January Reading Check-In

Hello, World.

Since I went over my 2019 Bookish Goals, I thought it’d be fun to check in at the end of each month about what I read. I will admit, January was a slower reading month than I thought.

I’m taking Law and Literature, a one-credit class at my law school. The only novel I read in January was for the course adn was My Sister’s Keeper. I’m also about 1/3 through Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I started Midnight on my plane ride back from California and wanted to continue it when I got back to Virginia, but the issue is I needed to start My Sister’s Keeper in order to finish by my class session. So, I’m hoping to finish Midnight soon because I was totally sucked in initially, but I’ve been swamped with reading and at the end of the day I prefer re-watching Scandal right now. I’m hoping to change this in February!

Anyway, I wanted to share a quick review of My Sister’s Keeper. I gave this book three stars for a few reasons. Overall, I didn’t feel like this book was at the level of my four and five-star picks. Still, I enjoyed this book. I wanted to know how it would end and I read it very quickly. However, I felt the ending was gratuitous. It went far beyond where it needed to go. I also have some qualms with Jodi Picoult generally, so I think I was a little more critical of this book than I would have been if it wasn’t written by her. I also hated, hated the mother, Sara. She was cold, unlikable, and extreme. I also felt there were too many unimportant supplemental storylines. The story had plenty of source material without the additional stories, so I felt they were a bit much. Still, they were a nice break from the very heavy, very dark main storyline. Overall, I do recommend the book, but it wasn’t my favorite book. I’ve heard the movie is very different, so I’m hoping to watch it soon!

In February, I’m hoping to finish Midnight, LaRose (the second book for my class), and possibly one more book, likely Next Year in Havana or Fruit of the Drunken Tree, both of which have been on my TBR for a while.

What’re you reading?


Callie leigh

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