Parents Visit Williamsburg

Hello, World.

My parents recently visited Williamsburg, and I wanted to share some snapshots of their trip. We had so much fun. Despite my week being far busier than I anticipated, I’m glad I got to see them and I appreciate them visiting. I don’t go home for Thanksgiving, so they usually visit the first week in November. This year I’m not going home until fairly late in the year for the Christmas holiday, which I’m not excited about. However, seeing them makes it a bit easier.


Not pictured: the five hours spent in the Yankee Candle store. I went with my roommate at the beginning of the school year and immediately told my mom I needed to take her. They have an entire section that is dedicated to Christmas ornaments and decorations. My mom gets each member of our family an ornament that represents something from our lives that year. We found some awesome ornaments for each person this year, and I can’t wait to see them on the tree! My parents’ visits are usually comprised of drinks, food, and a lot of walking. As always, I loved seeing them and we had a lot of fun.


Callie leigh

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