Bad on Paper Live Show – Podcast

Hello, World.

I told someone recently that I had plans to go see a live podcast show. They responded, “how very millennial of you.” I laughed and moved along. Truth be told, I was not entirely sure what a live podcast show entailed, but I assumed it was a live version of the show that I listen to every Wednesday. Bad on Paper is a podcast I’ve talked about in this space previously, and it’s a podcast I’ve grown to wholeheartedly love over time. Grace and Becca, the show’s co-hosts, feel like friends who I grab coffee with every Wednesday morning. Their voices accompany me on my morning commute, I laugh with them through a sip of Nespresso, and I’ve heavily debated saving up for a night pillow after weeks of listening to them promise better sleep while simultaneously fighting the crook in my neck from sleeping weirdly.

Anyway, I decided to buy tickets to their DC live show when they first went on sale. I knew it was two days before the projected release date of my bar exam results, and I felt that going to their show would bring me some lightness during perhaps the most stressful week of my life thus far. I was right. I had an incredible time! I took my best friend from law school, who doesn’t listen to the podcast but was excited to attend. We ordered a carafe of red wine, some small plates, and leaned into a night of incredible women discussing careers and books. Grace and Becca came on to the stage, and immediately started the banter that I so love about their show. Like Grace and Becca, my Uber to get to the event ended up taking far longer than anticipated and I also ended up in a weird alley that had me feeling like something on the driver’s GPS had gone seriously wrong. Alas, we ended up arriving in plenty of time, but Grace and Becca’s story of a weird alley way on their way there resonated.

For everything negative that people can say about the internet and social media, it was so fun to see everyone who showed up, who listen to the podcast and, seemingly, have similar interests. As a new person to DC, it was fun to have a room filled with people who you know like the things you like. Also, it felt a little like the Facebook group come to life, which was fun! The guests were also so fun to hear from. One of them was Alisha Ramos, the founder of Girls Night In, which is a weekly newsletter about self-care for the working woman. I also discovered they host a monthly book club, which my friend and I immediately looked at each other and said, “We should join!”

The other two guests were awesome working women. Alison Gary, the creator of Wardrobe Oxygen, a lifestyle blog with the tagline “real-life style for grown-ass women.” Gary left corporate America to pursue her blog full-time – a blog she started as a ploy for “looking busy” when her company wanted to get a government contract. She was so interesting and encouraging and all-around fabulous. When we arrived, my friend saw her and goes, “wow, VIP. She’s so fancy!” We soon realized she was, in fact, a VIP. The second guest was Svetlana Legetic, who is the founder of Brightest Young Things, a digital magazine for events and festivals. Hearing from women about taking chances in your career was so fascinating, especially as someone who is just starting her career. Honestly, it was such a fun night and if Bad on Paper is coming to your city, I highly highly recommend going!


Callie leigh

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