Christmas Recap

Hello, World.
Today is December 26, which means that Christmas has come and gone much faster than you can say, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” It always amazes me how there is so much build-up to Christmas, and how much excitement surrounds it, and yet the day of Christmas always seems to pass so quickly. When my sister arrived at my parent’s house for Christmas morning, she made a joke that Christmas is the one day of the year that I am a morning person. She definitely had a point. Every Christmas Eve, my mom and I still put out milk and cookies for Santa, and read The Night Before Christmas, and cuddle on the couch next to the tree and fire before going to sleep. We’re also allowed to open one gift, and my mom always acts like it’s some huge, unknown gift, but we all know it’s our special jammies to wear on Christmas Eve, and while we open gifts in the morning. On Christmas morning, my sister jumps on me to wake me up, and we each make hot coco or coffee, and then distribute our gifts and stockings. Our method of opening gifts is rather unorganized, but yet still works. We open “all at once,” but it usually works out so that we each watch on person open, then just go around the room. I love watching people open gifts. Their reactions are always priceless, especially my mom, who is always convinced she didn’t get anything, and then LOVES whatever we got her. This year my sister gave her homemade Angel Pagan wings because my mom is a huge Pagan fan, and we have tickets to the Giants games. So, here are some snapshots of my Christmas Eve, and Christmas:
Anyway, this Christmas was pretty low-key, but overall it was relaxing, and everyone got wonderful gifts. Also, there was lots of good food, which always makes for a happy household. How was you Christmas? Enjoy today!

Callie Leigh

Before I Kick the Bucket


Hello, World.

I’ve mentioned on here many times that I am a huge advocate of journaling, but what I haven’t mentioned is how much I love reading through my journals after they’ve been written. I love reading my thoughts about a given situation, person, event, etc., and seeing if my opinion or thoughts have changed. I also love reading through the development of friendships and relationships. The past year has been especially awesome because so many new people have entered my life, and I wrote about almost every single one—the day I met them, the moments we shared, the thoughts I had about whether or not we would be friends, what they meant to me when I wrote about them and what they mean to me now. It’s like watching your life on playback, reliving days you wish you could actually relive, and reading about moments when you were really hurt or upset. One thing I found while going through my journal was a list entitled, “My Bucket List.” I wrote it last summer before I left for school, probably while watching Vampire Diaries, thinking my life was utterly uneventful, and deciding I should do a series of exciting things before I “kick the bucket.” As I was reading through the list, I realized everything on it is a thing I’ve either accomplished within the last year, or still really want to do. But, of course, I have a few additions to the list that have been influenced by events or people from this year. So, here’s my Bucket List 2.0 (my original list with the new additions).


My Bucket List (as of Summer 2012):

–Marry my best friend/soul mate after I graduate college

–Publish a novel before I’m 30

–Meet someone who inspires me (Sarah Dessen)

–Forgive those who have wronged me

–Love myself each and every day

–Do something crazy, and completely outside my comfort zone

–Overcome a fear

–Be more relaxed

–Befriend someone I do not like

Give someone a second chance

–Get more into music

–Learn to play an instrument (ideally: piano, realistically: guitar)

–Gradate Saint Mary’s with a high GPA

–Go to a top law school

–Help the world

–Be honest even when it’s hard

–Read as many books as possible

–Find love that makes me forget bad things happen, and that I can trust fully each and every day

Summer 2013 additions:

–Learn to surf

–Journal everyday so that I never forget all the little things

–Live on the East Coast for at least 2 years at some point in my life

–Fly First Class

–Go to Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, Bali, and basically every other place I can

–Own a coffee shop

–Win the Undo It Script Contest before I graduate

–Write something that means something to someone

–Become a great photographer

–Be more creative everyday

–Have a really fun, but serious career

–Go paddle boarding

–Learn the dance from Perks of Being a Wallflower with someone, and do it in the middle of a club

–Go to an Irish Pub

–Learn to accept that not everyone is going to like me


If you could write down all the things you wanted to do before you die, what would be on your list? Are you close to accomplishing your biggest aspirations? If not, you should get up and just…do.


Callie Leigh

If Everything was Free

Hello, World.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks (August 1st), and people in my life keep asking me what I would like. I answer them with the usual things, maybe a gift card to iTunes, Barnes and Noble, or a Visa gift card. But honestly, there are things that I want that I would feel weird asking for as a birthday gift. Maybe it’s because they’re kind of expensive, but I don’t know, usually I don’t even care if people get me a gift, just as long as I get to see them and spend time with them, especially if they’re people I don’t see often. My sister asked me what I thought I wanted to do for my birthday this year, and I had no idea how to answer that question. All my close friends live in other places than where I currently am, and my close friends from Chico aren’t really a cohesive group. I thought about just going to dinner, but I don’t know. I feel like I’m really big on celebrating other people’s birthdays, but when it comes to mine, I never know what I want or what I want to do.

However, if I had to compile a birthday wish list for the birthday version of Santa, or everything was free, it would probably look something like this:


1)   I’ve wanted a really good camera for years, but have never gotten one that is really sturdy, and my cameras usually break despite the fact that I take really good care of them. So, I desperately want to obtain a Canon Rebel T3i at some point. I’ve researched a lot of cameras, and I think this camera would be great for getting into photography. I’m also hoping to have more pictures on here, so I’m hoping that if I can get a really good camera my possibilities for photos multiply.

2)   Something I’m really addicted to? Scarves! I have so many scarves, it’s a little ridiculous, but as soon as weather allows, I am basically always wearing a scarf. This particular patterned scarf is from Cost Plus World Market. They have really beautiful scarves that are pretty good quality, and they’re not outrageously priced.

3)   I also have a love of mugs, which is probably because I drink tea constantly when I’m in school, and even when I’m not. Tea is just part of my daily routine, and I always feel more awake and energetic when my tea is in a fancy, adorable mug. This mug is from Modcloth, and reads “just my type,” with a photo of a typewriter underneath. I figured it would be perfect for when I’m reading, writing papers, and creating stories during the upcoming school year.

4)   Something that I’ve really been wanting lately is a bunch of simple little rings to wear. I’ve always liked the look of various rings, but I always have a hard time finding rings I actually want. This photo is taken from Pinterest, and I would love any of the rings featured on the hand. I like the mixing of gold and silver. The whole matchy-matchy thing is fairly archaic. Also, I would love a ring with an elephant on it! If you find one that is somewhat cheap, please let me know.

5)   Lastly, I love brown leather purses. I try different styles of purses, but almost always end up back with a brown leather bag. This purse is Kate Spade (naturally). The inside material is adorable, and it’s a good quality purse so it would last a long time. I prefer cross body bags, but I have been having trouble finding that style in a purse that I really love.

Anyway, this wish list has items that I would love to have, but probably won’t have for at least a while. If you could compile the perfect dream birthday wish list, what would it contain?


Callie Leigh