Gifts for Her

Hello, World.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gift Guide Season is in FULL swing. With Black Friday happening tomorrow, I wanted to share my gift guide for women. I’m obsessed with all of my picks. It’s no surprise that most of my picks are from J. Crew and Mark & Graham. Both are my go-to shops for gifts.

Nordic boots — Okay, I’ve seen this pair of boots a lot, and while I was first thinking “eh, don’t really need those,” I will say a low, fur lined boot seems more and more appealing. Reviews say they hold up great in winter and are very cozy!

Gal Meets Glam Dress (The Ruby) — This dress is stunning. Absolutely stunning. If I was going to purchase a holiday dress this would be it. Unfortunately, I don’t have an event to wear it to. Still, I love this feminine take on the Tuxedo. If you want to totally spoil someone, this is the thing to get them! It has the most beautiful skirt:


Crewneck Sweater with Jeweled Buttons — the perfect cozy sweater with a bit of an upscale feel. This sweater is chic, and will be sure to become a classic in anyone’s closet!

Mock Neck Sweater — Love the look of turtlenecks but hate the feel? This mock neck is perfect. I love the look of this and it comes in some amazing colors. I’m obsessed with the green, burgundy, and blush.

KJP McCallister Sweater — I’m obsessed. This is so cozy and quintessential Christmas. Home Alone is one of my favorite movies, and I just love the look of this sweater. I can rarely pass up a fair isle sweater, and I love the color and details of this sweater.

Cocoon Coat in Italian Stadium-Cloth Wool — I’m a firm believer you can never have too many coats. My father would beg to differ. To each their own. What I will say is a tailored, warm coat is something all women could use. HAve a friend who is moving to a colder climate? Perfect gift. Have a friend who never splurges for herself? Perfect gift. Have a mom who is notoriously cold? Perfect gift. Have a sister who is a taking a trip to Aspen? Perfect gift. Also, camel/caramel colored coats are absolutely in and always will be, in my opinion. It’s a neutral that adds a bit more to an outfit than just a black coat.

White & Navy Stripe Tote — this tote is so chic. I love it and think it’s perfect for a new year. It also looks like it’d double as a great book bag.

Green and Leather Suitcases — I love this set in cream, but I think it’d get super dirty pretty quickly. I love it in green because it still has that east coast vibe while being a bit more practical!

Jewelry Travel Case — When I travel, I either wear the jewelry I’m going to take or throw my pieces in an old Kate Spade pouch. Tangled chains are inevitable and it’s hard to make sure I’m not losing anything. This, however, is perfect for your jet-setter friend or the person who has a hard time organizing her jewelry.

What’s your favorite gift your giving this year?


Callie leigh


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