Gearing up for 3L

Hello, World.

I start my 3L year of law school tomorrow. As I type that, it feels so weird because I feel like I just started school. Still, at the same time, I also feel like I’ve been in law school for much longer than 2 years. Law school has been a myriad of emotions and experiences, and while I remember many things fondly, I’m excited to enter the final stretch.

I have a few personal goals for my final year of law school, and I wanted to share them here because I’ve shared most of my law school journey and I think it’s only fair to share the final year. As you may have gathered if you’ve followed along for a while, law school hasn’t been an easy journey for me. Through most of it, I’ve suffered from self-doubt and insecurity. However, for the first time in two years, I felt really hopeful and excited about the coming year. I think that may be attributed to changes in my personal life as well as knowing this is the last year. Sometimes it’s easier to enjoy something when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, going into this year, I’m going to accept nothing but positivity, light, happiness, and confidence. When I start to doubt myself, I’m going to do my best to rely on faith that things will work out how they’re supposed to and I’m doing my best, which is absolutely enough.

Goals for 3L:

  1. Keep reading for pleasure. I read so much this summer, and I remembered how much reading for fun fulfills me. It may sound lame, but I feel happier and excited when I read novels. I want to incorporate more novels into my everyday routine again.
  2. Do my best and don’t beat myself up. This may seem straightforward but I think it’s easier said than done. In the past, every time I was proud of something, that feeling was quickly masked by being disappointed about something else. This year, I’m celebrating the positives and letting the negatives go.
  3. Maintain a consistent workout schedule. I fell absolutely in love with Soul Cycle during my time in D.C. and I’m so sad there isn’t one where I go to school. I want to try to keep spinning and working out this year.
  4. Have fun. Law school can be so stressful and it can be kind of anti-fun. In the past, I minimized by “fun” activities for a variety of reasons, most of which I won’t discuss on the blog. This year, however, I want to have more fun and just enjoy my last year of school.

I hope your year is off to a great start if you’re starting school! If you’re working, I hope work is going well for you.


Callie leigh

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