Isn’t it the Pits? A natural way to stay fresh this summer

Hello, World.

When I moved to Virginia last August, I had trouble adjusting to the humidity. I was not used to sweating the instant I left my house. It was so hard to figure out a way to feel fresh all day, when I was otherwise sticky and just generally icky feeling. However, I think finding a good deodorant is key. While my hair was frizzy, and my skin had a constant glow, I noticed I was having more body odor than normal (this may be TMI, but hey, it happens).


Finding a good deodorant can be a difficult feat. We all want our deodorant to go on easily, not show on our clothes, and keep us smelling fresh-out-of-the-shower all day. There is nothing worse than getting white stains all over your clothes, or feeling smelly through your deodorant. However, I also can’t really handle overwhelming, super noticeable scents. I am more the “oh, I just smell this wonderful all the time” person (*insert wink face here*). I love Lavender scents or those that are more “natural” or woodsy, but I cannot stand the smell of deodorants that resemble baby powder in terms of scent.

As I get older, I think it’s very important to make sure that everything I put on my body is good for it. Most deodorants today contain aluminum, which is definitely not great  (read: not good at all) for people. So, I think this summer I’m going to steer clear of any deodorants that have aluminum and move toward deodorants that are considered “natural,” which means the deodorant has ingredients (i.e., coconut oil, shea butter, etc.) that are good for my skin, and thereby good for me.

IMG_2471.JPG recently put together a study of the best “natural” deodorant, offering great insight into what actually constitutes “natural.” Additionally, they break down the application, residue, and scent of each of the leading natural deodorants to figure out which is the best option. I think a common concern with natural deodorant is that the smell won’t be strong enough or the ingredients will make it too sticky.’s research gives thorough insight into what makes a natural deodorant successful. Something I found interesting is that companies are not required to disclose the ingredients of their fragrance, and it is the fragrance of their product that can usually irritate people’s skin! To read more about the research for natural deodorant, click here .


Callie leigh

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