A Podcast: No Thanks We’re Booked

Hello, World.

Today I wanted to share a podcast I’m currently listening to with all of you. I recently shared Bad on Paper (name changed from Young Adulting after a trademark infringement claim), which I’m still loving. I love a good book-ish podcast, and I recently discovered No Thanks We’re Booked, a podcast from YouTubers Mollie (@molliereads) and Katie (@lifebetweenwords). This podcast is ultra book-focused, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I really enjoy both Mollie and Katie’s YouTube channels and their podcast is even better. They’re great friends, who met through YouTube, and they discuss everything book-ish for an hour. Whether it’s reading ruts, internet friends, favorite books, mid-year favorites, mood reading, etc. they got it covered. They are funny, insightful, and caring and it feels like you’re suddenly part of a book club with really great people. If you’re looking for a new podcast and are a book lover like me, this one is for you!

Callie Leigh

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