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I spent last weekend in Washington, D.C. and it got me thinking about the next few months. I graduate law school in May, then will spend two and a half months studying for the Bar Exam. I’ll then move to D.C. to start working! It’s a very exciting time, but it’s also quite hectic. Still, as I was walking through the streets of D.C., I was getting so excited for the next chapter of my life. A major change associated with the next chapter, however, is that I will spend a majority of my life in business/business casual clothing. As a young professional, I think it’s important to always look my best. I also enjoy adding touches of my personality to otherwise standard business wear.

One way to immediately step up an outfit is through jewelry. I went through a very costume jewelry-heavy phase in college so a lot of my jewelry is remnants of that phase. While I still enjoy a chunky necklace, they aren’t ideal for everyday jewelry. Further, elegant and simple jewelry can really elevate an outfit. Timeless pieces take a standard business outfit and step it up so you look refined. A goal of mine is to invest in pieces that I can wear to work for years to come. However, an issue I’ve found when looking for durable, sophisticated jewelry is that it’s often way out of my price range. That brings me to AUrate New York.


AUrate is a jewelry company that believes in bringing honest pricing to high-quality jewelry. All of the pieces come in 14 karats, 18 karats or gold vermeil. Their gold vermeil is silver, plated with gold (their vermeil is 14-karat gold, and over 2.5 microns thick, which is 4 karats better than other vermeil pieces). What I love about AUrate is the mixture of statement pieces with effortless, classic pieces. When investing in quality jewelry, the price can be scary. AUrate takes out the often too-high prices, but then adds a layer of versatility to their pieces. Every earring is sold as an individual piece or as a set. This means you can mix and match pieces! Their necklaces also come with two clasp options on the chain so you can wear them long or shorter for layering purposes. My mom loves layering her necklaces, so when I showed her this, she was impressed!


To collaborate with AUrate for this post, I spent a long time on their website because it was so hard for me to decide what I wanted to order. Finally, I decided on a Leo symbol gold vermeil necklace and the flower cluster back earrings. I went with the Leo symbol necklace because when my friends find out I’m a Leo they always say it makes sense. I am passionate and loyal and like expensive things. That’s why buying fine jewelry can be so frustrating! The price is usually too high; with AUrate, you get quality with honest pricing. I adored how dainty the symbol was and how I could easily layer other necklaces with it! The Leo symbol necklace is a great necklace for work because it is classic. It elevates a work outfit while still being subtle.


I cannot say enough about the flower back cluster earrings other than I may get the larger size in the future. I love them so much. I adore that the cluster sits behind the ear, but I also love that they’re adjustable so you can have either a single line of flowers or a cluster. It’s essentially two pairs of earrings in one… or three if you do what I did and do one ear with a single line and one ear with a cluster. It’s different and interesting and adds personality to an otherwise neutral work outfit. I will also say that no matter how many times I’ve worn an outfit, the minute I add beautiful jewelry, I feel like it’s new or different or … as I said, elevated.

IMG_1794 copy 3.jpg
IMG_1791 copy.jpg

Since I am moving soon, I often think about the packing process and groan. Packing is hard, but packing jewelry is even harder. I was so excited to see that all AUrate jewelry comes with beautiful pink boxes and a little jewelry bag for the item. This will make my packing process so much smoother because I know my quality items are protected and easily identifiable once I get to my new place.

It’s really easy to buy jewelry that’ll only last a short time. I am guilty of this, but two things I’ve been trying to be more conscious of is buying sustainable, ethically-sourced items and supporting women-led businesses. AUrate checks both of boxes, as they make jewelry we feel good wearing because it is ethically sourced and the co-founders are two strong business women!

IMG_1881.JPGTwo other things I love about this brand: (1) at home try-on, no strings attached and (2) for every purchase, they donate a book to a child who needs it. As I mentioned, buying quality jewelry is a big deal and you want to be sure you love what you’re getting. At home try-on ensures you love your items without having to shell out money before your final purchase (free shipping & returns, say what?). I love any brand that has a giving-back component and as an avid reader, I fully support AUrate’s mission to support literacy programs in NYC.

I was really excited to collaborate with AUrate because I love the mission of their brand and the timeless quality of their pieces. Standing on the cusp of a major life change (transitioning from student to full-time employee), I am excited to not only enhance my wardrobe but also raise my standards for the jewelry I invest in.


Callie leigh

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