The Great Purge

Hello, World.

I recently felt like I’ve accumulated too much stuff. I have the desire to cleanse my life of all the stuff that takes up space but isn’t contributing and isn’t giving me anything. I was recently talking to people about the issue I have with unread books. At the beginning of 2018, I decided I would go on a book buying freeze until I’d read all the books that I had that I hadn’t read. But then, I found that I wasn’t reaching for those unread books, but wanted to reach for new books. Some books we buy because they seem good, but we buy them at a time when we don’t have the time to read. So, they take a spot on our shelf, begin to gather dust, and are soon camouflaged by books bought under similar circumstances. So, I think it’s important to accept that some books will never be read because what drew us to them when we bought them may no longer be there. Therefore, I’ve decided to purge myself of books I no longer want to read. Reading novels or “for-pleasure” reading, in my opinion, should not be forced or bear a feeling of obligation. We should be excited to pick up books and lose ourselves in other people’s stories. Therefore, some books I know take space on my shelf that I will never read. I plan to purge myself of the books that fit this category and donate all books to either a local school or used bookstore.

I also have so much clothing. In college, when I was at my peak outfit blogging, I acquired so many clothes. With law school stress and moving to Virginia (where healthy food is hard to come by), I’ve gained weight. While I hope to get the weight off, I think hanging on to clothes with the hope of fitting in them again is unhealthy. When I eventually lose the weight, I’d like to start fresh, seeing as I’ve grown up and my style has changed a bit since my college days. I also have clothes I bought that I just don’t love anymore and that don’t make me feel like my best self. I’d like to grow up my wardrobe a bit and become more “young professional” in my attire. I have a vision of what this looks like, but unfortunately, most of my current clothes don’t fit that vision. For my clothing, I’d like to sell it on Poshmark. Be on the lookout to shop my closet!

I think part of my desire to cleanse my life of things is stemming from the fact that I finish law school next May and it seems like I’ll be entering a new phase of my life. I also will be moving, most likely, so I don’t want to take a bunch of stuff with me that I don’t use and that will just take up space.

Have you ever felt like it’s time to purge?

Callie leigh

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