See My Feature – Dorm Decorating Advice with Wayfair

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Hello, World!

I am so excited today because I get to share with you that I was featured in a blogger interview over on Wayfair’s blog. You know “Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need!” I was particularly excited about this feature because I love Wayfair, and a good portion of my apartment is furnished with Wayfair pieces! Anyway, Wayfair asked if I would like to be featured in a blogger interview where various college bloggers offered advice about making a dorm room a home. I decided to participate partially because of my love of Wayfair, but also because I felt I had expertise on the topic. I lived in the college dorms for four years, and decorated four rooms differently!

Here’s a sneak peek of my advice: “My No. 1 tip dorm room tip is to pick decorations that reflect your personality. Storage is important and I believe less is more in terms of packing, but having a room that really feels like yours is what will make you feel most at home in college. The easiest way to bring personality to a room is bringing your style out in the biggest items. This could mean bedding in a fun print or a classic hue, tons of throw pillows that each speaks to an aspect of the person’s life, photos on the desk, a great coffee set-up if caffeine is important, or a gallery wall above the bed. Home is a feeling much more than a place, so bringing out the feeling of home in a dorm room as best as you can is vital to being happy in the dorms!”

If you want to hear my full advice, be sure to check out the post!

Callie leigh

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