One Day in December by Josie Silver

Hello, World.

I have a book recommendation! The end of the fall semester was an absolute whirlwind for me and the “fun” reading became unmanageable. I definitely got a little overzealous and ordered two 400+ page books for October and November and fell behind. I’m hoping as we enter 2019 I’ll have more time to read for fun again, as reading novels brings me so much joy.

Each December, as I’m heading home for the holidays, I try to find some cozy reads to take on the plane with me. This year, I kept spotting One Day in December by Josie Silver at Barnes and Noble, but I never bought it. I’m a member of Book of the Month Club and so when the December picks were released, and One Day in December was an option, my choice was easy!

This book was also chosen for Resse Witherspoon’s book club and kept popping up on Instagram. The book was popular and described as the best rom-com since Love Actually. I started this book on the plane to California and was immediately hooked. In the first hour of my flight, I read the first 85 pages, but then stopped because of turbulence. When I finally picked it up again, I couldn’t put it down. The characters were warm, realistic, and I really wanted to know what happened to them.

The book is told from two perspectives: Laurie and Jack. Laurie spots a stranger at a bus stop and instantly falls in love with him. She searches for him from a year but can’t find him… until her best friend eagerly introduces Laurie to her new boyfriend. Laurie doesn’t know how to respond. Should she tell her best friend that her new boyfriend is the boy from the bus stop? Should she say nothing and attempt to fall out of love with the man she believes is her soulmate? This read covers roughly 10 years of time from the moment Laurie sees Jack until much later when the characters are thirty.

Books that cover a long amount of time can be hit or miss. Sometimes books lack character development because the author tries to cram too many events into too few pages. Sometimes it’s hard to connect to the story. This book, however, was very well paced and very engaging. It’s an easy book to read and light enough to feel cozy but deep enough to not feel superficial.

While this book may not be on your radar for the end of this year, as it is very holiday-focused, I think it’s a great read for when you’re feeling nostalgic for the holidays or a great read to pick up now and save for next November/December. This book may become a movie. I wouldn’t be surprised.

What’re you reading lately?


Callie leigh

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