Sweat: creating my own workout playlists

Hello, World.

I don’t have a Soul Cycle near where I go to school and it’s really hard to motivate myself to work out now because I just compare each work out to a Soul Cycle class. As I’ve discussed on here before, I did Soul Cycle regularly while I was in D.C. last summer, and I fell in love with the workout type.

An aspect of the Soul class that makes it so unique is the music. Each instructor has something different to offer, but the music is always amazing. Great music can make a workout so much better. So, in an attempt to get over my lack of Soul Cycle, I started making my own playlists back in September. Some of the songs are songs I heard in classes, and some are just songs I like. I make a 45-minute playlist, and that way I’m not usually repeating the same playlist each time I work out. The variation is song style, speed, etc. allows me to work out with a new feeling each time.

I use Spotify to make all my playlists, and I name them SWEAT 1, 2, 3, etc. If you need some new workout music, I recommend checking them out. Each playlist gives a different vibe and they’re almost all 35-45 minutes. So, make it through the playlist, and you’ve completed a great workout. I usually work out to the playlist on a spin bike for 35-40 minutes and then do arms/abs for the remaining time. Sometimes I do less on the bike if I plan to make it a heavier arm/ab day. I will add a disclaimer: some of the playlists are conglomerations of songs that Soul instructors have posted, so know that not all of them are purely my own musical findings!

I am in no way trying to be a Soul instructor or fitness instructor, but I do know that music helps improve a workout. Bad music? Bad workout for me. I love good music, and I love matching the tempo of a song with the speed at which I workout.

If you’re taking a break from the gym, they’re great for tasks. I sometimes will say, “okay, I’m going to clean my house until this playlist is over,” and after the playlist, I cut myself off and move onto a different task.

Callie leigh

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