Current Beauty Favorites

Hello, World.

As winter continues and the year winds down, my skin is looking rough. With the spike in my sugar intake and the cold weather, my skin is a bit more broken out than normal and significantly drier. I recently went to the spa for a day with my mom and sister, and I got a much-needed facial. I told the woman doing my facial that I needed hydration more than anything. She used the Image products for my facial and I left feeling hydrated and glowing. I ended up buying the cleanser and moisturizer because my skin just felt so good for the first time in a while! I highly recommend this brand of products, but I should not it’s a bit pricey. My mom’s used it for years and swears it works wonders, so I knew it was worth it!

My sister is a cosmetologist and she had me tag along to the beauty supply store with her. I ended up picking up a charcoal and green tea face mask to use periodically. I tried it and loved the way it left my skin. Charcoal is great for clearing out your pores and giving your skin a deeper clean. The green tea helps with breakouts and reduces any inflammation. Both ingredients also help fight acne. I personally haven’t had acne issues, but a lot of my friends have, and I know it’s hard to find good products for breakouts!

This Christmas, as I opened my stocking, I found the Glossier fragrance. I got a sample of it a while back and was obsessed, but it’s a bit pricey and just never could justify buying it. I was so excited to see the fragrance in my stocking! Even more, I was thankful my mom remembered because I only mentioned liking the scent once! If you want something subtle and feminine but also a little musky, this is for you!

What beauty products are you loving?


Callie leigh

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