The Late Bloomer’s Club by Louise Miller

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I recently got a notification from Goodreads that I met my year-long reading goal, which was to read 12 books. So far this summer, I’ve read nine books. That’s more than I’ve ever read during summer and more than I’ve read for fun in a long time. When I realized Louise Miller had a new book coming out so soon after her first book, I was so excited. I read The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living last December and fell in love with it. I loved Guthrie, Vermont, the cast of characters, and the writing. It felt cozy and warm and happy.

So, when her new book came out I went and bought it immediately and added it to my August TBR. I was not disappointed. While I like her first novel a little better, I still really enjoyed this story. Following Nora Huckleberry, the owner of the Miss Guthrie Diner, this is a book about sisters, finding yourself late in life, and loving again after a failed marriage. It was hard for me to fully relate to Nora, as we don’t have similar experiences, but I still really loved her character and wanted her to succeed. I loved that she was strong and independent and compassionate and loving. What I liked about this story was it had themes of starting over and loss, but also loving again and not being afraid to venture out into the world again. So many of us get comfortable being alone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lonely.

Bon Appetit said that Miller’s first novel was, essentially, Gilmore Girls. This may explain my deep appreciation and love for her stories. As my longtime readers know, Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time. I adore Guthrie, with its cozy vibes and eccentric but deeply connected community. I love Miller’s metaphors and similes. The way she compares experiences is so honest and accurate. When reading her stories, I find I have trouble putting them down. Her novels are, in my opinion, more character driven. There is always a plot and a good plot that works itself out in an authentic way, but its the characters that keep me turning the page. I’m desperate to know what happens to them and where their stories are going.

If you want the coziest summer read, I highly recommend this book! I also will, once again, recommend Miller’s first novel. Both are seriously the coziest reads I’ve ever read. It’s almost like a Hallmark holiday movie but one thousand times less cheesy and more real. Until now, I’ve read books where I liked the setting, but the way Miller describes Guthrie makes you feel like you’re there, enjoying the beauty of rural Vermont. It makes you crave a slower, calmer life that is simple but so full.

What are you reading?


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