Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

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I recently finished my first August book, which was Ghosted by Rosie Walsh. I’d heard really great things about this book, and loved the episode of “No Thanks We’re Booked” where Katie and Mollie interviewed Walsh. I recently joined Book of the Month club, and I’m so excited. I wanted to join for roughly a year and I never thought I’d be able to read enough to justify the subscription, but after reading so much this summer, I want to make reading for fun a bigger part of my daily life. If that means waking up a bit earlier, so be it. I decided to sign up when there was a special where you got a bonus credit, so I got two books for the price of the subscription. I also love that you can skip months (which is partially why I ended up going with this subscription). Anyway, Ghosted was my pick and The Summer Wives was my bonus book.

Ghosted was so cute! The perfect light, summer read that starts out addressing the ghosting trend in modern dating that turns into a romance (a complicated one, but a romance). It’s hard to discuss this book without giving away spoilers, so my review probably won’t be as in-depth as it usually is! When I started this book, I immediately liked the characters, but it did feel a bit slow for a portion of the beginning. However, once I hit the fifty-page mark, it was such a page-turner. I appreciated this book because all the plot-twists actually felt like twists. Usually, I can predict where a book is going, but with this one as soon as I thought I knew, it went somewhere else that still felt true to the story. I don’t like twists that seem really out of left field but I also don’t love when I already guessed what was happening. So, know that if you read Ghosted, and think you know what’s coming, you most likely don’t! This makes the reading experience far more fun.

Something I enjoyed about this book was the protagonist is older, and successful, and intelligent, and still does some crazy stuff when she’s ghosted. I think Walsh addresses really well the panic and self-doubt that comes with being ghosted and how hard it can be with how much social media stalking someone can do. We can get answers so easily, but usually, the information we find just makes things worse. Still, even when it’s perfectly obvious our date didn’t’ die, lose his phone, or fall off a cliff on his way home, we can convince ourselves something must have happened, something other than he just didn’t pick up the phone. Dating is rough and it’s even harder when we can check whether the person is alive and well and just choosing not to reach out. Also, having so much access sometimes sends even the most rational, confident people in a downward spiral. I really enjoyed how this book highlighted dating and ghosting and self-doubt, and how they intersect and interact.

This being my first BOTM pick, I was very happy and looking forward to the months ahead! I also recommend Ghosted if you like romances and want to read a thoughtful book.


Callie leigh


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