A Podcast I’m Loving

Hello, World.

Podcasts are, in many ways, the new hot thing. I feel like everyone has a podcast or has an idea for a podcast. It’s amazing how many of my favorite bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers are announcing that they’re starting a podcast. I didn’t really get the appeal of podcasts initially, to be honest. I never jumped on the Serial bandwagon and I didn’t get into other podcasts that I started listening to regularly. I would listen to a few episodes of Gilmore Guys randomly or episodes of podcasts that featured my favorite content creators and celebrities. Still, no podcast really caught my attention. However, Grace Atwood of The Stripe just started a podcast with Becca Freeman called Young Adulting. It’s so good. They’re hilarious and so honest and I find each episode so relatable!


The podcast is one-part young adult (“bad book”) book club and one-part life advice about adulting, or at least figuring out to adult. It’s so fresh and funny. I love hearing their perspective and the jokes they make. I think the key to a good podcast is strong chemistry between the hosts, and their banter is incredibly funny and there aren’t awkward pauses or uncertainties. They both dive in wholeheartedly to the episode and are honest about their lives, and answer listener questions so thoughtfully. I also appreciate that they answer questions differently and talk about why they feel differently about certain things.

If you’re in need of a new podcast and want something light-hearted but honest and great, I highly recommend this one!

Callie leigh

2 thoughts on “A Podcast I’m Loving

  1. I am really excited to listen to this! As a fairly new podcaster (organic, unpolished, women focussed… safe place to share their stories…) I LOVE coming across new, little indie (of SS) ones! Thanks for sharing!

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