TV Shows to Watch

Hello, World.

In college, I wasn’t really a big TV person. I pretty much watched Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls on rotation. I didn’t have cable or Netflix, so it was hard to watch new shows. In law school, however, I’ve fallen prey to the mindless TV watching before bed habit. It’s the easiest way to unwind after a full day. I wanted to share some shows I’m loving and that I highly recommend.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I loved the first season of this show. Then the second season premiered right before finals last semester. I didn’t want to get distracted so waited to start it. Then I went home and it’s hard to watch TV while I’m home. We usually watch whatever my niece wants to watch or Hallmark movies during the holidays. So, I just started season two and I am loving it. It’s so witty, so quick, so clever. I just adore everything about it. If you haven’t seen it, watch it! It’s available on Amazon Prime and wins pretty much every award it’s nominated for.



Okay, this show gave me chills. It’s so so creepy. It started on Lifetime but wasn’t overly successful. It moved to Netflix and now it seems like everyone is watching. Penn Badgley joked in an interview that his character is the meta progression of Dan Humphrey. I can’t say that’s incorrect. Joe Goldberg is such a creep. It’s also interesting to see people’s reactions. A lot of people were critical of Beck for not being “smart” and yet she’s being stalked by the show’s narrator. Why are we questioning her more than him?? So interesting. If you like creepy shows, this one is for you! Also, if you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan, Shay Mitchell is in this and kills.

What’re you watching lately?


What do you think?

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