Farmer’s Market

Hello, World.

Law school has changed the way I see the world. I bet that seems like a weird opener to a post entitled “Farmer’s Market” and has the word “weekend” in it. But here’s the thing: law school can be very consuming. Not in a bad way, it’s just if you’re working hard, every aspect of your life is suddenly subject to law school related things. Week days? Studying in a cafe. Weeknights? Studying at my desk before getting a large mug of tea and watching Netflix in bed by candlelight. Weekends? Well, sometimes I have time to go out at night or shop a bit in the morning, but mostly it’s studying, doing household tasks (like the laundry I ignored all week), or hitting the gym. So, this summer my motto is “yes.” Simple right? What I mean by this is I’m saying yes. Yes to weekend trips to the farmers market, yes to re-discovering my hometown’s downtown, and yes to pretty much everything I’m invited to (within reason).

Even though I’m from Chico, I never really did the whole farmer’s market thing. I was always too tired, had other plans, or whatever other excuse works for taking my hometown’s best features for granted. So, this year, I’ve been trying to go to farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. Getting fresh flowers, fresh produce, and an iced chai latte makes Saturday morning a little sweeter. I also love the quality time with my family. So, I wanted to share a few snaps from my weekend at farmer’s market!


Does your town have a farmer’s market?


Callie leigh

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