Read This When: You Had a Rough Week

Hello, World!

Have you ever had a rough week? A week that you just couldn’t wait for it to end so you can stop feeling like everything is going wrong? Sometimes rough weeks just happen. Whether it’s the weather, combined with bad juju at work, combined with feelings of frustration or just a general feeling of frustration and feeling like things are just working against you. You know, like for some reason you’re trying to wade through some invisible current and an external force is pulling you in the other direction. Rough weeks, when they happen, are not fun to deal with and can be pretty defeating.

I overheard someone complaining on the phone recently about having a terrible week. Something about no one sticking up for her when a guy at her job was yelling at her about something that she did. Something about laundry being messed up. Something about her boyfriend canceling their dinner plans that Friday, the one thing she’d been looking forward to. For the record, she was sitting near me at Starbucks, and talking loudly. I promise I wasn’t purposefully eavesdropping on this woman’s private conversation. Anyway, I felt bad for her and definitely recognized the feeling of being defeated by a week where things just aren’t going well. It’s kind of funny how hit or miss weeks can be. We go week after week with nothing particularly bad happening, and then suddenly, as if the universe conspires against us, all the bad stuff hits in a single week, making the Monday to Friday week feel eternal and uncomfortable.

The thing with rough weeks, though, is sometimes it’s better to just embrace them. Embrace that things aren’t working for you and that you’re frustrated. Don’t keep fighting it, just accept that it’s not your week and make the best of what you can. I also think it’s beneficial to take a step back. Breathe. Try to remember that not every week follows this terrible formula. Take time for yourself. Go to a yoga class, meditate, do something that’s low key but will help bring you back to center. I think it’s important to not push yourself to make things work during rough weeks. It’s okay to be frustrated and want to just take it easy. So, embrace the things aren’t working, find your center, and wait for a new week and a new start. Hopefully, by then, the bad vibes will be gone.

Callie leigh

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