Recent Fall Pieces

Hello, World.

With temperatures dropping, now is a great time to stock up on fall pieces that you can wear all season. Usually, by December all the best pieces sell out (I think because of Christmas shopping!). So, I wanted to share which pieces I think would be great to pick up early in the season.

First up, I’m loving camel as a fall color. I think it’s the perfect neutral, as it goes well with black and navy. Also, it stands out a bit more and adds a chic touch to an otherwise simple outfit. Mark and Graham just released this plaid/camel scarf that looks so cozy!

Second, I think a bright, loud red coat can add a lot to your winter wardrobe. It looks so festive and stands out. This tailored coat from Abercrombie could be great for a more fancy evening but also looks great for those finals outfits (aka leggings and sweaters).

Third, a new trend I’m seeing around is the oversized blazer. Initially, I thought this looked somewhat unflattering and I wasn’t sure about it. However, after seeing it more and more, the trend grew on me! I love the gray, black, and white plaid because it goes with a lot of different styles.

Fourth, a wool, plaid coat is something I’ve always wanted to add my closet, but am always hesitant because it seems less wearable on a regular basis. However, I can imagine some great pattern mixing with this J.Crew coat.

I’m a sweater junkie if there’s such a thing. So, naturally, my next pick is a cozy, navy knit!

Velvet is a very popular trend right now. I don’t usually go toward velvet, but these booties are so cute and I love the color. I also appreciate pieces that add a more dressed up feel to an outfit. The low maintenance of pairing the booties with jeans and a sweater is appealing for a busy law student like me.

Each season, I usually pick up a new bag. It may seem excessive, but usually, I use the same bag all season long and by the end, it’s pretty worn. This isn’t true of my higher end bags (Michael Kors, Kate Spade, etc.), but some bags wear out quickly. Mark & Graham bags are such good quality, though, and I love the combination of the leather and wool of this bag.

Pullovers are my go to during finals season. I pretty much live in pullovers, leggings, and either boots or sneakers. This two-tone pullover is so fun and looks very cozy, which is a must during finals studying!

There you have my season picks! Bring on the cider, pumpkin pie, and chilly weather.

Callie leigh

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