My Beauty Routine

Hello, World.

I haven’t gone over my beauty routine in a while. I alluded to some products I’m using in my post about products I didn’t think I’d need at age 23, but I haven’t done an updated “beauty routine” in a while. So, I wanted to share my routine and the product I’m loving. Currently, I try to keep my routine to a minimum while ensuring my skin is looking healthy and clear. I am blessed with fairly clear skin, but I am an advocate of maintaining healthy skin habits.


So, first up, I’m using Glossier’s jelly cleanser, which I love. I’ve tried so many cleansers over the year, and I rarely stick to one, but this cleanser is a game changer. It’s silky and leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. I highly highly recommend!

I’m using the Origins eye cream for my dark circles. Law school has made my natural dark circles even darker, so using a brightening under eye cream is a must. I went to Sephora and had them make samples of all different ones, tried each for two weeks each, then decided which to use full time. Origins won by a lot. It brightens and it actually makes a noticeable difference for me.

I’m also using Kiehl’s line reducing serum on my forehead. That crinkle you get from worrying is becoming permanent there, so I’m trying to reduce it a bit. I love this product and feel like it’s working!

I use the Clinique moisture surge moisturizer on my face. It’s so hydrating and I love the feel of it. My skin is significantly drier now that I live in Virginia, so a heavier moisturizer was a must after the move from California.

For makeup, I’m using IT Cosmetics CC cream in fair/light. I use the Urban Decay Naked concealer and a beauty blender to apply it. I then use the Kat Von D setting powder. If I want a more matte look, I add some Smashbox powder over the CC cream. I’m loving the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner and IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara. For eyeshadows, I’m using the Bare Minerals palette in Gen Nude.

For my hair, I’m taking a multivitamin with biotin to try to thicken my hair back up (I started losing my hair due to stress). I’m also using Kevin Murphy hair products. I alternate between the Restore.Me shampoo & conditioner and the Plumping shampoo & conditioner. After showering, I use the leave-in conditioner, Body Mass spray, and Full Again cream. I then blow dry or air dry my hair. For dry shampoo, I’m using the Dry Bar brand dry shampoo. Since my hair is darker, I usually spray it in, get ready, and then scrub my finger over it to release excess powder!

There you have my full beauty routine. When it’s written out, it probably sounds really long, but the whole process takes me about 30-45 minutes. I tend to watch YouTube videos while doing my makeup. I take a lot of pauses. If I need to be out of the house in 20 minutes, I can, I just prefer slower mornings!

What’s your favorite beauty product right now?


Callie leigh

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