Reflecting on 23 and Hopes for 24

Hello, World.

I’m saying goodbye to my 23rd year and hello to 24! I feel like my 23rd year was my fastest year yet. I blinked and it was over. With law school, job searches, working in D.C., and traveling home to California, it was over so quickly. So, what can I say about 23? It was an odd one, honestly. BUT, I had some incredible experiences. I had my D.C. summer, which really was my first truly independent experience. I came to love my body more and focus more on myself. I struggled with law school, but I solidified friendships and banished some negativity from my life. I think going into 24 I feel more like an adult and while I struggled a lot over the last two years, I’m finally gaining some clarity and trying to put my best foot forward.

I have some hopes for 24 and they include finishing law school strong with a lot more positivity than I’ve given previously. In college, I always felt hopeful, happy, excited, and enough. I gave things my best and I was happy with the outcome and I became a positive person. In law school, I’m not sure when or how, but those feelings diminished. This year I’m focusing on loving myself, being less hard on myself, making more time for people, and just generally being more positive.

I spent so much time this summer reading and now I feel like I have to keep up a daily reading practice. While I read a ton for school, I want to actively make reading novels part of my day. I also want to continue working out regularly, hopefully with a predominantly spin-class oriented routine. I loved loved loved Soul Cycle and am so bummed there isn’t a studio in Williamsburg. But I think self-care is so important and I want to give things that give me nothing but happiness and positivity more time.

Still, my biggest goal is to be less hard on myself. I put too much pressure on myself and I need to let some of it go. I think I’m going to try to do something once a day to remind myself I’m enough and I’m doing my best. Whether its a few lines of journaling, meditation, or a musical interlude before bed, I’m going to dedicate a few minutes to checking in with myself.

Cheers to 24!


Callie leigh

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