Daisy Jones & The Six


Hello, World.

To write an entire novel in the form of interviews is an ambitious task. Personally, I have trouble reading interviews that are longer than a few pages. So, when I saw Daisy Jones and The Six floating around the bookstagram world, I wasn’t sure it was for me. I’d heard Taylor Jenkins Reid was a compelling storyteller, but I was hesitant about the structure of her latest hit. However, when this novel was an option through Book of the Month, I jumped on the bandwagon. After finishing my last final (ever!), I started this one. I figured it’d be a nice into fun reading after law school. I was right but this story is far richer than I expected.

For one thing, I had to consciously remind myself that this is fiction. The band does not exist except in the pages of the novel. And yet, the story and the characters and the band’s success felt real. Given the novel is told in an interview format, I thought I’d eventually get bored and want to stop. That wasn’t the case. I wanted to keep reading the entire time and was sad when the story ended. The characters felt distinct, no two voices bleeding together. By the end, if the name was missing, it’d be easy to figure out who was speaking.

Daisy Jones was funny and badass, but she was also frustrating. Billy was interesting and clearly talented but equally frustrating. In all honesty, the sexual and creative tension between Daisy and Billy carried the book. While I liked all the other characters, you could feel their tension in everything. Many of the other relationships felt reflected in the tension—whether it was what they would never have, or people feeling frustrated by the magnetism of them, or women feeling both infuriated or inspired by them, the tension carried the story for me and was why this format worked.

Without giving anything away, I loved the moment we find out who is conducting the interviews. I didn’t really give the interviewer much thought initially because I was so wrapped up in the interviewees, so that moment was an “aha!” moment that I enjoyed. I also appreciated the relationship among the women in this book. The tension between Billy and Daisy led to inexorable tension between Camila, Billy’s wife, and Daisy, but the moments between the two women were intriguing and compelling.

I really enjoyed all the characters in this. Sometimes I have one or two I love and the rest are okay. Even the most minor characters were great when they were included. I highly recommend this read. I was hesitant after it got SO much hype. I thought it was destined to fail my expectations, but it met and then exceeded them.


Callie leigh

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