of power. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to take a class solely dedicated to William Faulkner. I had never read him before other than a short story, and I was unsure I would like him, and find myself stuck in a month-long course with only him. It would be like sitting in that overheated room mentioned in the opening of Absalom, Absalom! It wouldn’t be very fun, but alas, I am so happy I decided to take the course. In the last four weeks, I read 1186 pages, wrote four 3-page responses, and a final paper that totaled 10 pages when all was said and done.

In the past four weeks, I visited the City, explored new areas, and reconnected with old friends. Though this Jan Term was completely different than last Jan Term (in terms of scheduling, who was around, and the fact that I was intensely studying a famous writer and not spending my days writing my own work), I still enjoyed it for many of the same reasons. Only having one class is simpler, and easier, and allows me to get to know my friends better, and go on new adventures. I’m content with where I am right now, but I’m hoping this coming semester will bring more adventures, and new beginnings. Jan Term is my favorite part of the academic year because it’s just simpler, and I have so much more free time. I also like Jan Term break because it gives me a week to rest again before Spring Semester. I have the tendency to sleep on a weird schedule during Jan Term because I don’t have class until noon, and then I’m usually hanging out with friends at night.

I know I usually wrap up major moments from a given month in monthly recaps, but I feel like Jan Term in itself is a major moment. When I got home yesterday, my mom commented on how this Jan Term flew by in comparison to my first January Term, and she had a great point. Last January felt like four months not four weeks, and time almost feels suspended during January. The same was partially true this year, but I definitely felt like I got to the final day, and couldn’t understand how a month had already passed! Anyway, today is my first day of Jan Term break, and I’m going house hunting with my sister and her boyfriend, then working on Resident Advisor and Orientation Leader applications. Here are some of my favorite photos from January:
I know that I included this just a few posts ago, but I’m so glad I finally got to see the Painted Ladies in person! IMG_2312
I went to a basketball game on campus, and held a sign of one of our best players!
I furthered my addiction to Vitality Bowls. Seriously the best meal. So healthy, yet filling.
I spent time with friends, especially my friend, Andee, who is my wonderfully talented photographer (check out her photography blog here).
I woke up in the morning to finish reading for class, and enjoy a cup of coffee.
I went to this adorable independent movie theatre, and wrote a review of American Hustle for The Collegian.
I had a junk food and movie night with my hall mates. We watched The Devil Wears Prada, which I found ironic since we were downing food that’s terrible for us while watching a movie about how it is socially unacceptable to be bigger than a size 2.
City Trip number 1.
Sushi and nail date with Andee.
Went exploring around my beautiful campus.

Overall, Jan Term was awesome, and I’m sad to see it go, but I am excited for Spring Semester and my new classes. A lot of things are going to be happening: figuring out summer plans, figuring out which position on campus I will be holding (if I get one), and just figuring out my life plan in general.

Callie leigh

Before I Kick the Bucket


Hello, World.

I’ve mentioned on here many times that I am a huge advocate of journaling, but what I haven’t mentioned is how much I love reading through my journals after they’ve been written. I love reading my thoughts about a given situation, person, event, etc., and seeing if my opinion or thoughts have changed. I also love reading through the development of friendships and relationships. The past year has been especially awesome because so many new people have entered my life, and I wrote about almost every single one—the day I met them, the moments we shared, the thoughts I had about whether or not we would be friends, what they meant to me when I wrote about them and what they mean to me now. It’s like watching your life on playback, reliving days you wish you could actually relive, and reading about moments when you were really hurt or upset. One thing I found while going through my journal was a list entitled, “My Bucket List.” I wrote it last summer before I left for school, probably while watching Vampire Diaries, thinking my life was utterly uneventful, and deciding I should do a series of exciting things before I “kick the bucket.” As I was reading through the list, I realized everything on it is a thing I’ve either accomplished within the last year, or still really want to do. But, of course, I have a few additions to the list that have been influenced by events or people from this year. So, here’s my Bucket List 2.0 (my original list with the new additions).


My Bucket List (as of Summer 2012):

–Marry my best friend/soul mate after I graduate college

–Publish a novel before I’m 30

–Meet someone who inspires me (Sarah Dessen)

–Forgive those who have wronged me

–Love myself each and every day

–Do something crazy, and completely outside my comfort zone

–Overcome a fear

–Be more relaxed

–Befriend someone I do not like

Give someone a second chance

–Get more into music

–Learn to play an instrument (ideally: piano, realistically: guitar)

–Gradate Saint Mary’s with a high GPA

–Go to a top law school

–Help the world

–Be honest even when it’s hard

–Read as many books as possible

–Find love that makes me forget bad things happen, and that I can trust fully each and every day

Summer 2013 additions:

–Learn to surf

–Journal everyday so that I never forget all the little things

–Live on the East Coast for at least 2 years at some point in my life

–Fly First Class

–Go to Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, Bali, and basically every other place I can

–Own a coffee shop

–Win the Undo It Script Contest before I graduate

–Write something that means something to someone

–Become a great photographer

–Be more creative everyday

–Have a really fun, but serious career

–Go paddle boarding

–Learn the dance from Perks of Being a Wallflower with someone, and do it in the middle of a club

–Go to an Irish Pub

–Learn to accept that not everyone is going to like me


If you could write down all the things you wanted to do before you die, what would be on your list? Are you close to accomplishing your biggest aspirations? If not, you should get up and just…do.


Callie Leigh