2018 Goals


Goals for 2018.png

Hello, World.

My apologies for my absence in recent weeks. With finals and traveling home for the holidays, my blog posts suffered. However, I’m back and I hope to have a consistent schedule in the new year. I wanted to begin the year with my goals. I’ve never been a huge fan of resolutions, mainly because I usually pick things I won’t stick to or I won’t make time for, which sets me up for failure. This year, I am choosing to have some goals for myself that I hope I can work toward slowly but surely until next New Year’s Day.


Healthy Eating \\ I’m not one to heavily diet because the minute I restrict something, I crave it. I also love sugar and crave it when I’m stressed. Given I’m in law school, restricting things that I crave while stressed will only mean failure down the road. Therefore, instead of restricting, my goal is to eat healthier foods. One of the biggest changes I noticed when I moved to Virginia was the lack of easily available healthy options. So, this year I plan to cook for myself more, eat more greens, fewer carbs, and get back to my roots!

Yoga \\ I used to love yoga in college, and almost got a membership at a studio in my college town, but decided against it because of cost. However, I really miss stretching and moving my body and feeling more… zen, if you will. So, this year I’d like to get back into yoga, whatever that may look like. I don’t want to put a ton of pressure on myself, but I’d like to see yoga more visibly in my daily life.

Fitness \\ Along the same lines as above, I was really into working out last spring, then kind of waned off of my routine in the summer, and never fully got back into working out much in the fall. This year I’d like to push myself and make working out more visible again. I feel so good when I work out daily, I’m less stressed, and I am generally happier. So, I’m hoping to make fitness a part of my weekly routine.

Stress-Management \\ Last semester I didn’t necessarily feel stressed until November-ish when finals got closer. However, I think I was subconsciously stressed well before November. This year I’m hoping to get my stress management under control. I’m not sure how this will look, but my initial thoughts include a solid morning routine, meditation, and music.

Friends \\ It’s so easy to let relationships and friendships slip through the cracks when you’re stressed. I, however, want to make a point to grow my friendships this year. I also want to see all the people I didn’t get to see over the last year and a half (this includes seeing my college friends more (even if only through FaceTime) and spending time with my law school friends doing things other than studying).


Spending \\ Spend less. That’s it.

Saving \\ I think saving is important, so the less I spend, the more I can save.


Grades \\ Work hard, do the best I can, and not let grades define me.

Job \\ Obtain a summer job doing something I love. I’m still in the process of looking, which is unsettling, but I’m ready to hit the ground running and secure a summer position.

Obviously, my personal goals are the biggest goals I have. This stems from a desire to feel more relaxed but also because I think it’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what you want in a high-pressure environment. This is the year I figure out what I want, I go for it with all my strength and resources, and don’t allow myself to get to the end of the year and mumble, somewhat disgruntled, I guess I’ll try again next year.

What’re your goals for the year?


Callie leigh

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